Mac OSX Glitch


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Apr 4, 2010
I am a Mac user using Mac OSX Version 10.6.3 and BTS 3.19. I thought that this mod wouldn't work on a Mac, it does but it has some weird glitches.

When I loaded the Mod I got these messages:

Thankfully the Mod loaded, and the first thing I did was to Check the 'Pedia to see the changes. It was missing the UHVs, the links around the 'Pedia broken and Hatty was missing! (Okay, that might not be a glitch, but it could be.)

Anyway, I started a game with these settings:

And I got this start:

Aren't the Egyptians meant to start next to lots of deserts and things on Very High? Oh, and there was no Warrior! (That might not be a glitch, but it's very annoying.) I played for exactly 11 turns and this happened:

What the... :confused:

And look at this:

That really doesn't look like a Very High Earth Map does it? And the Koreans shouldn't even be around right now. I looked in World builder and it seems that the Koreans had founded Hinduism that might of got them the Victory. Anyway, it is obvious that something is not right.

Please Help!
@Ryne: Yeah, I was surprised too. I didn't think that it would be for macs, but I gave it a try anyway. You probably won't be able to fix this then. Damn :(.

@Jarlaxe Baenre: Did you use a PC or a Mac? And did you fix the problem? If you did, how did you?
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