LK167, Spain, CCM, Conquest victory

Jersey Joe

Mar 26, 2002
I'm generally against razing Wonder-giving cities. How many of our cities have unhappy faces? How many are perfectly balanced in terms of happiness?
If this was one of our normal games, I would agree with you and not even be asking the question. I am concerned about adding unnesessarily to our total land area. I am around 30% right now when I abandon the "lmn8" cities I should drop back to around 27% land area.
Here is a chart of our cities: Orleans and Tours are going to be abandoned next turn. I am also thinking of abandoning Persepolis when its culture becomes >100 in 2 turns.

Many, if not all, of the cities with sad faces have happy face buildings available to build if needed.


Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
Don't forget some cities to keep to cash rush combat settlers. The last cities of a dead civ are great for this.


Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies
Jul 12, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
Domination hits at 58% of world area, so I think worrying about it is a little premature, tbh. I'd be more inclined to switch to "RAZE EVERYTHING!" if we were above 40% already. As it is? We're barely halfway there.

Jersey Joe

Mar 26, 2002
Last teaser before report:

I am saving 2 former Israeli cities, Nazareth for Coffee, and Samaria for the Antarctic Expedition and to produce settlers.

We need to be very careful about the percentage of land we own. In this turn, after I also took out Nanking I was at 38% of land owned. An 8% increase during 1 turn. I am going to be abandoning several cities and hope to drop land ownership back under 30%.

I do not think I have enough combat Settlers and 1 turn Railing groups to take Canada out in 1 turn.

Jersey Joe

Mar 26, 2002
Continuing 950 AD: From Victory Status Screen:
  • Rivals Still Alive - 15,
  • Our Percent of: World Area 27%, World Population 22%.
I do some MM. Barcelona will get National Monument 1 turn sooner.

IBT: Defending Abandon 1: WWI Infantry kills Austrian Ehrhardt (1, 0); WWI Infantry kills Horse Artillery (2, 0).

USA starts building Ford’s Factory.

960 AD:
The 3 civs we could trade with want Rubber, Oil, more than 12000 in gold for Mass Production.
Don Juan spends around 3200 in gold seducing Eleanor Roosevelt to give us knowledge of Mass Production.

Near Abandon 1, eHotchkiss kills Austrian Adventurer (3, 0).

Razing Prague: eHussar kills Austrian Ehrhart (4, 0); Camel Corps kills WWI Infantry (5, 0); 2 Camel Corps killed by WWI Infantry (5, 2); Camel Corps kill 2 WWI Infantry (7, 2). Prague is razed.

Razing Linz: Camel Corps kiills Austrian Line Infantry (8, 2); Camel Corps killed by Musketeer (8, 3); Camel Corps kills Musketeer (9, 3). Linz is razed. Camel Corps captures Steamroller and we get 2 slaves.

IBT: Looks like we are going to be fighting several opponents shortly, the Ais have started signing MPPs.
Scandinavia and Austria-Hungary sign a MPP.

Camel Corps killed by Austria-Hungarian Ehrhardt (9, 4).

Commercial Raider sinks a Frigate (10, 4); Commercial Raider sunk by Israeli Frigate (10, 5).

We build the National Monument.

Unfortunately, USA starts on and completes Ford’s Factory. :aargh: Atlanta switched from building National Monument to Ford’s Factory. :sad:

Scandinavia declares war on us. :dunno:

970 AD:
Trade Steam Power to Brazil for Dyes.

Razing Vienna: Four (4) Camel Corps are killed by Austria-Hungarian WWI Infantry (10, 9); Camel Corps kills WWI infantry (11, 9); Two (2) Camel Corps are killed by WWI Infantry (11, 11); Camel Corps kills WWI infantry (12, 11); Two (2) Hotchkiss are killed by WWI Infantry (12, 13); Hotchkiss kill 2 WWI infantry (14, 13); Hotchkiss kills Ehrhardt (15, 13). Vienna is razed.
Heavy Artillery kills Ehrhardt (16, 13).

