Lord of the Final Fantasy, an epic Crossover Battle

DJ Bonebraker

a.k.a Laura
Mar 10, 2004
Eorzea, Hydaelyn
Ok, I got a wierd idea one day after playing Lord of the Mods, although the general idea has been kicking around in my head for quite some time now (I'm a big fan of crossover fiction): What if, somehow, the factions from the various Final Fantasy games ended up in Arda, particularly Middle Earth during the early Third Age (i.e. right after Sauron was defeated in the epic battle, if I remember my LoTR chronology right)...

Note: This isn't going to be just "The Final Fantasy Mod ported to a Middle Earth map", but an actual fusion of the concepts.

Here are the Middle Earth Factions that are going to be included (and yes, they'll get their alignment-specific techs and wonders, just like the Final Fantasy factions, possibly different ones, and their own unique summoning techs):

Gondor (Good)
Arnor (Good)
Easterlings (Neutral)
Northmen (Good)
Southrons (Neutral)
Isengard (either Neutral or Evil)
Angmar (Evil)
Mordor (Evil)
Rohan (Good)
The Shire (Good or Neutral)
The Dwarves (Good)... As a matter of fact, this faction already, more or less exists :D
Moriquendi (a.k.a. Wood Elves) (Good)
Noldor (Rivendell) (Good)

Here's a list of current Final Fantasy factions and ones most likely to be cut to make room for the Middle Earth factions:

Light Warriors (G)
Dark Warriors (E)
Fynn Alliance (G)
Paramekian Empire (E)
Sasune (G)
Forbidden Land (E)
Baron (N)
Tycoon (N)
Vector Empire (E)
Returner Alliance (G)
Shinra (E)
Galbadia (E)
Esthar (N)
Garden (G)
Alexandria (N)
Lindblum (G)
Yevon (E)
Al Bhed (G)
Aht Urhgan (N) (Easterlings?)
Bastok (G) (Gondor?)
San d'Oria (G) (Noldor?)
Windhurst (G) (Definitely Shire)
Jeuno (E) (Angmar?)
Orcs (E) (Mordor?)
Dalmasca (G)
Archades (E)
Bervenia (N)
Lesalia (N)
Dwarves (To be modified to their LoTR Equivalent)
Alfitiria (N) (Soutron?)

...and I still need to replace 5 other FF civs to make room for the LoTR factions.

I have the map mostly finished (It's a modified version of the standard Middle Earth Map for Lord of the Mods, but with Tol Fuin, Meneltarmos and the Stone of the Hapless added to the West, and the huge desert area in the Southeast modified into plains and hills).

Basically, the LoTR Civs will have fixed starting locations, and will ALWAYS be in the game, while the Final Fantasy factions will start at a group of additional start points scattered in unpopulated areas of the map to help fill in the gaps quicker and make the game more interesting.

So what do you think of the general idea? Comments, questions, flames, etc welcome.;)

DJ Bonebraker

a.k.a Laura
Mar 10, 2004
Eorzea, Hydaelyn
what have you done :scared:

I have unleashed teh AWESOMENESS!!!:lol: (this mod will have Ninjas vs Pirates, well Corsairs of Umbar, but still, how much more awesome can you get?)

Seriously, though, I do like crossover stuff....

Anyways, a few more ideas:

I'm thinking about replacing the Final Fantasy II civs (Fynn Alliance and Paramekia) with the Morequendi and Angmar, Lindblum and Alexandria with Rohan and Isengard, and Tycoon or Baron with the Northmen....

Also, as for resources:

Most Strategic resources will be as from LoTM, except Copper will be removed, and Mythril becomes Mithril (and has the same significance in the game), and the only places to find it are in the Misty Mountains near Moria, and Meneltarma.
Chocobos are replaced by Horses, and the entire Chocobo unit line will be replaced by a horse unit line... Rohan's UU's will basically be a complete replacement of the default horse lineup.
Materia/Magicite will be added to Arda, most likely where significant battles happened or of spiritual significance (Dagorlad, Stone of Erech, Stone of the Hapless, etc)
I'll also include the Wargs most likely for the evil factions' wolf-rider units (and possibly to allow good and neutral Final Fantasy civs to train Bandersnatches)

Iron and Coal are already common to both settings.

In addition, the following FF mercenary resources will become available: Bangaa Village and Mithra Village (Replaces the Goblins)

Bonus resources included from FF mod: Farm Village (goody hut drop only), Moogles, Kelp, Relics and possibly Corn. Cattle, Deer, Fish, Pearls and Oases are already common to both games.

Bonus resources from LoTM: Taters (boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em inna stew...), Mushrooms, Silver, Coneys, Kraken and Badlands (the last two are NEGATIVE Bonuses, and may be removed if push comes to shove)

Luxury resources are kind of up in the air right now, but here's what I'm thinking:

Wines will replace Sake (since they fill the same function) and allow the same goods shipment improvement.... Gems are common to both games, so no worries there.... Pipe Weed will likely replace Cocoa, and a Tobacco/Pipe Weed plantation will replace the Cocoa Plantation. Elephants will become Oliphaunts, but otherwise remain the same. Medicinal Herbs will be added from the FF mod, and I'll see about retaining the hardwood luxury and Wool from the LoTM... Not entirely sure about some of the othe stuff, though (Beryls, Incense and Silks).

I'll try to post a rough map preview (minus resources and starting locations, for now).....

DJ Bonebraker

a.k.a Laura
Mar 10, 2004
Eorzea, Hydaelyn
Well, as promised, here's a preview of the modified Middle Earth Map... If anybody wants it, I could upload a LoTM and/or no-resource and/or standard game version of the map in the maps section.....


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Apr 3, 2003
Sounds a little crazy... I say "GO FOR IT!!!" :mwaha:

If you have the time and inclination, I don't think it'd be wrong to have fun with such an idea. When I first heard of the concept of "Kingdom Hearts" I thought it sounded weird and might not work, but a few minutes into the game I was enjoying every minute of it!

DJ Bonebraker

a.k.a Laura
Mar 10, 2004
Eorzea, Hydaelyn
Thanks for the support, guys! I've completed the LoTM version of the expanded map and will upload it to the database soon (in case anybody wants it for something)....

A few more thoughts:

I've decided that Silks will be replaced by wool, since they fall under the same category (although different terrain type), and I can just use the Weaver's shop to generate Shipments for it as well.

As for FF civs' starting points, here's my idea: Instead of giving the LoTM players start points, they'll have two cities in appropriate places (i.e. Minas Tirith and Osgiliath for Gondor, Barad-Dur and Dol Guldor for Mordor, Caras Galadon and Mirkwood for the Moriquendi, etc), and the Final Fantasy civs' starting points will be at random locations around the map at the following locations:

Tol Fuin, Dunland (the pretty much empty spot in the west that's south of the Shire and North of Gondor), the area near the "Brown Lands" that's in between Mordor, the Easterlings, the North Men and Rohan, The Northeast corner of the map (North of Rhun, near the Iron Hills), the SE corner of the map (Khand), and possibly a few others, if there is room/I can space them evenly.

Alternatively, I might just give the Middle Earth factions assigned starting points and leave the Final Fantasy civs use the random start points, meaning that the Middle Earth factions will be a constant, but the Final Fantasy factions rifted into Arda will be different each time.

So, what do you guys think?
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