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LK170, China, CCM, True Communists

LKendter (up)
Jersey Joe (on deck)
Early set teaser:

Actually meant to write swap rather than skip. Turns are long enough and can play next weekend.

Long turns, but I will be ready to hand it off before next weekend. Need to figure out the next war target.
Need to figure out the next war target.
Why 1 target? Do we need to build anything other than barracks and more troops (plus settlers)? We should be able to over run the world. We can easily rush build 30+ Hotchkiss each turn.

Use our current mobile troops to go after the Maghreb treasury. Plus, some other target like France or Italy or both, we still need to get rid of the Russians.
Yeah, agreed. Cancel the Wine deal and declare on Maghreb anytime.

France, Inca, and Italy are all good secondary targets. I think we'll still get Britain in the Maghreb war with their MPP, so we should plan accordingly.

Edit: It would be amusing to convert this into an AW game once our current per-turn deals run out.
Middle set teaser:

I should finish today or tomorrow.
Wrapping up teaser:

Last teaser before write up.

Nice to see you convinced the Austro-Hungarians to merge into our benevolent commune. :lol:

Any reason for us to not offer a similar chance to the Maghreb or Inca? :mischief:
1150 AD (0)
We have 77 cities. We are clearly heading to the end game.

There is a glut of cash. I will be doing a lot of partial, and full rushes.
(IT) Turkey wants us to pay $382/T for an MPP. :lol:
I watch a lot of Maghreb units walk around.
Maghreb is building Blue Riband.

1160 AD (1)
The assault on Hanover begins. I kill 3 rifles. (3-0)
I kill ships in port. I gained $8,148 and 1 zeppelin.

The assault on Hamburg begins. I kill 1 rifle. (4-0)
I gained $8,487 and 2 workers.

The assault on Koenigsberg begins. I kill 4 rifles. I lost 1 calvary. (8-1)
The first wave wasn’t enough for Koenigsberg. I culture bomb Hanover. The bomb is a major disappointment, as the tile I thought would become ours stays German.

The lawyer force goes hunting for more artists. I attacked a Maghreb pike and got an artist. (9-1)
I culture bombed Berlin. I still failed to get a path to Koenigsberg. JUNK is built. That finally gets a pathway.

The assault on Koenigsberg continues. I kill 4 rifles,1 infantry type, 1 knight and 2 pikes. I lost 6 cavalries. (17-7)
This attack showed a boat as the top defender for a good part of the fight. I kill ships in port. I gained $8,912, Neuschwanstein (1 free happy citizen per city), National Monument (1 CPT in every city for us) and 2 workers.

The assault on Bremen begins. I kill 1 rifle, 2 pike and 1 infantry type. (21-7)
I kill ships in port. I gained $9,469 and 1 zeppelin.

We have hit the frustrating time for workers. I finally have enough to get our cities optimized for maximum troops. However, too many of them are tied up building rails to newly captured cities.

I kill German: 1 ship of the line and 1 pirate (saw it leave German port). (23-7)
(IT) Germany wants to talk. I know they have 2 techs we lack, and just 3 total cities.
Beijing completes Theory of Relativity.
1170 AD (2)
I try to plant a spy in Germany but fail.

[End of session 1]

I gave the Inca communism for marine engineering and motorization (saved 2 turns). The next research project is mass production for early tanks.

I give Japan $128 for a worker.

JUNK is built.
The assault on Stuggart begins. I kill 2 rifles. (25-7)
I gained $6,861.

JUNK2 is built.
The assault on Irkutsk (German) begins. I kill 1 musket. I lost 2 cavalries. (26-9)
I gained $8,576.

The assault on Dortmund begins. I kill 2 rifles. I lost 1 cavalry. (28-11)
I gained $25,726.

Germany has left the game. :dance:

I want to upgrade our cavalry and can’t. We have no oil connected. I found a source in former Russia and connect it. The first 50 cavalry are upgraded.

I kill German: 1 heavy frigate, and 1 ship of the line. (30-11)
I gained 1 privateer.

We will enjoy a moment of peace. I want to heal all units and upgrade all cavalry before the next war. In addition, this is a good point to kill resistance in former Germany.
(IT) Maghreb has some units leaving our territory. Others are going deeper. They also declare war on Britian.
Australia declares war on Britian.
1180 AD (3)
I continue to upgrade our cavalry.

[End of session 2]

Our new Hotchkiss visit some former Germany cities to teach them that resistance is futile.
(IT) Canada and Brazil sign a peace treaty. :(
A large block of Egyptian troops appeared near the bottom of former Germany.
1190 AD (4)
A commerce raider stack takes out 2 Scandinavian galleass. (32-11)

I planted a spy in Scandinavia. The map steal fails, and war begins. They were in the way to get to Egypt that moved a lot of troops toward Irkutsk. Since I am taking our Egypt, I will take out Scandinavia on the way.
I failed to plant a spy in Egypt.
We are already at war with the Dutch. I planted a spy. I stole their map.
I failed to plant a spy in Spain, but war is not started.