Razing Salzburg: Hotchkiss kills Austria-Hungarian WWI infantry (17, 13); Two (2) Hotchkiss are killed by WWI Infantry (17, 15); Hotchkiss kill 2 WWI infantry (19, 15); Hotchkiss kills Lawyer (20, 15). Salzburg is razed,

Razing Melborne: Hotchkiss kills Austria-Hungarian Rifleman (21, 15); Hotchkiss killed by Rifleman (21, 16); Hotchkiss kills Rifleman (22, 16); Hotchkiss killed by Rifleman (22, 17); Hotchkiss kills Rifleman (23, 17); Hotchkiss kills Musketeer (24, 17);
Missionary captures 2 Australian Steamrollers).

IBT: France and Australia/Oceania sign a MPP.
France declares war on the Greeks.

980 AD:
Razing Innsbruck: Heavy Artillery killed killed by Austria-Hungarian WWI Infantry (24, 18); Horse Artillery kills 2 WWI Infantry (26, 18); Horse killed by WWI Infantry (26, 19); eHotchkiss killed by WWI Infantry (26, 20); eHotchkiss kills WWI Infantry (27, 20). Innsbruck is razed.

Austria-Hungary has been destroyed.

Usually the last city is a big payoff. After getting around 1000 gold for capturing and razing the other Austria-Hungarian cities, I got zero (0) gold when I captured Innsbruck. :confused:

Trade Fossil Energy to Mongol Khanates for 30 gold and 141 gpt.
Trade Steel to Canada for 20 gold and 118 gpt.

We expose an Aussie spy in Madrid.

990 AD:
I try to expose an Australian spy and they declare war on us. :mwaha: (more war weariness for their Democracy) :yup:
We build a town in Australian territory and the MPPs start to kick in. The Maghreb declare war on us.
The French declare war on us.

Razing Adelaide: Missionary captures Australian Steamroller crew. eHotchkiss kills ANZAC Rifleman (28, 20); eHotchkiss kills Rifleman (29, 20); Adelaide is razed and the Ships berth there destroyed.

Razing Canberra: Hotchkiss kills ANZAC WWI Infantry (30, 20); Hotchkiss killed by WWI Infantry (30, 21); Hotchkiss kill 3 WWI Infantry (34, 21). Canberra is razed. Horse Artillery kills WWI Infantry (35, 20).

Capture of Bactra: We lose 3 Partisans killing 1 ANZAC Rifleman and a Musketeer (37, 23). Bactra is captured. Antioch rushes it final Settler.

Razing Sydney: Hotchkiss kills ANZAC Rifleman (38, 23); Hotchkiss kills Musketeer (39, 23); Hotchkiss kills Musketeer Infantry (40, 23); eHussar kills Musketeer Infantry (41, 23). Sydney is razed. Emissionary captures Steamroller crew.

Razing Brisbane: Hotchkiss kills ANZAC WWI Infantry (42, 23); Two (2) Hotchkiss killed by WWI Infantry (42, 25); Lawyer kills Adventurer (43, 25); Camel Corps kills WWI Infantry (44, 25); Camel Corps killed by WWI Infantry (44, 26);Camel Corps kills WWI Infantry (45, 26). Brisbane in razed.

Razing Perth: Hotchkiss kills ANZAC Rifleman (46, 26); Hotchkiss kills Line Infantry (47, 26); Lawyer signs Adventurer to movie contract (48, 26); Lawyer signs Late Pike to opera contract (49, 27). Perth is razed. lmn8 Alice is founded and Great Artist entertains the troops stationed there.

Near lmn8 Alice: Camel Corps kills ANZAC Rifleman (50, 27).
Heavy Artillery kills French Cannon (51, 27); Camel Corps kills Camel Musketeer (52, 27); Lawyer kills Lawyer (53, 27); Hotchkiss kills Mounted Crusader (54, 27).

Capturing Alice Springs: Hotchkiss kills ANZAC Rifleman (55, 27); Hotchkiss kills Line Infantry (56, 27). Alice Springs is captured. Hotchkiss kills Rifleman (57, 27)

IBT: In multiple attacks by French forces we lose 2 Hotchkiss and 2 WWI Infantry; the French lose 3 Mounted Crusaders, 4 Camel Musketeers and 5 Cannons (66, 31).

1000 AD:
At Alice Springs: eLawyer kills French Camel Musketeer (67, 31); eCamel Corps kills Cannon (68, 31). Heavy Artillery kills ANZAC WWI Infantry (69, 31); Hotchkiss kill 3 French Mounted Crusader (72, 31); HMG kills Adventurer (73, 31); eWWI Infantry kills Cannon (74, 31).

