Looking for sub


Dec 12, 2006
Athens, Greece
We are looking for someone to take over the Mali civ, until Raskolnikov can get back to playing duties, which will be a few weeks as I understand it.

Is anyone who has been following the game willing to do it?

If yes please post here or PM me.
I'd be willing to sub if you need a hand... although I've never used pitboss, tbh.
Hi Sweetacson, thanks for offering, pitboss is easy to get used to so it should not be a problem.

Most important thing is to follow your teamates and play as a team and to be able to log in the game about every 36-48 hours to make your moves.

Also important is to have a relative knowledge of the game, know how to use slavery and how to combat.

If you think you can handle the above then let me know and I will send you the connection details.
Sure, I usually play emperor, and have been lurking, so have at least some idea of what is going on in this game. My MP experience is a bit limited, but that just means I'll ask questions, I suspect. :) If you could send me the details I'll take a look at the position. Also never used civstats, of course.
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