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Looking to get back to Civ 4 (Windows 10)


Jan 20, 2006
New England
Hi Folks,

I am looking to get back to Civ 4 after a many year hiatus. I have the original CDs. I plan to run this on a Windows 10 laptop to start. I have been looking for a guide to walk through this and while there is a LOT of information here, I feel like I'm missing something. :(

Should I attempt to install using my CDs or just buy a 'Complete' download version?

If I use CDs, I need to grab a patch, correct? If I buy a new, download version, it should be already patched, correct?

Should I grab the BUG/BAT mod?

You can install CIV from the CDs on Windows 10 but you cannot run the game, as installed, because the CD install includes a copy protection protocol that accesses the CD every time the game starts up and Windows 10 does not support that protocol. Once you install from the CDs, you need to apply the BTS patch 3.19, which you can download from CFC. That patch removes the need to access the CD, so you can then run BTS normally. However, you will not be able to play the original version of the game nor the Warlords version. However, BTS includes most of what is on those, so most people only play BTS anyhow.

If you want to play either of the older versions, which some people like to do, especially for scenarios that are unique to those versions, you will need to download CIV from one of the legitimate sites. Many people here use Steam. I dislike Steam because it requires you to use their software to access CIV for playing. I prefer GOG, which lets you download stand alone versions or their software version. Also, GOG is usually cheaper to buy from. I use the stand alone version. If you decide to get the Steam version, be sure to use what they call the "beta" version, which is actually the version that works like the CD version. Their standard version does not allow mods to work, which is another reason that I prefer GOG. Any downloaded version of CIV will already be patched to the last release.

Definitely get BUG. It adds everything to the user interface that should have been there to start with. BAT adds some functional changes to BUG. I would suggest use BUG for a while, to get used to it, then add BAT and see if you like it.
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How does one know BUG is installed properly? I used the the first option in the installer (drop in CustomAssets folder). I do not see BUG listed as a mod. Will it show up listed somewhere else?

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