Razing Texcoco: eHotchkiss kills Maghreb Rifleman (75, 31); Camel Corps kills Late Pike (76, 31). Texcoco is razed. Our attack triggered another MPP and Turkey declares war on us.

Capture of Tenochtitlan: Hotchkills kills ANZAC WWI Infantry (77, 31); Hotchkills killed by WWI Infantry (77, 32); Hotchkills kill 2 WWI Infantry (79, 32); Hotchkills killed by WWI Infantry (79, 33); Hotchkills kill 2 WWI Infantry (81, 33); Hotchkiss kills Adventurer (82, 33). Tenochtitlan is captured and renamed Fort Cesare.

IBT: Hotchkiss kills French Mounted Crusader (83, 33); Partisan converts Camel Musketeer (84, 33).

Production on Blue Riband in Valencia is sabotaged. :shake: Israel starts to build the Blue Riband.

1010 AD:
Razing Hobart: Three WWI Infantry are lost to ANZAC Riflemen (84, 36); WWI Infantry kill 2 Riflemen (86, 36); Another WWI Infantry is lost to a Riflemen (86, 37); WWI Infantry kills a Riflemen (87, 37) and Hobart is razed.

Near Fort Cesare: eCamel Corps kills French Camel Musketeer (88, 37); Partisan convert Adventurer (89, 37).

Capture of Teotihuacan: Missionary captures Australian Steamroller crew. Hotchkiss kills Rifleman (90, 37); eHotchkiss kills a Late Pike (91, 37); Hotchkiss kills a Spearman (92, 37) and Teotihuacan is captured.

The Australia/Oceania civilization is destroyed.

Near Fort Cesare: eHorse Arillery kills French Medieval Infantry (93, 37); eHotchkiss kills Medieval Infantry (94, 37); Hotchkiss kills Medieval Infantry (95, 37); eWWI Infantry kills Medieval Infantry (95, 37) and we get a Great Leader, who rushes a Factory in Namp’o. Hotchkiss kills Camel Musketeer (96, 37).

Razing Marseilles: Partisan kills French Crossbow (97, 37); eWWI Infantry kills Crossbow (98, 37); Partisan converts Crossbow (98, 37); Camel Corps kills Musketman (99, 37); Camel Corps kills Late Pike (100, 37); Camel Corps kills Musketeer (101, 37) and Marseilles is razed.

Razing Chartres: Hotchkiss kill 2 French Late Pike (103, 37) and Chartres is razed.

Capture Orleans: Heavy Artillery kills French Musketeer (104, 37) and captures a worker; Hotchkiss kills a Musketman (105, 37); Hotchkiss kills a Musketeer (106, 37); Hotchkiss killed by Musketeer (106, 380); Hotchkiss kills a Musketeer (107, 38). Orleans is captured to be stepping stone to Paris.

Razing of Paris: Hotchkiss kills French Medieval Infantry (108, 38); Hotchkiss killed by Musketeer (108, 39); Hotchkiss kill 3 of the King’s Musketeers (111. 39), and Paris is razed. Hotchkiss kills Lawyer (112, 39); Horse Artillery kills Cannon (113, 39); Horse Artillery kills Grenadier (114, 39); Heavy Artillery kills Musketeer (115, 39); Horse Artillery killed by Medieval Infantry (115, 40); WWI Infantry kills Medieval Infantry (116, 40); Hotchkiss kill 2 Medieval Infantry (118, 40) and Paris is razed.

IBT: For the second turn in a row, Valencia’s production of the Blue Riband has been sabotaged. :gripe:

Israel and the Mongols cancel their trading for furs with us.

1020 AD:
We expose and neutralize a spy from the USA.

Razing Lyons: eHorse Artillery kills French Musketeer (119, 40); Hotchkiss kills Camel Musketeer (120, 40); eHotchkiss kills Musketeer (121, 40); eHotchkiss kills Musketeer (122, 40) and gets a Great Leader. Hotchkiss kills Musketeer (123, 40) and Lyons is razed.
Great Leader rushes a Factory in Cheju.
Missionary converts a worker and captures a worker.

