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LK172, Civ=France, CCM3, just win

Any thoughts on going for The Great Lib? I just traded for Literature.

Based on the tech pace, we'll get maybe 2-3 Settlers from it before we learn Chivalry. I'm sort of on the fence for this one.
How fast can we build it?
Usually we get a prebuild to try for a wonder this early.
Any civ building wonders that could cascade to GL?
Not that I can see. Nubia is constructing Hagia Sophia, but I don't see any competition for it. There are about 5 civs that just started it, so it's a straightforward race.


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There are about 5 civs that just started it, so it's a straightforward race
Problem with the race is that they only need 240 shields and we need 400 shields.
We are getting squeezed by the surrounding nations. We do not have much room for expansion. The next place to put a town might be a town in the west that gets a pig and 2 wines.

Do we start expanding by trying to have limited wars?
Capture Lahore from India and hold on till we make peace. Capture the Aztec town and hold on till we make peace, etc?

First thing I notice is that we're pretty light on roads. I'll be building more as much as I can while still getting water towards Tours.

We're hurting for happy faces.


The admin center completes.

250 BC:

Not much, just move a few Workers...


175 BC:

Nubians are building Hagia Sophia
Japan completes Great Lighthouse


125 BC:

Aztecs offer us Cotton for Silks and 11gpt. Hmm, too expensive.

100 BC:

Our Enslaver captures Aztec Worker
Literature is now widely known.
We buy it from India for Silks and 282 gold.

IBT: Aztecs complain about our units. We apologize.

Basically everyone has started The Great Library

After pausing for discussion, I decide against joining the Wonder race.

25 BC, T100:

Routine turn, all I did was move a few guys.

We are getting squeezed. I'm on board with attacking the Aztecs soon.



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The next player should get another clan. Please make sure we have some spears to escort it. My vote is the spot with pigs and 2 wines. More trade bait is always a good thing.

There are spare horses to sell. Please get them sold the first turn.

I agree the Aztecs are the first target. Please don’t trade with them. I want to keep them backwards. They don’t have horses, so that helps us.

Greebley (up)
Jersey Joe (on deck)
Greebley (up)
Jersey Joe (on deck)
LKendter (vacation 7/19 to 7/27)
Greebley (up) (overdue for got it, heading to skip)
Jersey Joe (on deck)
LKendter (on deck) (vacation 7/19 to 7/27)
Greebley (skipped)
Jersey Joe (up)
Lee, I know I could not finish my turn set quickly enough to let you play your set before your vacation. Do you want to swap and play your turn set before your vacation? I can then play while you are away.
Lee, I know I could not finish my turn set quickly enough to let you play your set before your vacation. Do you want to swap and play your turn set before your vacation? I can then play while you are away.

I'll see if I can get to it tomorrow. To busy today
540 BC (0)
I sell horses and silks to Scandinavia for $404.
(IT) The clan arrives earlier than I expected. I didn’t even get a chance to build spears for escorts.

1 AD (1)
Bleck, construction just showed up for trading. We still have 21 turns to go.

25 AD (2), 50 AD (3)

75 AD (4)
An enslaver simply kills an Aztec chariot.
(IT) I lost a war elephant to an enslaver.

100 AD (5)
An enslaver attacks an Indian catapult. I got a worker from the catapult. I captured the settler for a second worker. That also stopped another Indian settler coming toward us. I’m really wondering if the edge of the continent is just beyond where we can see. The other possibility is the land is horrid that way.

Marseilles is built on the spot with pigs and 2 wines.

125 AD (6)
It leaves us almost broke, but I get monarchy from South Africa. I give up seafaring, our only horses, $10/T and $1180. The revolt begins.

150 AD (7)
I sell wines to Mongolia for $194.
(IT) Scandinavia completes the Great Library.

175 AD (8)
Our enslaver simply kills an Aztec worker.

200 AD (9)
Our spare supply of elephants frees up. I send it to Nubia for construction and $294.
I started a 50-turn run on republic.

225 AD (10)
I rush walls in Marseilles. It is too close to Scandinavia, and I fear an enslaver attack.
LKendter (swapped) (vacation 7/19 to 7/27)
Elephantium (on deck)
Jersey Joe (up)


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Teaser before my report. I did build a Small Wonder, play went so fast especially between turns ( :thumbsup: to Fflintlock for the improvement).
Continuing 225 AD: Swap Tours from Workshop to Slavery because it is less annoying. Swap Lyons from Marketplace to Aqueduct.
Sell Code of Laws to India for 158 gold.

IBT: Vikings ask us to have our War Elephant leave their territory. We apologize and tell the Vikings our troops will leave immediately. Then out War Elephant is attacked by and invisible unit (missionary?) which our War Elephant tramples into the ground, hopefully aiding the growth of truffles (1, 0).

Our War Elephant near Aztec territory makes contact with an Israeli War Elephant. Good news is the Israeli’s lack several of the techs we know. The bad news is they are don’t have anything to trade :sad:

250 AD: Our War Elephant and Enslaver journey to Marseilles to recouperate from their encounter with an invisible being.

275 AD: Workers work.

IBT: Our Elephant exploring Aztec territory tramples an Invisible Unit (Enslaver?) to death (2 0).

300 AD: Between Lahore and Bombay Enslaver captures 2 Indian Workers.

325 AD: Near the Indian border Enslaver captures an Indian Spear, and Enslaver kills Archer (4, 0).

350 AD: Enslaver captures 2 Viking Workers.

IBT: Vikings finish building The Jomsvikings which starts there Golden Age.

375 AD:
Trade Elephants, Gold Ore, 636 gold and 38 gpt to the Lowlands for Republic.
Trade Republic to Mongols for 173 gold and 12 gpt.
Trade Republic to Spain for 29 gold and 15 gpt.
Trade Republic to S. Africa for 120 gold.
Trade 284 gold and 12 gpt to India for Marauding Tactics.

This round of trading did not work out as well as expected. I thought I would also get Religion.

400 AD:

: The polite Nubian’s want us to give them Silk. I refuse and their ambassador politely leaves.

425 AD: Enslaver captures Zulu Swordsman (5, 0).
The Vikings refuse to loan us any gold. However, we sign a contract to Supply Wine for 20 years to the Vikings for a lump sum payment of 210 gold.

450 AD: Enslaver captures Aztec Worker.
Enslaver kills Indian Spearman.

475 AD: :dunno:

Notes and Suggestions:
  • I didn’t check for trades.
  • We should be getting a Settler shortly.
  • We need to conquer someone soon.
Here is our boxed in Empire as of 475 AD.


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Nice round of worker force expansion.
Glad we got away with the high risk of refusing a demand this early.

I agree conquest will have to happen at some point. The Aztecs are the target. They are not as backwards as before, but still the best target.

LKendter (vacation 7/19 to 7/27)
Elephantium (up)
Greebley (on deck)
Jersey Joe
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