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Mac/windows multiplayer compatibility


Jun 17, 2020
Hey guys, my friend (mac) and I (windows) tried recently (june 2020) to play a multiplayer game in civ vi, but we where unable to due to a "mismatch in versions". We both have the exact same dlc downloaded. We apparently have different versions of the game, me having a newer and my friend having an older - yet we both have the latest updates according to steam. Are updates coming later to mac? Any help with this? Appreciated :)
I'm also keen to see if anyone knows when the Mac version will be patched so that it becomes compatible again.

Its taken age to get sorted and we've got 4-5 different cloud games that have all ground to a halt because of it.

We've been playing for years, so we're used to these pauses, but this is ridiculous.
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