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Looking For an MMORPG

You are going to have a devil of a time trying to find an MMO that isn't fantasy or sci fi. I played in a few Korean MMO betas a long time ago (before WoW even existed) that weren't in either of those genres but I don't think I've ever seen a Western MMO that isn't. Good luck.
Is there a trial for wurm? I looked it at it, and it looks ok, but there is some fantasy.

Every server is free to play except the ones that are Premium only. However, with that said, all your skills are capped at 20 if you remain free. There are both PVP and PVE worlds, but the PVP isn't so bad unless you're hated.

You can also, if you have enough time and dedication, sell goods in-game to get coins that you can then buy further premium subscriptions with.

Edit: Yeah there's a little bit of fantasy, such as magic and trolls. However it's more heavily based on terraforming and team-work.
Do you still play? And what does premium add? It's sounds interesting, I might try it this week.

Nah, I stopped playing once my premium ran out and I had no money to spare. Once you get to experience premium it's very unlikely you will be content when you go back to F2P if you cannot afford to keep it going.

Being premium raises your level cap to 99.99 instead of 20, and, from what I can tell, a few of the more fun features of the game are restricted to Premium-only servers, though you have the option of traveling to a different server from the one you start with (for clan wars, exploration, etc).

Though a word of advice, if you plan on simply being a casual player, it is quite unlikely a premium will be worth the 20 dollars it is. A lot of the things in the game can be considered grinding, though it makes up for it by the fact that the ENTIRE MAP is terraformable and also the fact that premium allows you to have a piece of land, which reduces rate of decay on walls and such by 90% or so and oil based lanterns NEVER run out.

As a newbie, it would be advisable to join a village ASAP, which you can do once you finish the tutorial and choose a world by typing in the kingdom chat (if no one happens to be talking, the tab won't show up. just type /s and press enter and the tab will appear).

There is a steep learning curve. Very unlike WoW, RoM, Eve, Guild Wars, etc.
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