Mac v1.17f Patch ReadMe: Mac Specific Changes


Oct 25, 2000
More on the Mac fixes from Brad Oliver:

> In article <>,
> Chris Riker <> wrote:
>> Other than the preferences thing, what other issues will the Mac patch
>> address?
> Ah, so you want to be teased about the fixes for a few more days? ;-)
> The current version history, subject to change of course:
> 1.17f
> Mac-specific changes
> ? Many operations are faster now, including map scrolling - which is
> roughly 40% faster, and Quartz text rendering.
> ? Fixed issue where preferences would not be saved in some cases.
> ? Fixed some issues whereby certain sounds and music would not play
> consistently.
> ? Native support for multiple mouse buttons and mouse wheels under OS X.
> ? In addition to the command key, the option key will now also bring up
> the startup configuration dialog.
> ? Reduced the memory footprint by roughly 3 megs.
> ? Added 1600x1024 as an option for Cinema Displays.
> ? Added 1152x768 as an option for Titanium Powerbooks.
> ? Changed 1152 x 864 to 1152 x 870, a more common Mac resolution.
> ? Fixed some visual glitches under OS X.
> ? Uses up much less CPU time when paused or hidden.
> ? Some UI actions respond more quickly.
> ? Apple menu no longer appends items twice under the classic MacOS.
> ? Fixed issue where pressing F7. F8 or F9 could require you to click the
> "X" multiple times to dismiss an advisor window.
> ? Screenshot code works more reliably with more than one screenshot.
> ? Fixed PC core bug whereby it could crash sometime after converting
> citizens to specialists.
> ? Fixed PC core bug whereby it could crash during diplomacy.

Thanks to Chris Riker for the news tip and Brad for sharing the patch info. :)
Support for the TiBook, OS X multiple button support, and performance enchancements - great!
Originally posted by Rustus Maximus
Any hint about a release date yet Thunderfall? :yeah:

If you notice, he says "So, want to be teased a few more days...?"; also Brad said he was just about to release the Mac-specific patch when they got wind of 1.17f, so they are probably just taking a few days to port the 1.17 patch to the mac. I suspect release is imminent.
I agree with SSK - personally, I would guess that, barring any unexpected problems, we're likely to see it sometime this week.
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