Luxury bonus to make Trade more interesting

King Phaedron

Oct 9, 2017
Instead of the same price for any luxury, one might pay a little more or less depending on one's needs.

This would also encourage more trade, since you only get the Bonus when you are importing a resource. You would probably want to see all of your luxuries and import them all, but the AI doesn't like to trade their last copy of a luxury, even when they are getting a different one in return. Perhaps this system has a downside, in that, for the sake of greed and efficiency, you would always want to do too much trading.

What am I talking about? Ok, here it is, a list of bonus to receive when importing specific luxuries, (note that Great Merchant special luxuries such as toys and jeans, are not included.)

Whales +5% production of Naval units in all cities
Wine +5% production towards land units in all cities
Furs +2 culture in capital, +1 food in cities built on tundra and snow
Tea +2 culture in capital, +1 food in cities built on Desert
Turtles +1 science from reefs, 2 Great Scientist points
Citrus Naval units heal 2 hp every turn, even if they move or attack
Coffee Land units heal 2 hp every turn, even if they move or attack
Incense +1 faith in 4 cities, +50 to religious spreads
Mercury +1 science in 4 cities, 2 great scientist points
Tobacco +1 culture in 4 cities, +1 faith from Amphitheatres
Silver +1 gold in 4 cities, +1 faith in capital
Diamond +1 gold in 4 cities, 2 great merchant points
Spices +1 culture in 4 cities, 2 great artist points
Salt +1 food from granaries
Sugar +1 food in 4 cities, 2 great musician points
Truffles +1 food in 4 cities, 2 great writer points
Cotton +5% production towards Industrial zones and their buildings, 2 great engineer points
Gypsun +1 production in 4 cities, 2 great engineer points
Amber +1 faith from holy sites
Marble +1 amenity per city, if it has built a world wonder
Olives +1 food from aqueducts

Ok, yes the list is incomplete. I'll leave others to fill in the rest, or suggest something different.

These bonuses are only received from importing a resource through trade. So, for example, a Civ with a lot of cities built on Tundra or Snow would pay more for the Furs, (Thick furs increase productivity such as food gathering) Whereas a Civ with cities on desert might be more interested in the Tea.

Where it says 2-4 great person points, those are once per deal, and no new bonus is applied if you trade more of the same luxury. The deal can only be canceled if you go to war, but going to war for 15 turns just to replace a trade deal more quickly and get another 2 great person points isn't a good idea, unless you have forsaken diplomatic favor entirely and just playing a straight up warmonger, in which case, are you really that concerned about great people?

Now to explain my reasoning behind some of these:

Citrus: helps naval units avoid Scurvy, thereby increasing productivity and allowing for some tiny repairs to be made.

Wine: Alcohol is great for starting fights, and Militaries have used it on the battlefield.

Whales: the lust for whaling profits leads to more zealous productivity of naval units.

Turtles, while they can be eaten, also make a cool pet, and may inspire more science endeavors such as animal biology.

Amber: because it was used in religious rites

Salt: because of it's use in preserving food.

Cotton: because of it's connection to the industrial revolution.

Well, that's some of them, some should also be obvious, like Coffee.

Luxuries just seem... kind of boring... a little something like this would make them more interesting,

though I can also see how it would be annoying if you are in the habit of getting the best possible price every time, checking with every civ to see who will pay the most for a luxury, and then having to also check every luxury to see which you want to sell. In many cases, it should be obvious though. Given what you know about the Civ and their cities, you can usually guess who is going to be more interested in what.

Maybe, to prevent selling and importing every resource, it should be limited to extra copies of a resource. Meaning if you sell your last copy, they won't get the bonus, or if you buy a last copy, you don't get it. You also don't get from city states you are Suzerain of, just the amenities.

This was just an idea to spice up trading a bit.
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