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LK159 - CCM 2.4, Egypt

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by LKendter, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Greebley

    Greebley Chieftain Supporter

    Mar 28, 2002
    Boston Area, MA
    Re-got it. I may even be able to get some time in before the weekend.
  2. Greebley

    Greebley Chieftain Supporter

    Mar 28, 2002
    Boston Area, MA
    Spent 7-8 hours on the first turn to duplicate Elephantium's result with Germany, but to 2 cities - I didn't go for the kill as it may be the houseboat civ. However in that case the Lowlands is also a houseboat civ.

    We are at war with Israel already, I wanted a spy to be able to see their unit counts with F3; they declared war. Picked off some of their units. I actually tried spies all around but our luck wasn't great.

    Note though a spy in every civ would help greatly with the houseboat bug - you can see if they have a settler in F3 screen and steal plans even at war. This allow you to know without a reload and you can track down the unit more easily.
  3. Greebley

    Greebley Chieftain Supporter

    Mar 28, 2002
    Boston Area, MA
    It looks like factory is the only building that has maintenance of 2. I was wondering if this was intentional. I don't think it matters much but seems odd to have only one exception (at least only one up to our current tech level that is...)
  4. Greebley

    Greebley Chieftain Supporter

    Mar 28, 2002
    Boston Area, MA
    Mid-turn report:
    Preturn: Swapped Hotchkiss for Infantry. I often running low on defenders. These cities can't build 1 turn tanks.

    Attempted to plant spies in China, Germany, Lowlands, Canada so I can see their forces. Only Canada succeeds.

    IBT: Chinese Bombardment. Rotterdam flips back to Lowlands.

    1807 AD: Recapture Rotterdam.

    Some troops going acrosss the Ocean (the long way). There is no settler so I decide these must be to take out the last Chinese cities to prevent flips. 7 turns away so won't land in my approx 5 turns played.

    Following Elephantium's post I will attack Germany. Cancel the existing deal selling resources and declare war.
    Take out out Groningen with no losses (some retreats).
    Take out Cologne with no losses.
    Take out Koenigsbers with no losses (been lucky with the retreats).
    Capturing Nurenberg loses a Tank.
    Capturing Namur loses a Hotchkiss
    In Stuttgart the last Adventurer redlines 2 Tanks before falling (The 'Lone Defender of Stuttgart' becomes a best selling movie). Two losses and 7 redlined units total.
    Build a city, Berlin Advance, to reach Berlin and Hamburg
    Germany is at war with Israel, the strongest civ still on our continent. As such Berlin has only 4 defenders. They do kill 2 Hotchkiss and we capture it.
    Hamburg costs us 1 Hotchkiss.
    New city Munich Advance to get to Munich and Frankfurt.
    Capturing Munich costs 1 Hotchkiss (might have been 2)
    Capturing Frankfurt is also 1 Hotchkiss.
    Bremen Advance is built and we capture Bremen with a lost Tank and Hotchkiss.
    Build Dortmund advance to get closer to Dortmund and Hannover. Hannover loses 2 Tanks. For Dortmund I try to use Partisans, but they are ineffectual after 3. I stop this attack and build another town to go around the hills. Costs us another tank but we take Dortmund.
    Capture Regensburg with no losses.

    Germany has two towns. One is near the Israel/Germany Border that was being contested over. The other is a 'keeper' due to possible settler away from the other cities (reduced flip chances).

    Not being able to see units when at war is a pain so I try to plant spies with other nations. Only Israel declares war (We were going to be at war with them soon in any case).

    Dutch are not killed when we take Einhoven so we reload.

    Capture Visby losing a Tank from Israel
    Capture Shechem losing a Tank from Israel. These two cities are Isolated from the rest by the desert.

    Build a town to reach Chinese Anyang and we capture the last chinese city on our continent.

    Rushed a bunch of settlers and Steam Rollers. Also we have too many resistors in cities so I draft a bunch of consctripts to suppress resistance, free up Vet Infantry, and avoid losing Vet units if a city flips back.

    Got two leaders and used them on Dockyards.

    IBT: Israel attacks some of our Infantry defenders.
    Tsingtao flips and we lose some conscripts.
    A few riots is the towns under resistance suppression.
    Spain lands troops directly on our Steam Roller from a boat. It is a Grenadier which is Ambphibious. It converts our Steam Roller into 2 Native workers.
    We also get Great War Experience so we have a lot of upgradable troops.

    Capture Arnhem the German city near Israel. Attempt to capture Augsburg the isolated German city and verify they still have an outstanding settler.
    Kill units near Arnhem and lose a Tank

    Reload. Spy attempt fails, but succeeds for Lowlands. I rush some Southern Dreadnought near the Lowlands boats. Looks like they have two Settlers

    Build a road to isolated Christchurch. Build a town to get closer and Capture the city losing a Tank.

    Also capture Nazereth, the city nearest Arnhem. Kill the injured units around there.

    Lost some units when clearing Israel units. Got 2 Artists and used one for Nazereth to defend against speed 2 units. I put the artists back in the city labeled Heliopolis (Monks) near the capitol so I can find them easier.

    Take back Tsingtao which gains us about 2570 gold

    Many units are upgraded. This is the primary reason we do not advance further this round.

    It is difficult to get to 4 turns research on the next tech. I am able to do so by starving some of the huge cities we captured. I would like to upkeep the fast research while we can.

    Southern Dreadnoughts rushed to help hunt down Dutch Settlers. We see two of three possible transports, but in one case our nearby cities are in resistance.