At this point I had my computer crashed :badcomp: and had to reboot. I only lost the written report since I play the game on a different computer. Here is a summary of the lost portion of the report.
Using mostly Hotchkiss plus a few Camel Corps, I Captured Tours and razed Shanghai. This accounted for approximately 8 French killed and 3 of our Troops lost (131, 43).
Rewrite completed.

IBT: Luxury Liner sinks Paddle Wheeler. (132, 43)

Once again Production on the Blue Riband project is sabotaged. However, we catch the USA spy responsible for the sabotage. :trouble:

1030 AD:
Capture then Abandon Canton: Canton appears to be guarded by a French Worker. Turns out that the Worker was the only Guard. :yup: Before I abandon Canton a number of our troops move back to our lines. Turns out Canton has no buildings to sell. :( It is abandoned.

Capture then Abandon Tsingtao: Hotchkiss kill 2 French Musketmen (134, 43). Tsingtao is capture.

The French are destroyed.
Buildings are sold for 45 gold then Tsingtao is abandoned.

South of Arbela Lawyer signs Israeli Musketman to acting contract (135, 43) and turns 2 Motorized Settlers into Slaves.

Our agent in Jerusalem was caught and killed. Israel is not pleased :mwaha: they declare war on us.

North of Teheran: Heavy Artillery kills Israeli Hotchkiss (136, 43); Horse Artillery killed by Horse Artillery (136, 44); Horse Artillery kills Horse Artillery (137, 44); Heavy Artillery kills Cavalry (138, 44); eHotchkiss kill 2 Cavalry (140, 44); eHotchkiss kills Hotchkiss (141, 44); eHotchkiss kills Horse Artillery (142, 44); eHotchkiss kill 4 Camel Corps (146, 44); eHussar kills Camel Corps (147, 44); eCamel Corps kills Camel Corps (148, 44); eInfantry kills Horse Artillery (149, 44).

Our building a town inside Israeli borders triggers an MPP and Canada declares war on us. :nono:

Capture of Nazareth: WWI Infantry kills Israeli Musket Infantry (150, 44); Camel Corps killed by Rifleman (150, 45); Camel Corps kills Rifleman (151, 45). Nazareth is captured.

Capture of Jericho: Hotchkiss kills Israeli Rifleman (152, 45); Three (3) Hotchkiss killed by Musket Infantry (152, 48); Hotchkiss kills Musket Infantry (153, 48). Jericho is captured.
Partisan kills Musket Infantry (154, 48).

East of Bactra: Hotchkiss kill 2 Israeli Hotchkiss (156, 48); Camel Corps kills Camel Corps (157, 48); Hotchkiss kills Camel Corps (158, 48); Heavy Artillery kills Heavy Artillery (159, 48).

Razing Jerusalem: Hotchkiss kill 4 Israeli Rifleman (163, 48); Hotchkiss killed by Rifleman (163, 49); Hotchkiss kills Rifleman (164, 49); Hotchkiss killed by HMG (164, 50); Hotchkiss kills HMG (165, 50). Jerusalem is captured and razed.

Capture of Kadesh: Hotchkiss killed by Israeli Rifleman (165, 51); Hotchkiss kill 2 Rifleman (167, 51); Hotchkiss kills Musket Infantry (168, 51). Kadesh is captured.
Missionary captures 2 Steamroller crews.

Capture of Elath: Hotchkiss killed by Musket Infantry (168, 52); Hotchkiss kill 2 Musket Infantry (170, 52). Elath is captured.
Hotchkiss killed by Rifleman (170, 53); Hotchkiss kills Rifleman (171, 53) and captured a Motorized Settler.

IBT: In fighting at various locations we lose 3 Hotchkiss, 2 WWI Infantry, and Destroyer to Israeli and Canadian troops (171, 59); Our WWI Infantry kills 2 Horse Artillery (173, 59).

S. Africa and Brazil cancel our trading Fur to them.

1040 AD:
Razing Hebron: Hotchkiss kill 2 Rifleman (175, 59); Hotchkiss killed by HMG (175, 60); eHotchkiss kills HMG (176, 60). Hebron is captured and razed.

Razing Xinjian: Hotchkiss kills Israeli Line Infantry (177, 60); Hotchkiss kills Musketeer (178, 60). Xinjian is captured and razed.

