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Lowest score win

Discussion in 'Civ1 - General Discussions' started by Posidonius, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Posidonius

    Posidonius Civherder

    Jun 28, 2015
    US of gawldarn A
    It's been percolating in the backbrain for a while, what is the lowest possible civscore in a winning Civ1 game? Not to set a milestone for the sake of it, just have a gut feeling, that figuring this out can sideways coax an insight which helps to get a high score. Isn't that the way it happens sometimes?

    OK, so we know that lower scores come from conquest wins, so that's square one. No SpaceShips. The greatest penalty to civscore in a conquest win is the difficulty level multiplier, so we want to do it at Chieftain level. The 0.2 multiplier will crush whatever points we are forced to get.

    Next manipulation is the date. We know it's +2 points for a conquest win, for each turn before 2000 AD. But is it -2 civscore points for each turn past 2000 AD? If not, then no point playing past 2001 AD. But if so, then Chieftain level runs to 2100 AD, for -200 civscore. In a conquest win, there is no Peace bonus to civscore, your Future Techs are not worth 5 points, and your citz don't count.

    Might take a couple hours, but it can be tested, whether or not you get a -2 per year after 2000 AD. Unless someone already knows? Don't want to reinvent the wheel here, unless i have to, a wiki attached to this forum would be much more helpful than the search function.

    But there might be a way to decrease your civscore to un-natural levels. Pollution. We know exactly what pollution does to the civscore in a SS-Win game: it's -10 points per blotch. But does pollution count against a conquest win? If so, then whole new vistas of moronity are revealed, the lowest score of a winning game might range into -2000 civscore in a simple game.

    Or in theory, with the wrong planet and careful mismanagement, one could reach full pollution and yet win the game, with a civscore as low as -10,000.

    Here are the central questions:

    In a Conquest win after 2000 AD, is there a -2 penalty per year later?

    Does pollution only affect the SS win civscore, or also eat away a Conquest win?

    If those are both "yes" then the test bed would be a LWWY planet with plenty of grass and plains to grow a large civ, manipulating the rivals to get 128 cities of your own, placing them to cover as many land squares as possible, without regard to terrain type. Then turn on the pollution bug. Aha, an insight already-- the pollution bug does not exist at Chieftain level. Therefore, would need to find a way to make pollution rampant on Chieftain, or come up with the best possible plan to get to 512 Future Techs at Warlord level.

    Or, is there an easier way? Since the pollution bug activates at Future Tech #60 on Emperor level, might the depressive weight of pollution outweigh the 1.0 civscore multiplier on Emperor? Then again, if negative civscores are possible, would the 1.0 multiplier of Emperor level just make such a civscore even more deeply negative?

    Here's an odd wonder: the theoretical maximum for civscore points is 32,767. At 32,768 it overflows and becomes negative. But... suppose you come at the overflow from the back door? Would it be possible to earn a civscore of -32,768 the hard way, and end up with the highest score known to civkind?

    Admitting, this is just an idea in amorphous state, if anyone has input about the two central questions above, please comment and make it possible, to design a better test scenario.
  2. Autumn Leaf

    Autumn Leaf Since 1992

    May 9, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    Apparently pollution has no effect on Conquest. I just set up a 3-player Chieftain testbed and won in 3940 (population 1, no pollution) with 1694 (33%). Then I created a barb and a nuke with jcived, used the nuke to blow up the barb, creating 5 patches of pollution, and repeated the win. The end splash did show a nominal -50 for the pollution, but the final score recorded was identical with the pollution-less test. CivDOS 475.01


    Test run continues. Only the Turn in which you win appears to have any effect on a Conquest score.
    • Win in AD 1000 (Turn 250): 1200 (24%)
    • Win in AD 1950 (Turn 500): 700 (14%)
    • Win in AD 2000 (Turn 550): 600 (12%)
    • Win in AD 2050 (Turn 600): 500 (10%)
    • Win in AD 2100 (Turn 650): 400 (8%)
    • Win in AD 2150 (Turn 700): 300 (6%) - note that we are now beyond 2100 AD
    • Win in AD 2200, try 1 (Turn 750): 233 (13 for pop, 220 for buildings)(4%)!
    • Win in AD 2200, try 2 (Turn 750): 200 (versus 13 for pop, 220 for buildings, -440 for pollution, so otherwise -207)(4%)
    • Win in AD 2250, try 1 (Turn 800): 233 (13 for pop, 220 for buildings)(4%)
    • Win in AD 2250, try 2 (Turn 800): 100 (versus 13 for pop, 220 for buildings, -600 for pollution, so otherwise -367)(2%)
    • Win in AD 2300 (Turn 850): 0 (versus 14 for pop, 220 for buildings, -600 for pollution, so otherwise -366)(Conquest bonus 0, no message, but no score registered.)
    I played on beyond 2300 but any Conquest after the bonus reached 0 was always a no score.

    It looks like the game always gives you the maximum score that you are entitled to, and range checks to stop scoring at 0. Thus in try 1 above, my normal score of 233 was higher than the Conquest score so I got the normal score. After I blew up a bunch of barbs with nukes for try 2, the pollution dropped my normal score below the conquest score so I got the Conquest score. Once the conquest bonus reached 0 (2300 AD), no further score was recorded. For thoroughness I also tried Retiring at 2299, with the same result.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
  3. Posidonius

    Posidonius Civherder

    Jun 28, 2015
    US of gawldarn A
    Excellent testing! So scores can't go negative in a Conquest win, so you can't reverse-overflow the score to get high-score with a horrendously polluted planet. Wonder if you end in 2276 AD, is the civ rating 1% with 48 points (x 0.2 Chieftain) (/10) = 1% ? Suppose one would have to clear out the HOF to register such low scores.

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