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LK159 - CCM 2.4, Egypt

We only get a settler every 20 turns, and grasslands only give food. I favor building on the best spot available (especially if it gives us a resource) as our first priority. Also, I would look to have each city have full use of the Fat Cross.

Can we build an embassy at first contact before declaring war?

What about some limited whipping? Whips that cost 2 population like Granaries, Academies, Temples, Slavery, and Forges.

Theocracy might be a viable government choice (instead of Monarchy). If we beeline for Religion, it will be the fifth tech we learn. A Beeline to Monarchy would make it the seventh tech we learn.
I would like a second opinion on spacing before I start the game.
I'd favor a variant of the "farmer's gambit" and place the first 3 cities in optimal locations, then branch out roughly CxxC from there.
We only get 1 Settler per 20 turns. By turn 220 (circa 1700AD) we will only have the chance to found 11 more cities after the original 2.
Given that there will be 20+ turns between when we build cities, do not think that having them close together for defense will be as necessary as when cities could be built at will.

When do you get two move units in CCM? How easy is it to get roads up, with the dirge of worker in CCM? If you have rivers, hills and such, it only makes life rougher in terms of helping.

All of that is some what offset by what Joe is saying. With new towns coming so infrequently, you may have to risk wider spacing, like it or not. It may be that the low number of towns in the early going will make getting enough units out the biggest issue.

Will be interesting to see how it develops. You could opt for a modified AW. Such as must dow the first contact and stay at war, till they are gone. Must stay at war with any the dow you. I sometimes feel that phony wars help the human too much and allow peace for civs I cannot even see.
I think going with mostly 5-6 or less might give us fairly optimal locations. 5 or less allows for units placed between that can go to either city and allows move two units to move and attack out of another city.

A larger difference is ok some of the time but it would either be in a protected location or good enough to justify more defense.
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