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Jun 23, 2020
Court of Versailles
Hi everyone!
i realized it's very easy to reskin units and also very fun! So I created one thread instead of piling up tons of threads on the forum for all my unit reskins. If you have ever want a different kind of cross or a dragon, etc.. on the shield of a knight or swordsman etc.. you can post your request here.
Every unit has at least 1 picture here and on the download link.
Note: The links in the index are not download links, they are links that send you below to the part where I posted them.
-Because the forum only lets 10 pictures max in a thread from now on there will only be pictures in the download link. Except for the first 9 units.

  1. Real Musketeer
  2. Aragonese Foot Knight
  3. Swiss Mercenary
  4. Noble Spearman
  5. White Cloak Spy
  6. Medieval EU Spearman
  7. Golden Cuirassier
  8. Cataphract
  9. Asian Javelin Thrower
  10. Manchurian/Asian Explorer
  11. Bohemian Knight
  12. Bohemian Heavy Spearman
  13. Polish Arquebusier
  14. The 3 (4) Musketeers!
Real Musketeer
I finally created my own unit! I decided the unit to be a real Musketeer from the age of the Sun King, Louis XIV.
The download link has pictures as well: DOWNLOAD

-Color of clothes is black instead of light blue
-Has a sword
-When attacking a melee unit the musketeer charges with the sword
-When attacking a ranged attack unit the musketeer attacks with its gun

-Me for changing the color and animation
-ChaosSlayer for the nif file of the musketeer with a sword

Unzip into Art/Units.
The only file that you need to define in the XML is the Musketeer.nif and Musketeer.kfm

Hope this comes in useful to someone:)!
Spoiler Pictures :



Aragonese Foot Knight
This is a foot knight with the arm coats of Aragon on its shield.
Castor_Troy for the button and original Foot knight and me for the shield
Uses swordsman animations.
Spoiler Picture :

aragon foot knight.JPG

Swiss Mercenary v1
This is basically the HRE Landsknecht but it has more color red and there is a red cross on its hat. I might rework it since the cross is not perfect and maybe add a different weapon at some point.
-Louis the XIV (me)
Uses Landsknecht animations.
Spoiler Picture :


Noble Spearman
This is based on the Papal spearman from the Charlemagne mod.
I doubt this will come on useful but if you look at the picture I promise you won't regret it!
-Color purple, black, and red
-Louis the XIV (me)
Spoiler Picture :


White Cloak Ancient Spy
I created a skin for the ancient spy because I always wondered what it would look like with a white robe instead of a black one. The result is pretty interesting I suggest you take a look at the pictures at least.
-White robe
-Louis the XIV (me)
Spoiler Picture :


Medieval European Spearman
This is a reskin of the European spearman that makes it look more medieval.
-Has armor/chainmail, a helmet, and the shield and armor have a cross.
-Louis the XIV (me)
Spoiler Picture :


Golden Cuirassier
This is a reskin of the Cuirassier.
I didn't like the color so I changed it, the result is very impressive. I suggest you at least take a look at the picture.
-Armor is gold instead of black.
Download HERE
-Louis the XIV (me)
Spoiler Picture :

Golden Cuirassier.JPG

Skin of the Byzantine Cataphract that makes it be less Byzantine so it can be used by other civs as well.
-Armor is now made out of metal instead of gold.
-The horse has armor instead of chainmail and gold.
-The feather on the helmet of the rider is blue.
-Rider now has a black helmet.
-Louis the XIV (me)
Spoiler Picture :

Asian Javelin Thrower
Asian Javelin Thrower created by me.
-Similar to the Korean spearman from Varietas Delectat but doesn't have a shield, has cloth armor, and has a javelin made of wood instead of spear out of metal.
-Uses Spearman animations.
-Varietas Delectat for the base of unit.

Manchurian/Asian Explorer
Manchurian explorer.
-Robe color is purple.
-Has the Qing emblem on its front.
-MalayanGamer for the model of the unit art.
Picture in Download link.

Bohemian Knight
Bohemian Knight.
Animations: Charlemagne Heavy Cavalry
-The horse has red robes
-The rider has blue chainmail
-The shield has a golden star
-Louis the XIV
Download Here
Picture in the download link!

Bohemian Heavy Spearman
Bohemian Heavy Spearman
Animations: Charlemagne Heavy Spearman
-Red robes
-The shield has red and blue stripes
-Louis the XIV
Download Here
Picture in the download link!

Polish Arquebusier
A Polish Arquebusier, tried to follow the model which can be found here.
-Has blue and red clothing, yellow boots, and a good looking hat
-Xyth for the base Arquebusier
-Louis the XIV for the change of color
Animations: Musketman animations
Download Here!

The 3 (4) Musketeers!
The French Musketeer you once new is no more!
The Unique Unit for the French Empire, the Musketeer is now composed out of 4 unique units!
The 4 units:
-d'Artagnan: Musketeer with black clothing on a horse and has a sword
-Athos: More rifleman like, looks pretty cool. Not horseback
-Aramis: Has a black cape, and the bible in one hand
-Porthos: Horseback, has more diverse and luxurious clothing.
EDIT: AH! I mixed up Porthos and d'Artagnan in the image!