Razing Haifa; Horse Artillery kills Canadian Horse Artillery (179, 60). Hotchkiss kill 2 Israeli Rifleman (181, 60); Hotchkiss killed by Rifleman (181, 61); Hotchkiss kills Rifleman (182, 61). Haifa is captured and razed.

Razing Gaza: Hotchkiss kills Israeli Musket Infantry (183, 61); eCamel Corps kills Late Pike (184, 61); eHussar kills Late Pike (185, 61);

Razing Bethlehem: eHotchkiss kill 2 Israeli Late Pike (187, 61). Bethlehem is captured and razed.

Capturing Samaria: Missionary captures 2 Israeli Steamroller crews; Hotchkiss killed by Rifleman (187, 62); Hotchkiss kill Rifleman (188, 62); 2 Hotchkiss killed by Rifleman (188, 64); Hotchkiss kill 3 Rifleman (191, 64). Samaria including Antarctic Expedition is captured.

The Israelites are destroyed.

Razing Nanking: Hotchkiss kill 2 Canadian Musketmen (193, 64). Nanking is captured and razed.
Lawyer signs redlined Cannon to a music contract (194, 64).

East of Tehran: We lose 2 Hotchkiss killing 2 Canadian Mounties, 2 Hussars, a Cuirassier, a Chariot, a Grenadier, and Horse Artillery (202, 66).
Lawyer kills Canadian Warrior (203, 66).

IBT: Luxury Liner transporting a WWI Infantry is sunk by a Scandinavia Paddle Wheeler (203, 67). :sad:

1050 AD:
In no man's land, WWI Infantry kills Canadian Horse Artillery (204, 67); WWI Infantry kills Musketman (205, 67).

Razing Beijing: eHotchkiss kill 2 Canadian Musketmen (207, 67). Beijing is captured and razed.

Razing Vancouver: eHotchkiss kill 2 Canadian Musketmen (209, 67); eHotchkiss kills Spearman (210, 67) and get a Great Leader. Vancouver is captured and razed.
Great Leader rushes a Factory in Napata.

Razing Edmonton: Hotchkiss kills Canadian Late Pike (210, 67); Camel Corps kills Pike (211, 67); Hotchkiss kills Spearman (212, 67). Edmonton is captured and razed.

Razing Calgary: Hotchkiss killed by Canadian Rifleman (212, 68); eHotchkiss kill 2 Rifleman (214, 68); eHotchkiss kills Rifleman (215, 68,) and we get a Great Leader.

I leave it to my successor to decide where and what to rush with the Great Leader.

Also, I left Montreal ripe for the razing. :hammer:
I would capture the Worker/Steamroller with a Missionary.

As of 1050 AD: From Victory Status Screen:
  • Rivals Still Alive - 11,
  • Our Percent of: World Area 33%, World Population 34%.
  • Any town whose name starts with “lmn8” can be abandoned and most likely needs to be replaced with a rail line.
  • I reduced the Science slider from 70% to 40% this turn.
  • I think we have a Factory in every town that are good producers and as such I would not build any more Factories. I would rush Power Plants or maybe Telegraph/Telephone in towns if it might get shield production to >= 130 shields per turn to insure 1 turn tank builds.
    • e.g. Cheju is a good candidate for a Power Plant.
  • I do not think we need more Steamrollers. With the Flintlock patch it takes just 1 click to have 24 slaves to build a Railroad. :)
  • Just before hitting the space bar for the next turn, I would short rush Hotchkiss and WWI Infantry.
  • Given the pace of the game, I do not think we need to learn Radio before Great War Experience.
    • We only have 1 or 2 cities currently producing 1 turrn Hotchkiss who will not be able to produce 1 turn tanks. In some cases the city can still construct buildings that increase shield production (e.g. Gas Holder).
    • Also, learning Radio makes Town Clock obsolete and the loss of 25% shield production.
  • Owing to the number of times production was sabotaged in Valencia, Madrid is building it.
  • I was going to abandon “lmn8 Mars” but the railroad needs to be replaced to keep the line intact.
Screenshots to follow.


  • LK167-1050AD.SAV
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Jersey Joe

Mar 26, 2002
Here is a shot of no mans and and territory needing to be cleared of foreign influence.

