Luxury Denial

Redvane the Fox

Jan 30, 2002
Surrey, England.
Forgive me if this has come up before (had a look back a month or two and didn't see it).

As people have mentioned Bombers are not that good at keeping up with a fast moving invasion force and naval warfare is a bit lacking in Civ3. However I did find a nice little tactic which hampered the enemy in a recent game whilst leaving cities intact for later conquest. What I did was bomb the connecting roads to his luxuries - could not get to them all of course but some were in coastal bombard range and by sailing the carrier up and down the coast I could reach many of the others. Sure he sent out his workers to fix the roads but I just sailed back and bombed them again (those workers must have really hated me!) :p

I noticed that when I marched into a city on the enemy borders he had huge numbers of his population as entertainers to quell civil disorder. That must surely be hampering his war production effort. ;)

Guess this would work with strategic resources too.
Us Brits are pretty good at that kind of sneaky fighting eh?

Another tactic is to do it with Paratroops if he's within reach but your'e not ready for the full scale invasion. Just drop them over the resourse, cut the links, and then hold up attempts to reconnect it until the paratrooper gets killed (if the resourse was on a hill or mountain, that could be quite a while). You may have produced a few more then to keep it up.
Take it a step further by blasting all connections to and from the capital. By "Unconnecting" the empire they are then limited in what units they can build by not having access to the techs. For example, they may have replacement parts and access to rubber in a far off area, but without the connection to the capital, and the resulting technology, they cannot build infantry.
Usually I'll go for cutting off the capital and then go after the roads connecting the resources. I'll also try to do it in the opening turn of the war.
I actually did it in my first game back in November. The Russians were churning out musketmen then all of a sudden it was spearmen and archers. That was great when I had cavalry. :)
Cutting all roads to the capital will only keep them from building resource-required units in the capital. What it really does it severs all of their trade agreements involving luxuries or resources, which may deprive them of a necessary resource for units.
what you really have to do is to fly recon or send in spies to a still friendly territory and then locate all the luxuries and stratigic recources.

then you send in bombers and paratroopers in a sneak attack to cut the links.

you then bomb every road into ruins that you can see connecting any city.

by now the AI is sending out the most advanced units possible and workers to fix the roads, but you have paratroopers there to capture the workers and force them to build forts over the recources. this helps the paratroopers stay alive.

you then launch espionage missions of propaganda after a turn or two and there you go.

all the time the navy is blocking the harbors and bombarding roads and forts to the ground.

then 4 turns after the initial strike send in the armored vehicals and infantry to take out the archers and warriors.

thats hjow it happened to the germans.
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