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LK171, Daleks, CCM, True Fascists

Don't forget a hospital in all the new towns, especially those with extra food. I'd rather rush more settlers in a small, undeveloped town.
Teaser from the first two turns. Should have also included Eiffel tower but the town went from 2 shields over to one short on the IBT. Not sure how, but might have been one of the other wonders?? I checked and there was no Sabotage by the AI (I think the Wonder completes before AI turn anyway). Can corruption increase?
Great 2 turns! :goodjob:
Can corruption increase?
Yes, if the town's population increases, you build a new town, or "we love our ruler day" stops.
In the 1050 AD save, the Eiffel Tower was being built in Cult of Skaro it should have had about a 70 shield surplus. So, could production have been sabotaged with only a small amount of shields added to the total?
At first, I was scratching my head -- Cult of Skaro had Eiffel due in 3 at handoff.

The railyard from Transcontinental would have boosted the shields there, explaining the close shave.

Hmm, the city was slated to grow on T1, and WLTKD would have ended during the T1->IBT->T2. That seems like the most likely explanation to me.
Preturn: Got about 200 gpt for lesser tech. Could have traded steal but I got the impression we didn't want to do that at the moment. I did plant a spy in our two enemies which succeeded.

1060 AD: Pre-builds are complex. Battlefield medicine would complete before Arms race so I need to move industrial complex to Emissaries of Jevo in 3. The expensive Eiffel tower might be able to be built in 1 by cult of Skaro (would have to raise shields, so I switch to there - will see if I have enough workers to do so). X-Ray pre-build is a bit of a problem as our largest cities will all complete Battlefield Med in 2. I find Mechanus building the Military research center would take 3 turns, so that is switched to Battlefield Med and Medusa Cascade will build the Mil Center.

Olsztyn is Exterminated and the Poles are destroyed.

Oxford is also Exterminated without loss with 2 workers gained. The British workers that were in the town all die.

Cardiff is Exterminated without loss

Build our first combat settler city called eggs..eggs..term (from the "why is this ancient Dalek talking about eggs?" episode) near Edinburgh and Dover. This is the closest we can get to their core.

We Exterminate Edinburgh without loss and get 5 workers.
We Exterminate Dover losing a Cavalry gaining 1 worker.

Railed to the east to get to Brighton and Coventry.

IBT: We complete Transcontinental RR, Mil Research Center, and Olympic Games. We miss Eiffel tower and I cannot figure out why. We had 126 shields when I hit enter need 124 shields to complete, yet go to 599/600 instead of completion. Note that now we are at 133 shields with the RR.

I turned on Renegotiate deals so that Japan renegotiates the resources for peace. I wasn't sure if attacking would give a reputation hit without this.

1070 AD:
British Exterminations:
Brighton is Destroyed without loss.
Portsmouth exterminated without losses gaining 3 Workers.
Newcastle is exterminated losing a Cavalry gaining 4 Workers.
Nottingham is exterminated without loss gaining 3 Workers.

With no deals, we can declare war on Japan:
When I plant a spy Japan declares war.
We gain 2 Great Artists but lose one Lawyer attacking weak units.
Nagasaki is exterminated without losses and no Workers.
We can capture Japans workers unlike English ones.

One worker is roading a Marsh. We can't capture it because I have used the Lawyers we have no adventurers - a fact I noticed but the one I started hasn't completed. It will escape but we should be able to capture later.

IBT: Japanese have some fast units which attack one of our stacks. We lose 2 units and they lose 3-4.

1080 AD:
Walvis Bay is exterminated losing a Horse Artillery to a Pike. We gain 2 Workers.
Birmingham is exterminated losing a Cavalry and gaining 6 Workers.
Large stack moves next to London.
Glasgow is exterminated losing a Cavalry and gaining 5 Workers.
Liverpool is exterminated losing 2 Cavalry and gaining 5 Workers.
Coventry is exterminated losing 1 Cavalry and gaining 4 Workers.
Sheffield and Leeds are newer towns so we can reach right away:
We get 2 Workers from Sheffield and 1 from Leeds. No losses.
Yokohama is exterminated with no losses, gaining 2 Workers (capture 1).
Kagoshima is exterminated losing 2 Cavalry and gaining 5 Workers (capture 1).
Nara is exterminated losing 1 Cavalry and gaining 4 Workers.
Enslave a Settler unit.

IBT: Gain Arms Race, Electricity, and Atomic Energy.

Choose Motorization for our next tech. We are going against civs with stronger defenders so a higher attack seems most useful to me. Defense 4 as well when the AI counters.

1090 AD:
Southampton is exterminated gaining 2 Worker.
London is exterminated losing 6 Cavalry and gaining 10 Workers.
Send forces after last English city.

Tokyo is exterminated and we gain 4 Workers.
Send forces toward Satsuma

IBT: English get their last revenge by sinking the ship we had that met China.

