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    Nov 9, 2005
    I believe broad overhauls are more resilient to the passage of time. I feel we can best prioritize our time best by focusing on big things that make the game dramatically more exciting. The little tweaks just get messed up every few months whenever Firaxis changes something.

    This is why I work top-down. I figure out why we choose options (themes), followed by how to make more fun options (new effects), and finally what numbers to set.

    I follow this pattern with each big overhaul:

    Column 1 Column 2
    Wonders July
    Armies August
    Technologies December
    Leaders December (mostly)
    Buildings January
    AI Priorities ?
    Policies ?
    Opportunities ?

    For example, we did basic wonder concepts first (why), then ideas for new wonder effects (how), followed by numbers (what). Right now we completed most themes and effects for leaders, so next is leader numbers. This gets the most important stuff done first.

    We must create new effects because some are just not interesting. For example, Arabia's bonus giving +5% :c5gold: national income per luxury resource is more interesting than a simple +X% gold without conditions. One actively engages us to get resources, while the other just sits around passively giving us gold without needing us to do anything.

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