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    I just purchased Civ 6 for my Xbox One S a little over a week ago. I think the game is awesome and a lot of fun. I have only played it four times. The best I did was with Teddy Roosevelt of America. I got close to winning a science victory, but ran out of time and the game ended. I have beaten Civ 4 with science victories and one score victory and Civ 5 one time with a science victory. All of these victories were with the games on the balanced difficulty level. I was playing Civ 6 on the balanced difficulty level, Prince. Cam someone give me some good advice on how to play the game better? In specific, I want advice on how to win a domination victory with Alexander of Macedon.
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    For a dom victory, especially with Macedon, I would recommend to start early wars. Beeline your Hetairoi, get a couple of them and just kill of entire civs with them. To support them you can think about getting a GG so build an encampment while you research them and run 1 or 2 GG projects. You also need one or two settlers to grab some horses/iron and settle towards the civ you want to conquer (to heal, buy or upgrade near them and also some loyalty pressure if you have R&F).
    You can also bring some archers to take care of units but archers are weak against cities and slower so they are not 100% necessary.
    Use the policy cards to get your Hetairoi/archers faster (50% production towards cav or ranged units).
    Later on you need to deal with walls so you need catapults or their upgrades. Since you play on prince this will not happen to early though. Bombard class units cant move and fire in the same turn without a specific promotion or a movement bonus. So make sure to use them with a GG for their era and later on supply convoys.
    Heitairoi and later on courser/cav are great for pillaging as well. You can get lots of gold/science/culture/faith by pillaging which helps you to upgrade your units and make up for the fact that you dont build many campusses/theater squares yourself.
    Also make sure to keep your (elite) units alive. Promotions are significant upgrades for any unit. They AI is pretty bad at combat so you should be able to manage this with some practice.
    Later into the game you will unlock observation balloons and bombers. Balloons give adjacent siege units +1 range so they can shoot from 3 tiles away. This helps to avoid counterfire by walls/ranged units in cities (which usually have a range of 2). Bombers have an even greater range and need to be defended with fighters or AA guns with the AI basically never does so they can bomb a city down to 0 hp without issues.
    After you conquered one or two civs at the start of the game you should have the highest science output per turn. So if walls or stronger units start to appear you can afford to take a break from war and prepare the next one for a bit. As long as you have a higher science output you should get to new units first which is a major advantage. The best stragety is to prebuild older units and save up some gold and resources to upgrade them (use the policy cards for 50%) as soon as you reasearch the upgrades then attack.
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    The problem wit Macedon is that everything here is n the different tech path.

    While Hetairoi is a strong unit, it is not the optimal path though.

    Hypastists are much stronger and on the better tech path, and you can upgrade warriors into it (including levied units). Their bonus to district attack means also you don't need any range.

    mining -> bronze -> iron working, ignoring everything else, then masonry for rams and what nneded to luxuries
    civis --< craftsmanship ASAP to spam warriors
    Sell luxuries, upgrade warriors, 3-4 hypaspists can take the whole deity civ
    Governors: Amani (!) for suzereinity --> choose that with iron!
    Magnus for chopping basilikoi paides and later science chopping

    From this moment Alex is unstoppable, both in domination games as well as spaceship games
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    Beautifully explained.
    Cannot think of anything relevant to add here, apart from using Vampires as your SS if you are playing with the NFP expansions, as these not only get stronger but can build Vampire Castles (which are awesome yields if done right)

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