Mafia and Werewolves (signups)

I am IN it to lose it.
You're gonna need active bodies on deck to play, given the all PR setup.

I'd like to know how long the phases are. Note that I'm raising a baby 16 hours a day, setting up a complex game for october, I just bought a house for the first time, we'll be moving within a month, and I'm in some other game somewhere that's unlikely to affect this one.

So expect me to be available for night chess and mass claims and sheeping someone during the day with my vote.
:000 Hi Pizza!!

Definitely gonna in!!
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What just happened?

Join my game too, Monty! (see my sig ↓)
I hope I can get more players for that
Keep signups open. Try to host it again at a later date. Be spammy with inviting people. There are some options. It's tricksy when there's another game featuring this player set going on at the same time.

Do not be discouraged, basically.
^Also I got a few people saying ‘Mafia Universe has its Mafia Championship game going on so I'd rather spectate that than play a non-Championship game’, so some of our MU guests might not be joining because of that.
@MaryKB would you be up for a new game of Mafia?
I will join if it gets run on our subforum, but my chances of not being banned by cfc during the course of the game are slim to nil so I can't commit to playing here

OK. Well sign me up, I guess. Won't be the same tho.

And yes, Tim, I will probably host in the subforum so you can co-host.
…or I can have you killed. Y'know, modbot allows me to do that. No nightkills, votes, vigilantes, or any other character-killing rôles or actions required.
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