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[LoR]Rise of the Prussian Empire


Feb 11, 2010
At the Foot of the Cross
I'm going to finally get a LoR story in, now that I've stopped playing it nonstop :lol:
In case you don't know, Legends of Revolution is an UXP (Unofficial Expansion Project) for BtS.
Now, as I was saying...

Rise of the Prussian Empire
Chapter I: In the beginning...
Frederick, leader of the Germanic Tribes, waited to see if his tribe would be chosen for the great game of history. Many times, his tribe had been chosen, but mostly they were subject to humility and defeat. Even Catherine the Great had defeated him 3 times.
He watched the settings appear...
Spoiler :

Then closed his eyes as he felt that familiar feeling...
Spoiler :

"HI!" A loud voice started talking.
"Um... Huh?" This had never happened to Frederick before all the times he had played...
"Sir, this time you've been chosen as the player."
"Huh?" Frederick knew who the player was. The leader who was led by the player almost always won. Especiall when that leader was a Warlord.
"I am the official representitive of the player. I will advise you on how to win."
"Ok... So what should we do?" Frederick was getting more confused all the time.
"I think I should advise you, this game will be different. Including Revolutions, Legends, and new units, you have 2 Unique Units... er, tanks."
"Sir, if you say 'Huh?' one more time, you'll look like a 'coon up a tree. Anyway, here's your tank plans."
Spoiler :

"Looks very good."
"Sir, I suggest you settle in place."
"Wait, am I not in charge?"
"Yes sir, but... there are consequenses for disobeying the Law of the Player."
Frederick could see this would be an Epic game, even on Normal speed...


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Agreed with both of them, subbing. :)
Can't update tommorrow, might update tonight. (We'll see :))
This story will be shorter, ~25 turns an update. 525/25 = 21 updates.

~ = about

EDIT: Yes, I know. Chapter 2 is sloppy :p
Chapter II: The Silent Years
Frederick could not believe it. 1000 years had come and gone. These 6050-year quests really wore you out. He remembered Turn 0 like it was yesterday...
Spoiler :

"Advisor! Where are you?" Frederick could not figure out where the man had gone in this palace. Or why he had an advisor at all. Or why he built the city here!
"Coming, Sir." The advisor chipperly walked in.
"What's the local land look like? And quick, I need to get back to charting my Space Race victory."
"Here it is sir, but..." The advisor continued as he pulled out a scroll.
Spoiler :

"Good. Good. What did you say again?" Frederick figured he should listen to this man, no matter how annoying.
The advisor sighed. "I said, you can't plan for a Space Race victory."
"Why not? Am I not in charge?" Frederick couldn't believe his ears.
"Well, yes, but there is the Law of the Players, Section V, 'The Leader shall follow the Players wishes, or be severely punished.'"
"Alright, what victory are we going for?" Frederick could plan for this, at least.
"I don't know," The advisor simply stated.
Ugh. Players could be annoying sometimes. Frederick could still work with this though. Hmm, work...
"What are we building?" Frederick knew he had the advisor this time.
"A worker... Now, I must be off. We really need a technology."
Spoiler :

Yes. Frederick remembered it like yesterday. Which was also quite annoying. Oh well, today was a new day.
Meanwhile, in another part of Berlin...
"But, I don't want to! Why do I have to do everything you say?" The young child wined as a young lady picked him up.
"Because, I'm your older sister and I know what's best." Frieda sighed. When would this child learn he did not know everything? Frieda knocked on the next door. Maybe this man would give her and her brother some food. Ever since their parents died it had been tough.
"Hello." A man who looked completely un-German stood in the door. Since when have forigners moved in?
"My name is Frieda, and me and my brother will work for food."
"No, that's alright. Here, have some food. Why don't you come back in 2 weeks? Frederick the Great needs servants."
"He does?"
"No, Alvin! Don't touch that!" Frieda couldn't believe Alvin had touched the advisor's carvings.
"See, Freida! I made art!"
Freida looked at the carvings, praying she wouldn't be caught...
Spoiler :
History of the German Tribes: Carving of city training hall records.

Carving of Foreign leaders.



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I played the next turnset. Update today or tommorrow.
By the looks of my time right now, tommorrow.
EDIT: Peter was "threatened by my large civilization" when I had one city :lol:
Update pending.
Chapter 3: Growth of the Empire
Frieda knew this was bad. Very bad. "Alvin, get up. We're leaving."
"Why? I wanna show Mr. Advisor my art!"
"Because I said so. Now, let's move." There was no way she was staying here.
Frederick sighed. "Where is the servant girl?"
The advisor appeared from around a corner. "According to my tracking device, she is somewhere in a villiage south of here."
"May I examine that?"
"Sorry, no leaders allowed."
Ugh. All these advantages and a leader couldn't use any of them.
"Also, we have reports from our scientists. They combined Tin and Copper to develop a new metal."
Spoiler :

"So we can use Axemen now?" Frederick got his hopes up.
"Nope. We have no copper. Here's a report of the last 20 turns." The advisor handed Frederick a crumpled piece of paper.
Spoiler :

Game 357: Prussia, Turns 30 - 41
Turn 30:
The scouts have fought back ferocious beasts. The hides of these hideous creatures makes good camoflauge.
Spoiler :

Turn 34:
Prussia's new settling party is complete! We will soon be able to access the horse-herds to the north.
Spoiler :

Turn 36: Our scouts saw the Russian border, distinguished by a brown line. Strange!
Turn 37: Hamburg has been founded. Glory to the Leader! What was his name again?
Spoiler :

Turn 40: A strange tribe has been found, led by a German looking girl. Her name is Frieda...
Spoiler :

Turn 41: Frieda's younger brother, Alvin, has agreed to settle a city for us.
Spoiler :

"Good. Good. Our Empire is growing."
Suddenly, a loud noise sounded. The advisor moved quickly to another room. Frederick shrugged. That man was strange...
"Sir, it seems Alvin has settled the city. However, the tribe members want to join the Russian Empire." The advisor shrugged.
"Tell them NO! We will not have rebellion."
"You're the boss."
Spoiler :

Frederick grunted. Yeah, right. Every turn seem like a Diety game on repeat...


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