1100 AD:
Built a city on the Northern sea coast rushing a destroyer. Our boats to meet these civs keep failing to make it and each turn I play we are no closer than the turn before. Our latest best bet was just sunk. I had already built a road to the north waiting for this settler as I didn't trust our one-hp limp-a-long to make it.

We rushed 16 or 17 settlers total so far.

Manchester is exterminated. The British are eliminated.

Satsuma is exterminated without loss and we gain 3 Workers.

We can use combat settlers now to reach cities on the same turn, so:
Build Mira to reach Kyoto.
Kyoto is exterminated losing 4 Cavalry and we gain 8 Workers.
Build Pathos to reach Osaka
Osaka is exterminated without loss gaining 6 Workers.
Build Gold Dalek to reach Edo and Izumo
Edo is exterminated without loss gaining 6 Workers.
Izumo is exterminated without loss gaining 4 Workers.
Build Dalek Scourge to reach Nagoya
Was able to plant a Spy - no outstanding settlers to locate.
Nagoya is exterminated without loss gaining 4 Workers.

We also have 2 roads near South Africa already so I declare war.
Port Elizabeth border isn't expanded so we can reach it easily.
Port Elizabeth is exterminated without loss. No Workers gained.
Build Silver Dalek to reach Luderitz and Cape Town.
Luderitz is exterminated without loss gaining 2 Workers.
Cape Town is exterminated losing a cavalry and gains no Workers.
Pietermaritzburg is auto-destroyed without loss.
From the other road we build Indomitable to reach Durban. [Edit: Likely spelled wrong]
Build Callous to reach Pretoria and Bloemfontein
Pretoria is exterminated losing 3 Cavalry and gaining 5 Workers.
Bloemfontein is exterminated without loss gaining no Workers.
Back to the other side we found Pretty Lakes and Terror to reach Zimbabwe (yes I am running out of decent Dalek names...)
Zimbabwe is exterminated losing 1 Cavalry and gaining 4 Workers.
Build Skaro Lake to reach Johannesburg
Johannesburg is exterminated without loss gaining 4 Workers.
Windhoek is reachable and is exterminated without loss.

At this point the question arises whether we can eliminate South Africa. If yes, we don't have to fight their units not in towns:

the problem is here:

They have two towns not connected. We can take those two towns with one settler so we have enough settlers for the 3 remaining cities. We should have plenty of Cavalry, so I need to check if we have sufficient worker teams to reach the cities.

Answer is yes we can reach. (we have 51 steamrollers, gobs of workers and RR only costs a steamroller and worker).

Build Inquisition to reach Seville and Madrid (No one expects the Dalek Inquisition, our chief weapon is extermination... Extermination and enslavement... Extermination, enslavement and our plungers of DEATH!(TM).

Madrid is exterminated for 5 Workers.
Seville is exterminated for 2 Workers

Double check South Africa's forces for settler (I planted a spy of course).

Build Harbor and Wheat (between Natural Port and Wheat resources) to reach Kimberley.
Kimberly is exterminated for 3 Workers

I sold Steel to Arabia and Turkey. The small amount we got was reduced enough that they were likely to get it next turn.

We are low(ish) on money (used for power plants mostly). We can get 22k+ gold from Turkey for Imperialism and then seconds from Arabia for non-gpt deals. I suggest doing this - the cash will help us more than the tech will help them. (Note that at this point I think we could easily remove Turkey and Arabia in 4 turns (maybe even next turn if we really tried) so I don't consider keeping the AI out of the next era much of a challenge). If we do get the cash we could rush some power plants that are currently more than one turn.

I did a lot of railing to in different directions to better fill in lands. There is so much land though it is just a start.

The next turn is heavy on motorized settler builds. We need to continue this if we want domination. I did not build them in size 20 cities - we can wait until they grow.

On the last turn a stack of 175 Cavalry plus other units did nothing. I could have damaged Greece but used some settlers for filling in land instead.

I am assuming Greece, Persia and Russia are the next civs to meet our plungers of DEATH!(TM). I built a city Cotton of Evil so that the first Greek city is accessible.

Units are near the capitol (healing is in the capitol) including 2 Great Artists best used to cover deserts or mountain ranges. My great artist luck and leader luck were very poor this set.


  • LK171-1100AD.SAV
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Nice massive extermination.

The land % is moving forward at 11.8%.
It looks like the biggest thing to do at this point is to start laying down cities with a decent distance apart. The best cities will be ones with lots of food to rush another settler quickly.

I suspect we only have a few weeks of real-time left in this one. Hopefully CCM3 will be ready by then. If not, it my be time for democratic America.