Canada and Britain

USA and Maghreb

Glascow should be razed (so we do not have to contend with rioters) An a town founded there to start building Luxury Liners to invade Italy.
If London and/or Washington DC are not going to be razed try to make them the final USA city of that civ razed so we do not have rioters.


Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
That was an unreal number of dead civs in 1 set. You can tell it was a smaller map.

Based on the current pace, we may need to start pushing ships sooner than later. I'm wonder if we will be down to islands by my set.

Jersey Joe
Elephantium (up)
Greebley (on deck)

Jersey Joe

Mar 26, 2002
We should get Blue Riband next turn. Valencia has a far number of ships already.
It seems the tech pace is slowing down. Most of the tech leaders are gone :mischief: I kept hoping one of them would learn a new tech so I would have a chance to get it.
Based on the current pace, we may need to start pushing ships sooner than later. I'm wonder if we will be down to islands by my set.

If we have do our own research for the remaining techs we want, we could be going Island hoping before learning Great War Experience.

The USA is the toughest opponent left. They have many mobile troops wondering around toward the north, though last turn they started headed back to the USA. Before going to war with the US spending some cash to investigate their cities to see how well defended they are might help. We have some cities that will be able to produce Tanks in 1 turn and others that could rush a tank for less than 250 gold.

If we Intend on Keeping London for the Wonders, Dreadnoughts (makes the Victorian Age go obsolete) should be the last tech we research before Great War Experience.

Jersey Joe

Mar 26, 2002
What's going on with Arbela? All clowns and rushed a Motorized Settler...are we Settler-abandoning it?
I missed changing them to Merchants. I figured since it just had a fourth ring border expansion I would abandon it, but may turn set came before for I could.
I would think all scientists and settlers until gone unless it has a worthwhile wonder
Science was reduced to 40% this turn. We will not get reimbursed for the excess beakers more scientists would generate. When we start researching the next tech I could see all merchants being switched back to scientists.


Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies
Jul 12, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
Pre-turn: I make sure all the Imn8 cities are building Motorized Settlers so I can settler-abandon them in a turn or two.

@Civinator : I noticed I could build Luxury Liners in any city, but the 'pedia says they should only be auto-produced by the Blue Riband.

I make a couple of other tweaks, but things generally look to be under control.

There are a lot of unmoved troops, though...enough to take Montreal with only 1 loss


Oh, Golden Whale gets a Gas Holder from the Leader.

I have 17 troops left but no rails to get them in range of a city, so I switch a few builds to Steamrollers.

IBT: We lose 1 Infantry to Canadian forces in the desert and 1 Spy in Washington.


1060 AD:

The Canadian campaign continues...


Then we see this:


Next up, we attack the Maghreb:


Carthage costs us 3 Hotchkisses in a long battle against 7-8 infantry and one hero Adventurer.


Maghreb have an island city near Turkey, so I won't bother with an abandon-city-chain from Carthage to Marrakesh. Instead, I open the Diplomacy menu:

"Hey there, Greeks. You're a bunch of freaks!"

They don't laugh, so we're going to fight!

Tangier falls instantly (I don't even get a photo, but here are the ruins:


Then we lose two Camel Corps before...



Britain boots us :lol:
We comply ... for now ... but we don't tell Churchill when we'll be back

We lose an Adventurer near Corinth, but he fights off a Greek Rifle first.

Early Tanks > Flight

We Settler-abandon Imn8 Vancouver
Barcelona starts a Collective Farm to boost shields for Renault FT 17s
We Settler-abandon Imn8 Montreal, Imn8 Paris, Imn8 Char, get Nazareth, and Imn8 Be

Propaganda in Carthage.


Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies
Jul 12, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
1070 AD:

Science slider to 70%, Flight due in 8.

Tlatelolco falls easily, as does Corinth:


Sparta, we lose a Hotchkiss to an Eastern Musketeer, humiliating.
Thermopylae falls a LOT easier than it did historically, no losses:


Athens, three losses.
Knossos falls easily, missed the screenie by a second here, too:


We have two Hotchkisses unmoved which gives us a shot at Delphi:


US and Italy sign MPP
We Settler-abandon Leptis Magma, Imn8 Edmonton, raze Xin, Farsalos, Utica Boudicca, Sparthage, and Bag Bagdad.