I made this into a mod if you don't want to manually go to CIV4UnitInfos.xml and make the musketeer have 4 unique units but if you're only interested in the art there is a zipped folder in the mod folder which contains the art.
-@heroicfort for the base of the Athos unit
-@Chuggi for the base of the Aramis unit
Spoiler Image :
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Welcome to the forum. It's always nice to see a new face around the modding section. Especially one not afraid to mess around with the animations. Units are looking great.
Thanks, but I have actually been on the forum for some time. This is just the first time I learned how to use Inkscape and reskinned a unit to be more favorable to me.
I see you created a lot of units! When you create a new unit do you start of with a basis? For example when you started the Cavalry Grenadier, did you start with the Cavalry and add the Grenadier unit to it?
You'll find that you can mix and match animations between models to some extent. Like I looked at the various swordsman and halberd models and found that you can just take attack_a from one and attack_b from other and visually they work just fine as a mix. Than you move on to opening up animations in 3d max to tweak them. And give it a few years and you'll be doing crazy stuff. It probably does not really take that long if you have more free time than I do. I just don't.
Just uploaded a Medieval European Spearman and the Golden Cuirassier.
Also updated the thread so that there are pictures also in this thread not only in the download link.
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Hi Louis the Sun King :cool:

Wow, these are some really cool, interesting units! You mentioned that you are taking requests, and I don’t want you to run out of ideas :lol:, so I wanted to propose a little project, if you’re interested. I’m beginning to learn GIMP myself, and I thought it might be fun to develop some units together :king:

Spoiler Long Proposal :

Right now I’m working on a flavor unit set for a Bohemia civ. Here is a line of prototypes:

Spoiler Bohemia Proto-Flavor Units :
Bohemia Flavor Project.JPG

I’m following PPQ_Purple’s advice and starting simple, mainly with some units from Vanilla BtS, specifically from the Charlemagne Scenario. I think the reskins were done by thecowwarrior.

For creative inspiration, I’ve been looking at the artwork from a Total War mod: Medieval Kingdoms: Bohemian Kingdom. I really like what you did with your Medieval European Spearman, so I thought maybe the first unit could be a reskinned spearman. Here is some art that I like. What do you think?

Spoiler Spearman-Pikeman Art Concept :

.Spear Sergeants (snip 02).jpg

Also, maybe you might want to try to reskin a longbowman?
Spoiler Art Ideas for Longbowman :

.Militia Archers (snip 02).jpg
.Militia Archers (snip 01).jpg

I’m going to see if I can find some better unit prototypes that more closely match the Total War artwork. @PPQ_Purple, @Bagdemagus, and @Sword_Of_Geddon maybe you have some ideas for unit prototypes and possible artwork too?
Spoiler Peasant Archers :

.Peasant Archers (snip).jpg

Spoiler Knights! :

.Kings and Guards (snip).jpg

Louis, if you would prefer, I can also start a new thread for this and post links to my requests in your unit thread :) If anyone else would like to join in, this might be a fun team project :w00t:

Thank you very much for all this new artwork Louis! :goodjob:


  • Prototypes for Bohemian Spearman-Pikeman and Longbowman.7z
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Thank you!
I don't reskin units with GIMP but that could be an idea, I use Inkscape. Anyway I would be happy to help you! If you want I can make make the Bohemian coat of arms on the Charlemagne Swordsman and Spearman as well.
I will go with the knight reskin first and then the melee units. I also have a suggestion, the Aragon foot knight I did could instead of have the Aragon coat of arms it could have the Bohemian coat of arms. Anyway for the heavy spearman I think you could go with the Druzhina as the base.
By the end of today I will hopefully have a lot of new Bohemian units available for download!
You could start a new thread for this if you want, maybe you could create a new unit thread called Civ Unit Packs and we could create unit packs for specific civs. That would also come in useful to me since I am working on a new mod with Spain and will need a lot of Aragonese, Leonese, Castilian, Navvarian, Aquitaine, and Cordoban units.
In conclusion I would be most happy to work with you for creating unit:)!
By the end of today I will hopefully have a lot of new Bohemian units available for download!
In conclusion I would be most happy to work with you for creating unit:)!
Wow Louis, thank you! :woohoo: Let's get started then!

You could start a new thread for this if you want, maybe you could create a new unit thread called Civ Unit Packs and we could create unit packs for specific civs. That would also come in useful to me since I am working on a new mod with Spain and will need a lot of Aragonese, Leonese, Castilian, Navvarian, Aquitaine, and Cordoban units.
Alright, that sounds great - I'll open a new thread. I have a lot of custom civs and unit flavor art that I would like to upload. I could use anybody and everybody's help to get things better organized.

Spoiler Longer Proposal :

For example, I’ve been fine-tuning Scotland as best I can:
Spoiler Robert the Bruce :

Robert the Bruce.JPG

And for the unit set, I think everyone recognizes the gorgeous artwork of @Bagdemagus:
Spoiler Scotland Flavor Units :

Scotland Flavor Units.JPG

Scotland Closer Look.JPG

And because there is so much European artwork available, I’ve tried to put together a “Germanic Civs Expanded”. But as you can see, sometimes I’m basically just patching in whatever I can find. Let’s call it “wishful placeholding”:
Spoiler Germanic Civs Expanded :

Cherusci Flavor Units.JPG

Goths Flavor Units.JPG

Teutonic Order Flavor Units.JPG

I’ve been thinking it would be really nice if we could request a "Development Sub-Forum for New Civs and Unit Flavor Art". Maybe once we get started and if there's enough interest we could make that request :)

I don't want to tag everyone to ask their opinion, but I'd really like to hear what others think. Is there any interest for an official/unofficial Forum? We could have a centralized ‘Vision Board’, where modders and artists can bring their incomplete custom civs and unit flavor sets. I think this approach would be a little less piecemeal and a lot more organized. By combining our efforts, we would be more efficient at polishing and finalizing various mod packages. We could turn it into an open Team Project :thumbsup:

@Sword_Of_Geddon, I know you're a 'flavor' guy ;) What do you think? Would you be interested in starting up a project, which would be much in the spirit of Varietas Delectat? You can come and share all that artwork you've been hoarding for the native civs of the Americas :lol:

p.s. For anyone reading this, in case you haven’t picked up on it, I really want to get started on a team project :w00t:
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