    We have 25 settler now.

    IBT: Was not able to watch the computer turns. Might have lost a few defenders.

    1809 AD: Unable to plant a spy with Germany and haven't seen a boat from them so they will be left alone until we plant a spy; sink a transport; or they found another city.

    We have 84 Vickers Mark E tanks from upgrades ready (94 total but some are healing and some just built) for the Israel assault. They are still Attack 12 but have a 3 movement. 48 Early tank remain; they get upgraded if they get injured. With no armies in CCM I upgrade elites.

    Rabbah is 2 away so we can use the older tanks and hotchkiss. Our turn starts with two tanks failing to clear the way to the first city; losing to the 8/8 Infantry WWI.
    We gain a leader which hurries a Factory in 'The Hague' which I then switch to the Southern Dreadnought. Net result is a rushed military unit in a town still under resistance. There is a Lowlands transport which might have one of their settlers.

    I do sink Lowland's other visible transport but two setters remain. It looks I will need to steal plans to find the other ship. So I do so - the known Transport has one and the other is on its way to the other continent near Brazil:

    The Dutch will be hard to remove unfortunately.

    Back to Israel:
    We capture Rabbah losing one Hotchkiss, gaining a second leader. Rush a factory in Orleans.

    Use our Blimps to make most of Israel squares visible. Also attempt Israel Spy again but it fails. Lose 3 blimps to interceptors trying to Bombard, so I switch locations to a Rifle away from the towns with the rest.

    Capture Hebron losing a Hotchkiss. Capturing a Steamroller converts it into 2 Workers.

    Gaza requires a unit that can traverse 1 Hill square, but our new tanks are slowed and cannot make it. We may be able to go around. I do not like to use the Partisans as they are too likely to lose, so we will see.

    We can reach Jerusalem with our Vickers Mark E (were they called Vicky? They must have been if Vicky was a name back then). Anyway we lose 5 Vickys to Jerusalem which included a tough to kill Machine gun.

    Switch back to Hotchkiss for Kadesh, we lose 2 to capture the city.

    Build 2 cities to reach Gaza with Hotchkiss which struggle to take out a size 22 city on a hill; we lose 3 Hotchkiss and require a total of 10 attachs to take out 3 Infantry and a Cavalry.

    Bethlahem on the coast and completely surrounded by hills. Not sure if I want to use Partisans or take two turns, so I skip for now. Back to the Vickys for Elat, we lose one taking Elath.

    Now we can reach Samaria with the Hotchkiss. We lose two taking the city.

    Hafia is next and prove tough losing 3 Vickys

    Jerico is also reachable and costs us 2 Vickys

    Shiloh requires us to come in from the opposite side after building a road (from Schechem we took last turn). Costs us 2 more Vickys to capture.

    Nykoping is reachable using a new road to the North from our nearest cities there.

    Megiddo requires us to build a city to reach it.

    Only Bethlahem remains. I pick off weaker units with Lawyer, Mullah, Partisan to gain converts. Gain about 6 Partisans, no artists/monks.

    Still have tanks left and Canada does not have a settler (spy was successful earlier so I can see their units). <Yet again my attempts at diplomacy get misinterpreted as a request to clear Pollution. It is such a common problem>. My second attempt declares war successfully on Canada.

    Lose a Tank taking Thunder Bay, take Victoria without a loss, Capture Montreal losing a Tank, Gatineau costs 2 Tanks, Capitol Vancouver has only pikes guarding it??? We capture it easily.
    We eliminate Canada.

    Make a movement error and can't reset all the Eastern Infantry I upgraded to their right locations.

    IBT: Nazereth flipped back to Israel. Toronto flips back to China (only size 3).
    Spot a German group of boats that might have the settler.

    Take back the two towns that flip. Attempt taking the final Israel City but they also have a settler out.

    Starting to think we filled in our continent space too soon. We have 3 Civs we cannot kill now each with one city and flips since city sizes are large.

    Fail on the German Spy; succeed with Israel and expose enemy plan to find the settler fortunately it is near by so I build 5 towns on the coast to build Southern Dreadnoughts to take out the 3 boats in the group with the settler.

    Also make one more town near the German boat with another rushed Dreadnought.

    The boats are expensive; about 3 turns of our current income (7-8k), but worth it if we can remove the flip chance and speed resistance suppression...

    Enemy summary:
    We have 4 foreign cities on our continent:
    Final German city
    Final Lowlands city
    Final Israel city
    Random Brittish city

    We have a fleet heading toward the Chinese that was launched before my turn. Another boat headed to found a city in open space remaining on the other continent.
  5. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    Greebley, yes this is intended - and I agree that the maintenance costs could be too cheap. The factory is available in a time, when civs gain more and more money - and the boost in production should draw some money away. For other buildings, I think some players will not construct them, when there are maintenance costs for it, but for that boost in production, I think each player will pay.
  6. Greebley

    Greebley Chieftain Supporter

    Mar 28, 2002
    Boston Area, MA
    I do think the low maintenance cost is an advantage of ccm. It removes the micromanaging of when one needs to sell buildings of captured cities because they are not effective. The factory is one build worth having as you state.
  7. LKendter

    LKendter Chieftain Supporter

    Aug 15, 2001
    I very much appreciate not having to debate if a building is worth the cost with CCM.
  8. Jersey Joe

    Jersey Joe Steadholder Supporter

    Mar 26, 2002
    At this point in the game, why worry about cities flipping? We should raze most of the cities we capture. Only reason not to raise a city is if it has a Wonder that benefits us.

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