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LK159 - CCM 2.4, Egypt


Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
After several dud starts, I pick 60% to get larger continents. I want some play room.
The map generator is really giving us garbage. There is enough grassland for 1 city, and then nothing but hills. Needless to say, another rejected start.

4000 BC (0)
We are Egypt.
I move the settler to not be an annoying one from the coast.

3950 BC (1)
First up is the worker houses.
I start research on mysticism. It is always nice to start with a tier 2 tech for the 50-turn run.

3400 BC (11)
We met Nubia, but no possible trades.

3150 BC (17)
(IT) Maghreb completes there special wonder, tripping a GA.

3050 BC (19)
(IT) Babylon completes there special wonder, tripping a GA.

2850 BC (22)
We finally meet another civ - the Aztecs. We ship them polytheism for the important warrior code and $14. Slaver's hut is now under construction.
(IT) I saw a red ship, so we have at least on more on our land mass.

2750 BC (24)
The red ship was Japan. No trades are possible.

2660 BC (26)
We met Persia. We give them polytheism for pottery and $61.

2620 BC (27)
Memphis is founded. It starts a flag to get the two wheat tiles inside its borders.

2420 BC (32)
We need Russia. Pottery and $69 gets us bronze working. We can start to build spears for slaver defense.

2180 BC (38)
Our enslaver kills a Persia warrior, but no new worker.

2060 BC (41)
We lost a warrior to an enslaver the previous IT.

2020 BC (42)
(IT) Our spear killed an enslaver.

1940 BC (44)
With slavery done, Egypt hit the very useful 10 shields. We can now pump out 2 turn spears and archers.

1900 BC (44)
Heliopolis is founded. It starts walls, as this will be the city hit by Nubian enslavers.

1700 BC (50)
Sadly, mysticism was a 50-turn dud. :(
I start a 50-turn run on iron working. The next player is free to change this.
We have a very cheap wonder - Sphinx - to trip our GA. I don't want to build it until we get monarchy up in running. I want to avoid both the despotism penalty, and have a bit larger empire.

Tech is a big worry right now. I can't recall the last game where our first 50-turn run was a dud. We have to hope Persia is researching something other than mysticism. That is our one potential trade right now.
The land is nice, but the tech picture makes we wonder how strong of a position we have.

Red dot is my next city site. It has two wheat tiles and enough forest for decent production. Those 2 mountains give us another potential spot for iron.


LK159 roster:
Jersey Joe (up)
Elephantium (on deck)
TheRat (vacation to June 25)
checking in. I still have to install the latest version of CCM2, but that shouldn't be an issue.
It would be nice if the first settler had 2 movement and treated all terrain as grassland.
Agree about delaying our GA.

:hmm: I cannot find the LK159 file. :badcomp:
Guess this would help.


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Bummer about Mysticism. Looks like a good start otherwise.

What's the next tech up from Mysticism? I want to say the chain goes Poly -> Myst -> Philosophy -> Religion, but I'm not 100% sure about the exact placement or other prereqs.

My inclination is to continue research past Mysticism if possible; research towards Monarchy or the naval warfare techs if not (but if we don't have The Sail and can't trade for it, I wouldn't shift to it now).
Thebes really needs those wines hooked up (I/P). The happy slider is killing us right now. Temple in Thebes doesn't sound bad. Maybe time for token scientist in Thebes since growing further just gains food right now. Will be better post harbor, since it will then be 2 food and some cash.
Should we irrigate the wheat; cow; wine?
Cow is a waste right now. Thebes grows into more food only tiles.
Wheat wants irrigation so that Memphis can start working some forest. We need cities with good shield counts.
Wine would be nice to let Helio grow faster.

I assume we can't build mines from the previous comments?
Nope, no mines. Shields will be at a premium. Cities along hills / forest are really valuable.
Personally I am not really a fan of no mines on grass and forests. I really liked it. I guess we can employ plenty of specialists then...
Personally I am not really a fan of no mines on grass and forests. I really liked it. I guess we can employ plenty of specialists then...
I don't like it either. Really makes production a bear.

Once we can spare worker turns, a city like Thebes can go specialist overload. Right now I rather get that wheat irrigated to let Helio work some forest for shields.
Prediction: Once we have the cash to rush anything, we'll be cash-rushing buildings we need in <10spt cities. Getting to that point will be, as LK said, a bear.
Before Ending 1700 BC:
Choice of new teach is one of 5, The Sail, The Wheel, Writing, City State, and Iron Working. I stick with Iron Working.
Between Turns:
Persia learns The Wheel.

1660 BC:
Trade Persia Mysticism for the Wheel. We will have access to Horses once “red dot” is built and gets a border expansion.
Thebes whips Temple. Hire a clown in Thebes (scientist not available) reduce luxury tax 50% → 40%
Enslaver captures Persian Archer (1, 0), who is put to work roading wine.
Between Turns:

1620 BC:
Thebes Temple → Royal Stables
Between Turns:

1580 BC:
Trade Wine, 315 gold, and 4 gpt to Russia for Writing. (Hopefully, we can trade it to Persia in the future.)
Between Turns:

1540 BC:
Enslaver kills Jaguar Warrior (2, 0). Enslaver kills Russian Scout (3, 0).
Between Turns:
Spear at Heliopolis fights off Invisible unit.
Greece (Athens) builds the Pyramids.
Italy (Veii) builds the Limes.

1500 BC:
Heliopolis Walls → Flag.
Between Turns:
We sight a French boat. No tech trades possible.

1460 BC, 1420 BC, 1380 BC, and 1340 BC:
Between turns (finally):
Spear at Heliopolis fights off Invisible unit.

1300 BC:
Archer kills Enslaver (3, 0) outside Heliopolis.
Between turns:

1260 BC, 1240, 1220 BC, 1180 BC, and 1140 BC:
Between turns:

1100 BC:
Enslaver who was scouting the border of Persia sees a small SOD and is ready to retreat.
Enslaver in forest by Memphis is on sentry duty.
Settler is ready to found a new city this turn. I leave the honors to Tusker. :)


  • LK159 1100 BC.SAV
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Looks like Persia is going to be a key trading partner for a while.


LK159 roster:
Jersey Joe
Elephantium (up)
Greebley (on deck)
TheRat (vacation to June 25)
Nice to know we at least have horses. Iron more important, but anything is better then the no resource military.

Had to wonder about the academies for a second since we won't self-research for a while. Better then building more military to kill our economy.
Before I could hire a Scientist and drop the research rate we had a negative cash flow. The Academies can be switched to Granaries.

The new city should build Egypt Flag before Walls so we can get the border expansion and Horses quicker.

Missing entry in "Scenarios\CCM2\text\PediaIcons.txt": ICON_BLDG_Telegraph Station

I have CCM2 installed over the main files, not in the Scenarios folder. LK, did you do the opposite?
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