LKendter (on deck)
Jersey Joe (up)

We must raze all the cities. They can’t be captured for even 1 second.
No workers may upgrade to partisans as we don’t want non-Daleks in our army. If we create a foreign partisan, it must be disbanded ASAP.
We are defiant. We must refuse all demands. The superior Daleks will not be ordered by other civs.
We can’t give up anything to get peace. We can't accept cities in peace.
Greebley, it appears you started spamming cities :goodjob:
My great artist luck and leader luck were very poor this set.
At this point, Great Artists are more important than leaders. If I get any leaders I will probably just turn them into Artillery.

I got it.

I am going to only declare war on the Greeks. Plus, concentrate on spamming towns and developing grasslands to helps growth.
I am going to need a great deal of gold to rush culture buildings. So I will be trading Imperialism to Turkey and Arabia.
Don't forget hospitals. Those will let us build more settlers out of the new towns faster.
A week, and no teasers. Must be a boring build cities set...
A week, and no teasers. Must be a boring build cities set...
yes :yup: and tedious. I am doing quick dot maps to try and space the towns to avoid having their 3rd rings overlap. Plus take advantage of existing roads and terrain improvements. Also, slowed down by real life. Built 18 towns and dot mapping for the next 20.
Per Civinator: Current ETA for CCM3 is ~3 weeks. It looks good that it will be ready before we wrap. Once I get the game I'll also be going slow. Very busy for May.
These three turns took me much longer than I expected and it was tedious drawing many dot maps.
BTW, if we were going for conquest we could likely win in 4-7 turns. Taking out 2-3 civs a turn is likely possible. Sufficient combat setters would be the limiting factor.
:thumbsup: We really should consider this, exterminating everyone could be quicker and definately not as boring as drawing dot maps. In three turns I doubled our city count. I coudl have taken out at least 1 civ in three turns.
Here is my report:

Continuing 1000 AD: World Area 11% Our Population 27% (from Victory Screen) Dalek cities = 56.
Do some MM and short rushes.

Sell Imperialism to Turkey for 22460 gold.
Sell Imperialism to Arabia for 8679 gold and 120 gpt.
Sell Steam Power to Russia for 129 gold and 234 gpt.

We complete the Blue Riband.

1010 AD: World Area 11% Our Population 26%
Sell Democracy to Russia for 31 gold and 288 gpt.
Sell Democracy to the Inca for 39 gold and 143 gpt.

Enslaver exterminates Enslaver in Greek territory (1, 0).

Eot: World Area 13% Our Population 27% Dalek cities = 74

1020 AD: World Area 14% Our Population 27%
I notice that we have 2 towns: “Bringer of Darkness” and “Bringer of Darknes”.
I rename “Bringer of Darknes” Bringer of Darkness II”

Eot: World Area 15% Our Population 27% Dalek cities = 92

IBT: We learn about Motorization and begin researching Radio.
We complete The Theory of Relativity.

1030 AD: World Area 17% Our Population 27%
I upgrade 16 Cavalry to Early Armored Cars for 1440 gold and find out it would take about 15000 gold to upgrade the rest of out Veteran Cavalry which is more gold than we have in our treasury. Also, our two main sources for gold (Turkey and Arabia) only have about 8500 gold between them. :sad:

In retrospect, I did not think through the consequences of rushing buildings in all the cities I am building. :blush: :wallbash: I should only have rushed an Academy and a Barracks which would have gotten the cities to 5 culture per turn and 22 turns to get a third ring expansion.:yup:

Eot: World Area 18% Our Population 28% Dalek cities = 112 :whew:

Screenshots are in my next post, the first 3 are dot maps of potential city sites taking into account 3 ring expansion like I did on the 56 cities I built.

Notes and Suggestions:
  • I did not do any trading this turn and left many rail building teams unmoved.
  • Russia and Turkey are at war and they have troops in our near our territory and look like they will fight it our there.
  • There is 1 Settler by Capital.
  • Many troops are fortifies near the capital.
  • I have several cities set up as Settler factories. They can build 1 turn Settlers and grow in 1 turn.
  • No research has gone into Radio yet.
  • If we go all out war we don't need to reseach and can drop to 0% research.


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The Dot maps with a Hussar (or other trooper) standing on the dot are railed up to the tile next to were the town will go.
I would suggest at least building on the top Yellow spot to get Dyes (we are trading with Russia for those) as soon as practical.
I am missing a Dot map and will upload it later today.

Map 2 an eastern peninsula.

Map 3 eastern territory full of towns waiting border expansions.

Map 4 more developed land.

Map 5 even more settlements.
You weren’t kidding about limited time. I was expecting more than 3 turns based on how long you had it.
Sadly, I’m limited in time until late June. I will be slowly nibbling away at this.

The land % is moving forward at 18.8%. As those border expansions arrive…

I suspect we only have a few weeks or real-time left in this one. Hopefully CCM3 will be ready by then. If not, it may be time for democratic America.

LKendter (up, and go it)
Elephantium (on deck)
Jersey Joe
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