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Lots of images of armies from ancient till modern times


Happiness to everybody
Jun 1, 2005
Here you can find an enormous amount of images of warriors, armies, costumes and weapons from ancient til modern times.

The forum is in russian, but the majority of images contains names in english, and you don`t have to be registered on forum in order to save images.

Just follow from page to page ;)

Napoleonic Age

5 Osprey Books

Here you can download about 70 military books by Osprey Publishing (click "Search/Gigapedia Item Search" and type "Osprey")
What I don't understand is why I don't have this picture in my Osprey book on the Enemies of Rome: Spanish Armies!

Did the Russians get an extra Angus McBride painting that the rest of us didn't get? Not fair!
I've seen one of them, with the little text box in it written in English.
Spoiler :

I think I remember something about Russians and the Teutonic Knights or somthing with regards to this picture.

Wait a second.. is that an execution? But.. there is a sword right in front of him?
Look at the guy behind him, he so much as reaches for it, and he'll get run through.

I think that most of the older units (before the Middle Ages units) are in EB, many of them look very familiar, and I'm not very familiar with those books mentioned above.
Well, I guess I can't complain about hidden treasure. :)
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