USA gets caught sabotaging production in Kerma.


Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies
Jul 12, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
1080 AD:

I dial up USA. More like boo-S-A! I tell 'em to get off our property, but they say "Make us!"

Okay, we will.

Well, we're going to try. The first strike goes badly, and we lose an Infantry to their Grenadier. A Hotchkiss fixes the situation and captures a Motorized Settler between Tours and New York.

We lose 2 fancy new Renault FT 17s mopping up some stray American units. Kinda disappointing; I expected more from the attack 12 there!

New York goes pretty well, we only lose 2 Hotchkisses even though it's defended by machine gunners
Casablanca falls easily, no losses


Seattle costs us 1 elite Hotchkiss
Boston falls easily!



The Vikings land a VERY respectable force on the northeast peninsula! 17 units. Excellent.

USA shoves back! A Cav suicides on our wounded Hotchkiss
Arty murders an Adventurer
Musket infantry kills our Hotchkiss :salute:

We Settler-abandon Imn8 Hobart, The Hot Gates, More Sparthage, Nazareth, and Oracle
Production in Fort Cesare sabotaged.


Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies
Jul 12, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
1090 AD:

We hammer the Viking stack with our Arty, then focus on Washington, losing 1 Renault in the process:
This opens the way to Marrakesh, where we get a Leader. Leader rushes a Factory in Bangkok.


And Philadelphia...
Atlanta costs us 1 Hotchkiss:


Chicago costs us 2 Hotchkisses
Now it's time to go to 🎶 San Francisco 🎶


Ashur turns to ash:
And Edinburgh gets burned:


Partisans leap to the defense of North Shipping! They drum up an additional 7 units in defense of the motherland!

We also send a load of Infantry to land in Scandinavia.


Luxury Liner fights off two ships
Viking lose 5 Grenadiers and a Cavalry, retreat with 4 Cavs/Hussars, and kill 1 Infantry.

USA settles Miami as their rescue capital just south of Teotihuacan. Lots of units wander up to Old Chicago.

Maghreb wants peace. Heh. Tell another one!

We Settler-abandon Imn8 Mars

1100 AD:

Miami falls super easily. The USA remnant should have kept their troops at the walls instead of sending them to Old Chicago :lol:


USA *still* isn't gone :eek:
I spot a Settler ... and lose an elite Renault against its covering Rifleman :wallbash:
Second Tank runs over the redlined Rifle.


Brits complain about our troops near Newcastle. We promise to move.


Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies
Jul 12, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
1110 AD:

The Brits complained about our troops, now we complain about theirs. They'd rather fight than move!

At Manchester, we do lose a man, but the Spearmen fall easily after we kill a Line Infantry!
Newcastle's Riflemen snipe a couple of Hotchkisses...


Glasgow falls surprisingly easily, considering we have to attack across a river...
Coventry is as easy as a country stroll:


Liverpool is TOUGH! I lose two elite Hotchkisses in the attack along with several retreats.
London is also very tough, even considering how many British Riflemen were manning the walls. We lost four Renault FT 17s :(


Birmingham costs us another two Renaults and an elite Hotchkiss. Good thing we're building so many
Toronto has Redcoats! One if by land...wait, wrong city. We lose 1 Hotchkiss.


Damaskus costs us 1 elite Hotchkiss
Babylon has three Redcoats. I run out of Hotchkisses, but I can finish the job with Partisans.


Brits are still alive. I see a Steamer NE-ish of London; they probably have a Settler there.


Our landing force in Italy comes under heavy assault. I counted 27 attacks, we lost 10 Infantry. Our stack held!
British warship ignores our exposed Luxury Liners to attack something in the fog and gets sunk for its troubles.

S Africa and USA sign MPP
USA has settled 3 cities near the NW peninsula

We Settler-abandon Old Chicago


Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies
Jul 12, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
1120 AD:

Attacking Buffalo trips the South Africans' MPP with the Americans
St. Louis costs us an elite Hotchkiss, from attacking a Horse Artillery of all things :(

Houston...we have a razing.


The Americans still persist.

