[NFP] Low hanging fruit


Dec 1, 2017
NFP has been a rollercoaster. It seemed a bit underwhelming at the start, but it’s mostly getting better and better as we go alone. The earlier gonzo game modes have got better now FXS have rebalanced them a bit. The later game modes, particularly corporations and barbarians, are much more focused on crowd pleasing mechanics. Each DLC has also added small cool things that fill in gaps here and there, like some cool new resources (Maize! Honey!) and another government district, and added great new Civs and leaders, although some of the balance changes have been a mixed bag (rant 1, rant 2). Overall, I’m pretty happy I signed up for a season pass.

Anyway. I just wanted to make an observation. It seems to me that, if FXS wanted to do another season pass, there is still just a tonne of stuff they haven’t touched which they could totally develop if the wanted. There’s still big stuff like Ideologies from Civ 5, they’ve barely scratched the surface with Governors or Future Tech, and there’s also just heaps of small things like, I don’t know, Court Houses and Trebuchets and more Government Districts. Then also all the stuff they’ve introduced in NFP they could expand on, like Persona Packs or expanding existing game modes. They’ve also shown some willingness to raid other franchises like Pirates!, and they could easily do that again with eg Beyond Earth or Colonization.

I’m not sure I really have a point here. I’m not soliciting ideas for the next season. We have a whole forum for that. I’m also not really speculating about whether FXS will do another season pass, there’s plenty of threads about that. I’m really not saying FXS should put more content in - I think there’s a legitimate question about whether Civ VI feels bloated or whether it still feels like it’s missing key stuff (my view is more the latter). But either way, post NFP, it’s clear Civ VI does have a lot of content already regardless of what more is added, if anything.

I think my point is just, it’s kinda amazing that after basically three expansions, Civ VI seems to have so much content and yet still feel like it has room to grow. If FXS announced another season pass, I’d be genuinely excited to see what more came down the pipeline. A few gripes about balance changes aside, I think that’s actually a pretty cool place for the game to be.
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