LOSING a technology?


Apr 18, 2002
Loomis, CA
I wonder what someone would think about this:

If every city gets nuked (I mean, if I had a stockpile of 100 ICBM's) and I nuked just about every city, and destroyed 70% of their libraries, if I could shut down their golden age, and actually cause them to LOSE a technology. Not a RANDOM tech, but... Something that would cause grievous harm if they were to lose a lot of their colleges, labs, and libraries.

Just my $0.02:D
Originally posted by BiatchGuy
do nukes give people amnesia or something?

Well, I can't remember the last time I got nuked, so....... :crazyeye:
do nukes give people amnesia or something?

Actually... yes.

Memory loss is a major side-effect of a nuclear barrage. So the plan where they could lose a tech. would actually work..... in theory.
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