We settle the beach-head city of Wine Not? on Italy's island.
We land some Hotchkisses and Renaults
We do lose 2 Renaults attacking the horde outside the city walls, but we knock out about 20 Italian units


This is fairly brutal; Italy loses 6 units attacking but kills 5 of our guys, including 2 tanks :(

We Settler-abandon Thames, Babylon Falls, Ontario, Covet Coventry, Manchester United Again, Sweet Home Alabama, Beaveraskus, United, Oldcastle, and Alice Springs. We're now at 34% world area.

1130 AD:

We lose a couple of Renaults thinning out the Italian hordes near Wine Not?

Looks like Italy and USA both landed settler stacks along the far eastern coast.

We do lose 1 Hotchkiss taking out the US stack, but...


The Italian stack takes a bit more, but we net a Leader taking it out! Darwin gets a Gas Holder.

Visby only had two defenders, so the stack I have on the island feels like overkill


I slightly miscalculated and shipped some Hotchkisses on a ship that couldn't quite reach Wine Not?, so I have to activate + move them instead of just hitting unload. Next turn will be more exciting on the Italian island.


Italians kill one of our tanks with an artillery
Camel suicides on an infantry

Flight > Submarines

1140 AD:

First, we take out a British force that landed near the ruins of Manchester...


Now we have respectable forces in Italy.

Antium is first. We lose two Hotchkisses to a defending Lancia and another three to Italian Riflemen, plus two Renaults in the second wave :salute:
Oh, for some reason I can't settle tactical cities next to AI cities. Oh, well.
Neapolis costs us two Renault FT 17s


Veii falls more easily even though it's defended by a machine gun unit.



THE ITALIANS STAGE AN AMPHIBIOUS LANDING AT VEII! This is AMAZING! :love: They hit us with a bunch of troops, too, and they take out one of our Infantry units.

Zimbabwe seems to have infinite units to throw at us. They wipe out 12 Infantry and 4 Hotchkisses, taking around 26 losses and at least 8 retreats in the process.

Turkey wants peace :lol:

The Vikings launch a heavy assault against our landing force. They attack with a lot of Swedish Hussars, Cannons, and a few Swedish Musketeers and Grenadiers. They lose 9 units, have 9 more retreat, and kill 2-3 of our Infantry.

Veii riots because of the war. On the bright side, this is mostly because we cleared about half the resistance.


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1150 AD:

Rome has 5 Italian Riflemen showing to our Hotchkiss probe. We lose 1 Hotchkiss and 2 Renaults in the attack.
Cumae isn't too bad. I don't think I needed as many Hotchkisses as I brought...



I bring over some Renaults to Viking-land. They do great work at clearing the units next to Foothold, but we don't have enough to raze Linkoping. The next IBT might get a little hairy, but if we hold, we can bring over plenty of Infantry to plug the gap.


Here's our core and a few shots of our conquests and new fronts:






Handoff notes:

I left two Luxury Liners unmoved to mark our convoy gathering spots. There's one in Valencia and one in Toshka. Next player can load up some troops before hitting 'enter', but be aware of what will be needed for the Vikings. I would send a full 16 Infantry for defense -- 24 if they kick us off the island.

When the Workers/Steamrollers weren't busy railing for the army, I had them improving the marginal cities with an eye towards hitting 130 (Renault FT 17), 80 (Infantry), or 40 (2-turn Infantry) shield breakpoints.

I've been rushing Luxury Liners pretty aggressively -- cities like North Shipping will rush the Iberian Flag, then switch to Luxury Liner and rush. Once I hit the island phase, I was kind of surprised at how much shipping I needed. It might even be worth adding another 1-2 cities near North Shipping to help rush more ships.

The plan for Zimbabwe was to use Dreadnoughts to destroy the roads to the rest of the island, then land another stack of Infantry. It might be worth taking an extra turn to land 16-24 Infantry on the hill. I was SHOCKED :eek: at how many units they had. Keep that in mind for Brazil and especially Turkey, too.

We're at 36% area and 63% population. Watch the area% carefully. The tactical cities in Old Italy are an easy start for abandoning. Brotherly Love and Edinborder can go away in a couple of turns, too. Tours can be abandoned whenever necessary -- just rush the Settler it's building. Arbela and Tyre can be abandoned in a pinch, but it's not critical quite yet.


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