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Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Uncle_Rico, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Uncle_Rico

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Dallas, NC
    I know this topic has been brought up many times but I see it more like my computer wont.... I want to get suggestions on my computer will and works great.

    My CPU took a poop and it is now time to upgrade. Sad to say but when I am deciding what I want in a CPU I keep on second guessing myself wondering if it will be the best for CIV IV. That is really all I use to for anyway.:D For some reason I am loyal to Dell but also dont want to break the bank. What suggestions do you have in regards to systems, memory, graphics card....

    I usually do not play huge maps with 20+players but I want to make sure that I can if I want to.

    Thanks for all the info.
  2. ori

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    Dec 17, 2005
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    Civ uses the following three things:
    memory, memory, memory ;)
    nothing else is really important (well maybe video memory :evil:) - any cpu should suffice and you should make sure that the card actually has its own memory not just shared memory.
    and Dell sucks - but thats just an opinion from a disgruntled customer :p
  3. pikesfan

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    Sep 29, 2002
    Did green/yellow haze come out of your computer:p It means you need more health :lol: [Civ IV joke]

    Seriously, I had to buy a new computer because mine was too old (bought in 2001, ran on Windows Me) and I decided to buy a more expensive computer just to play Civ IV: 4 GB of memory, QuadCore processor, something like 2.40 GHz speed (I think that what it means). It was a Dell XPS 410, for about $1600 altogether including tax. But now I can play Civ IV with ease (My "Windows Experience Index" is 5.6, where Civ IV recommends 3.0.)

    What I hope this means is that I think my computer will be able to run Civ V too when it comes out, and I won't have to upgrade until Civ VI. In short, buy the most expensive computer you can afford, and then it will last you for a longer time. And if all you want to play is Civ IV, then you'll be happy with it.

    There's actually a book called Buying a computer for dummies and if there's one thing I learned from it, it's decide what software you are going to use and then buy the computer that can run that software. So look the recommended system requirements on the CIV IV Beyond the Sword box and buy a computer that meets these requirements, or a little beyond that to be on the safe side.

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