May 15, 2020
Hello there.

I'm looking for artists who are able to or would be interested in making units complete with animations (audio is optional)

These units will be in the genre of medieval and fantasy (such as dragons and spooky wizard lights)

If anybody is interested please respond and we can communicate privately through email (or whatever)

Also if anybody knows of artists who are able to make medieval/fantasy units or who might be interested please let me know who they are and how to contact them.

I would offer payment for this work but I have learned that the forum forbids that type of solicitation. So those who actually are interested, we can work something out in private and it doesn't have to be related to money. I just don't want to not give an artist their deserved payment for their work.

I'm also interested in learning how actually bring animations together to actually make a working unit. I know how to add foreign units, I just don't know how to make all the files needed to form one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I agree that investing a few hours scouring old threads & the db would be a good start. Also, look at existing mods / scenarios. There are units that are only available in them (never got uploaded separately).

Kudos to you for offering some kind of quid pro quo. Most requesters don't, which leads to not getting much response.

I can't offer you any specific titles unfortunately ... there are threads specifically about working with flics (unit files) and the tools we've got available. Plenty of discussions elsewhere. Looking for things posted by Vuldacon would be a good start. Many of the really good unit-makers have contributed to the shared knowledge. He's just the first one that comes to mind.
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