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Lots of MISC. stuff


Feb 8, 2002
Not that deep in ideas.

This is a simple list of Ideas That I would like to see created.
If anyone wants to dive deep into any feel free.

1) food resorces for $$$. Make it worth it to sell food for Money. I hate having a huge warehouse of food.

2) More rare resorces. In Civ III there is gold all over the place. Goldminds should be valued if not fought for more than most.

3) Trade system. I miss the little camel but I like the Civ 3 way much better. I would tweek it a little. If you have an unconected city, have it that you can send a camel or donkey trade unit there. Once its created a new one is automaticly created and goes to that city. The new unit would cost anything but it would be seen. (See Pirates/bandits). If there is a road then the unit would be a cart later a truck or railroad. All units would use a movment system based on what they carry (gold slow spice/wheat fast) 1-3 movment poits
The trade route would bring money to a central bank and lets you see what city is producing money. You could still trade with other nations in the same way.

4) Pirates/bandits: I love the new pirates but they are very weak. I would have them have a higher attack rating and higher movment number like 2 or even a three. I would make pirates a good investment. Have them get paid for the ships they take over. I would do this in three ways. 1) scuttle ship. (destroy it by bringing it back to a home port when scuttled it gives you all $$$ form disbanding it) 2) capture ship. (you keep it and all trade in it all military units are ransomed off {disbanded} to host country. All workes/settlers become slaves {See slaves} 3) Add to fleet
Bandits. are land pirates that can attack Workers, scouts, settelers, explorers, trade routes.
5) Slaves/POWs: Sad part of human history but needed. I like the system of capuring workers/settlers now but I would add to it that they can be added to any city tobecomes slaves that work without any saport from host city. But for every 3 slaves you need 1 military unit or they would revolt and create their own city.
You can choose to end slavery anytime you want in your own civ or sign a permanet world pact. POWS are military units caputerd(new war system) They can be sold back or traded back to their former host country or when a war ends they are given back.
6) Barbarians. Love them! There should be more little guys at the begining of the game and as time goes on the less likely they will appear. They should have their own culture and their untis would be as strong as the weakest Civ left in the game. I would have them be able to conqure a city and sell it to any civ or keep it for a base.
7) More civs People have had many ideas on this
8) More time. I love the old world and most of the Civs in the game where gone before 1AD there should be more time spent in the past. Turn rate and discovery rate should be real slow. Have the chariot be able to fight the spear men for a long time. If you want a shorter game chosse a small map. (please improve the charriots attack rating)
9) Time of the CIV: Have an option to have civs enter the game later. (Americans start in 1776) and have them have all the same techs as other countries. So the American would be the same as the English. If you want to start from scratch you can only chose limited Civs. Egypt,Rome,Greece,China ETC.
10) Civ limits. It's time to tone down the Zulus. With less recorses they should not be able to develope. If you want a real hard game have the Zulus have to trade and conqure to get new Techs
you can do this for most civs.
11) Broze must be found on the map as a rescorce. If it's not around no spearmen. This is a reason for the longer games
12) More Civ specific units. (British: spitfire redcoats etc.) I'm not going to get to deep here
13) Caputring units. Have some units that can do more than 1 opint of damage. If a tank attacks an archer 1 shot done. Anytime a unit hits red and loses there should be an option to make it a slave/POW this could be usefule if your winning a war and the peace treaty cive you back men.
14) New options for fortified units. Castles, and trenches. Right now you can stay in the little fortress and have units walk around you. For the new castle unit it can have a population (no more than 3) and it's own culture. These little citys can be anywhere and require only food. This will make you have to take out Castles and fortified units before moving on to big cities.
Trenches. Just a easy way to help protect your armies in the field. but they destroy the land square that they are built on. So dig in on your enemies side.
15) Flight this is a big one. 1) create an advance hot air. This lets you build balloons to survey the land attack 0/move/0 defence 0
they allow you to see many squarse ahead of the troops or keep a city well advised of incoming troops. 2) a new wonder of the Wright brothers. This must be built before anyone can have planes. 3) Zeplins and tri-wing fighters. Zeplins a slow moving bomber that can fly over anything to attack and can only be attack by fighters and AA 4) advanced flight would then bring in the WWII style planes and so forth
16) Cival war. Have it a possability that you might lose half your empire. It would have to be a sever reason slave revolts/ war/ no food. Unlike riots these would have to have full military action to end.
17) Add international industry (Made in China) This would let your economy grow and have better relations with your friends. You might have a rescorce but not a tech to use it so you send your friends the russians some iron they turn it into cannon for you.
This also give you a huge boost in trade routes. Embargos and bandits would stop these.
18) More army creation/new units
19) Land for peace (I hate it in real life) Buy land not just cities. Have territory that are yours with your colonies. Now you can sell the land you own.
20) Have colonies form citys very small ones no more than 2/3

Thats enough for now. If there are tons of speling errors I rushed this.

Later Sir Whaler.
I like the idea of little camels getting ambushed and their good stolen. In the ocean you can have little cargo ships go back and forth. Each new age they upgrade. This would make the Pirate a very important unit.
I would also like to see useless terrian. That can't be mined or irrigated. Like in Afganistan now they have allot of usless terrian.
I saw someone mention weather. Severe drought is a major problem in the world.
Could slaves be a resorce?
They where for more than 3000 years.
I like the the idea for more turns in the early stages. I very rarley even build a chariot.

Lumber is a huge rescorce never used. If you have no wood you shouldn't be able to build most improvments.

The flight wonder is a great idea. The ballon is odd, can it move or just stay in the city?
But I would like to have a zepplin (air ship) flying over a mountin and have little bi-planes shoot it down.


The Ballon would move 1 space. It would have no attack value It just would offer a way of seeing beyond what other units would.

What did you think about the idea of limited civ's I don't know if it was clear. It would make it that unless the Zulus traded or capture Techs they wouldn't advance. beyond their little imppi warrior.

I like the wood idea. It would make it that you would need land near the woods. I also thought about usless land it could be called wasteland

For Trade I would like to see more done with the resorces. Have them be used up quicker or make them less valuable like whales at first they would be prized then as oil is discoverd make them almost usless

have a market system
if you have fish have it more valuable to some than others. You could have fishing boats and whalers. helping the pirates.

Let me know
Originally posted by sirwhaler
Not that deep in ideas.
15) Flight this is a big one. 1) create an advance hot air. This lets you build balloons to survey the land attack 0/move/0 defence 0
they allow you to see many squarse ahead of the troops or keep a city well advised of incoming troops. . . . Later Sir Whaler.

I LIKE the hot air ballon idea!
Thanks Zachriel!

What about the idea about the Wright brothers Wonder. to build bi-planes and airships (Zepplins for the Germans)?:)
4) the barbarians are weak:
I dont think they are weak, they are quite evil. Just choose a harder barbarian level, if you want your cities plundered.
Originally posted by homer J
Thanks Zachriel! What about the idea about the Wright brothers Wonder. to build bi-planes and airships (Zepplins for the Germans)?:)

Dirigibles are upgraded balloons. Zepplins would be the German Unique Unit version.

A Wright Bros. Wonder would be cool, too.

That's the great thing about this game; there are thousands of possibles variations. It just stokes the imagination.
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