Looking for help finding a couple Leaderheads - male Pacific Islander, Ancient-Medieval


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Apr 22, 2002
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I've managed to scrape up all but two of the Leaderheads I need. I've found a few that would be great, but in all cases, the links to those were deader than 2020. I am hoping somebody somewhere has knowledge of one available that may fit my requirements.

1. Male
2. Pacific Islander (or reasonably passable as such)
3. Ancient-Medieval eras are all I am interested in. More is fine, but I need at least one of those.
4. It needs to not be one of the heads I already have. You can see what I already have, and more details on the Civs in question (The last two) here.

I will need two different ones.

Any help you give would be tremendously appreciated!

Look for Rob's leaderheads as well. He's made some Asian leaderheads you might be able to repurpose.
I'm going through all ~200 leaderheads in the DL database yet again - but the ones I've found elsewhere from Rob were all dead links. :(
Actually, I just found one in the DB. One down, one to go...

BTW Shiro's https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/king-te-wherowhero-of-maori.122032/ works. Instead of just clicking the links, right-click and open new tab, and it will download. I don't know why that is, but certain "broke" links around here work that way.
It works! Oh man, I can't believe I found out about this trick after I already went and spent a week finding 30 leaderheads I could DL...

Thanks for the tip, at least this will help me much more with Units...
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