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[GS] Load mod after DLC?

Discussion in 'Mod Creation Help' started by Angryr, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Angryr

    Angryr Chieftain

    Jul 12, 2014
    Indiana, USA
    I've got a simple mod that makes all wonders buildable from the start via:

    UPDATE Buildings
    SET PrereqTech = null,
    PrereqCivic = null,
    ObsoleteEra = 'NO_ERA'
    WHERE IsWonder = 1;

    The problem is, it doesn't hit any of the Expansion pack content. It seems to hit DLC just fine, but I can't get it to affect expansion wonders.

    I've tried adding Name: "LoadOrder" Value: 1000000 to "Properties -> In-Game Actions -> UpdateDatabase -> Custom Properties" and that doesn't seem to be changing anything.

    I've additionally added this to my references section:

    <Mod id="E3F53C61-371C-440B-96CE-077D318B36C0" title="DLC: Australia Civilization Pack" />
    <Mod id="02A8BDDE-67EA-4D38-9540-26E685E3156E" title="DLC: Aztec Civilization Pack" />
    <Mod id="1F367231-A040-4793-BDBB-088816853683" title="DLC: Khmer and Indonesia Civilization Pack" />
    <Mod id="643EA320-8E1A-4CF1-A01C-00D88DDD131A" title="DLC: Nubia Civilization Pack" />
    <Mod id="E2749E9A-8056-45CD-901B-C368C8E83DEB" title="DLC: Persia and Macedon Civilization Pack" />
    <Mod id="3809975F-263F-40A2-A747-8BFB171D821A" title="DLC: Poland Civilization Pack" />
    <Mod id="2F6E858A-28EF-46B3-BEAC-B985E52E9BC1" title="DLC: Vikings Content" />
    <Mod id="F653805E-F7C8-44E1-8CBD-FB48D7AABCBA" title="Multiplayer Scenario: Ancient Rivals" />
    <Mod id="{909C39B7-B2FA-4957-8FDE-C47994482FE9}" title="Multiplayer Scenario: Artificial Intransigence" />
    <Mod id="{5E991A08-08FD-4774-968B-A85377ECF60D}" title="Multiplayer Scenario: Cavalry and Cannonades" />
    <Mod id="648CD2A8-057A-4EB5-9E41-E1F7D86B5443" title="Multiplayer Scenario: Global Thermonuclear War" />
    <Mod id="{77B77B26-1DB2-4A75-8189-F6A4DFE7F047}" title="Multiplayer Scenario: Golden Horde" />
    <Mod id="{455B6E2D-821D-4D49-9FCD-FC950AC6A521}" title="Multiplayer Scenario: Hallowed Ground" />
    <Mod id="2F3A65C2-0883-4BF6-8C70-EDA688C66F3C" title="Scenario: Conquests of Alexander" />
    <Mod id="7619F77B-BAA7-4912-AA6E-45C124E6ECFD" title="Scenario: Gifts of the Nile" />
    <Mod id="CD953AD5-2869-4654-91EC-E48D118EF3F3" title="Scenario: Jadwiga's Legacy" />
    <Mod id="D70C8F1F-3954-460F-A9D9-09498BF773C9" title="Scenario: Outback Tycoon" />
    <Mod id="8550ED6C-E370-426C-80CD-AB4B46B201DD" title="Scenario: Path to Nirvana" />
    <Mod id="05698E46-1032-43C7-A40C-FA3D02858D2A" title="Scenario: Vikings, Traders, and Raiders!" />
    <Mod id="1B28771A-C749-434B-9053-D1380C553DE9" title="Rise &amp; Fall" />
    <Mod id="4873eb62-8ccc-4574-b784-dda455e74e68" title="Gathering Storm" />

    What am I doing wrong?
    Examples of wonders not appearing from the start: Apadana, Jebel Barkel, Great Bath, Machu Pichu, etc.
    Wonders that do appear: All vanilla wonders (Ruhr Valley, Big Ben, etc) and all DLC wonders (Huey Teocalli, Angkor Wat, etc).
  2. Angryr

    Angryr Chieftain

    Jul 12, 2014
    Indiana, USA
    Oh, wow. That's annoying. I found the problem.

    I was subscribed to the mod, and had a new version of it in my Mods folder. Despite having the old, non-compatible once disabled and the new, compatible one enabled it was still having conflicting issues. I unsubscribed to the old one and it's working now.

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