I give Arabia marine engineering for $580 and $125/T.

Pike Killing Asian Cavalry arrives. Berlin gets a rushed factory.

Chengdu was founded. It claimed a block of unclaimed territory near Scandinavia.

JUNK is built.

The assault on Norrkoping begins. I kill 11 pikes, 2 longbow, 2 crossbow, 4 berserk, 3 spears and 1 MDI. I lost 1 Hotchkiss. (54-12)
I was surprised how many troops were in the city. I gained $1.

Our partisans attack an Israel pike and crossbow near Burning Mountain. I gained another partisan. (56-12)
I kill Egypt: 1 foot knight, 2 grenadiers, 1 pike, 5 crossbows, 4 muskets, 8 musketeers, 7 knights, 1 ansar warriors, 15 hussars and 31 cuirassiers. I lost 3 Hotchkiss and 1 artillery piece. (131-16)

I kill Scandinavia: 2 foot knights, 2 axe men, 1 berserk, 2 crossbow, 2 buckets, 14 pikes, 2 MDI, 11 archers and 5 spears. I lost 3 Hotchkiss and 1 camel. (172-20)
I gained 2 artists and 2 workers.
I was surprised how many troops I found in the small area. I thought I would be able to assault more cities.

[End of session 3]
(IT) France and Maghreb sign an MPP. I’m glad I didn’t go that way.
As expected, France declares win on Britain.
1200 AD (5)
I try again to put a spy in Egypt and fail.

Asian Cavalry to Hotchkiss arrives. They simply build an army. There is nothing left worth rushing at this point.

The assault on Nykoping begins. I kill 3 pikes. (175-20)
I gained $6.

The assault on Malmo begins. I kill 3 pikes. I lost 1 Hotchkiss. (178-21)
I gained $10.

JUNK2 was founded.

The assault on Orebro begins. I kill 3 pikes and 1 axemen. I lost 1 Hotchkiss. (182-22)
I gained $12.

I kill Egypt: 1 footknight, 1 MDI, 1 heavy archer, 8 crossbows, 8 muskets, 1 spear, 4 pikes, 5 musketeer and 3 grenadiers. I lost: 1 artillery piece and 1 Hotchkiss. (214-24)
I gained 1 worker and 2 artists.

I kill Scandinavia: 1 bucket, 1 MDI, 4 crossbows, 1 axemen and 3 pikes. (224-24)
(IT) Arabia and South Africa sign peace. :(
Lowlands declares war on America.
Austria-Hungary declares war on Greeks.
Inca declare war on Israel.
We caught Maghreb sabotaging production in Pusan.
1210 AD (6)
I still can’t get a spy into Scandinavia or Egypt.
[End of session 4]
Horse Artillery goes Boom arrives. I created another artillery piece.
First Hotchkiss arrives. I created another artillery piece.

An enslaver attacks an Israel crossbow by Burning Mountain. They kill it and create a leader. (225-24)
Burning Enslaver created another artillery piece.

JUNK2 was founded. JUNK3 follows up immediately to get around an annoying desert block.

The assault on Stockholm begins. I kill 4 pikes. (229-24)
I gain $24 and kill some ships in port.
I thought that would be the end of them, but they have one more city somewhere. That area is messy, so it gets a culture bomb.

The assault on Gavle (Egyptian) begins. I kill 2 muskets. (231-24)

The assault on Falun begins. I kill 3 musketeers and 1 grenadier. (235-24)

JUNK4 was founded.

The assault on Karlskrona begins. I kill 1 musket and 1 pike. (237-24)

JUNK5 was founded.

The assault on Visby begins. I kill 3 pikes. (240-24)
I gained $40.

JUNK6 was founded.

The assault on Goteborg (Egyptian) begins. I kill 2 musketeer, 2 Nizam infantry and 1 Grenadier. (245-24)

I kill Scandinavia: 4 MDI, 1 pike, 3 axemen and 2 crossbows. (255-24)
I gained 1 artist.

I kill Egypt: 1 crossbow, 9 muskets, 1 pike, 39 musketeers, 5 Grenadiers, 2 MDI and 1 hussar. (313-24)
I lost 1 artillery piece and 3 Hotchkiss. (313-28)
I gained 1 worker.
(IT) I lost an exploring Hotchkiss. (313-29)
I really need a map of the Egyptian area.
I missed a spot and lost 2 steamrollers.
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