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Mafia: Information, Announcements, and Discussion

Discussion in 'Mafia/NOTW' started by Zack, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    Current Mafia Events

    Welcome to mafia, a game of deception, cunning, and strategy! To learn more about mafia on CFC, keep on reading!​

    Links of Interest

    Want to host a game, or take a look at upcoming games and games in play or accepting sign-ups? Mafia Hosting Queue 2015

    Want to look at the history of mafia and player statistics? Mafia/NOTW Statistics

    Want to chat with your fellow players about something other than mafia? Off-Topic Thread

    Want to play Night of the Werewolves, a game series similar to mafia? NOTW Information Thread

    Want to use the timer in your game? Using the Timer

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  2. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    How to Play Mafia

    Flash Guide to Mafia

    An extremely helpful picture/video guide to the basics of playing mafia.

    - Main Page

    Mafia Dictionary

    (Based on the Org's Mafia Glossary)

    Ability: A special power bestowed upon a player, such as the ability to scan or protect.

    Abstain: A vote during a day phase which registers that a player is present and playing the game, but cannot decide on who to lynch that day. Abstain is (typically) distinct from No Lynch. Some games do not permit Abstain votes.

    Active Player: Someone who participates in the thread and actively tries to help their team win the game. This is what you want to be.

    Bandwagon: Generally refers to a poor case that suddenly steamrolls in momentum by gaining multiple votes. The term is also frequently, but (according to some) inaccurately, used to refer to any situation in which a single player has a large number of votes.

    Bussing: Scum voting for their partner to make themselves look like a townie.

    Day Phase: The phase of the game where players vote to lynch someone and players with Day abilities use them. Typically 48 hours long, although in smaller games it might only be 24 hours.

    Finger of Suspicion (FoS): Used to draw attention to players who are acting Scummy but who, for whatever reason, are not worth voting for at that precise moment.

    Game Moderator (GM, Host): The host of the game. Writes the updates and runs the game.

    Items: Possessions that generally give a player effects similar to an ability. If a player has an item(s) when they die, then that item(s) will typically be voted upon along with the lynch in the following day, typically in a different color. These are more prevalent in NOTW.

    Inactive Player: Someone who does not vote or participate in the thread. Typically replaced or forced to suffer the Wrath of God.

    Lurker: Someone who posts very little, but is still paying attention to the game.

    Lynch or Lose (Lylo): Day Phase in which the town must lynch correctly or they will lose the game. This is not necessarily the last Day Phase of the game.

    Lynch: When a player who receives the most votes during the Day Phase is killed.

    Mafia: Name of the game, as well as the main game faction which is trying to eliminate the town. This term is commonly used for that faction even if the Host's storyline gives the group some other name (e.g. Sith, Vampires, Mecha-Satans). Generally, the mafia achieve victory when the town has been eliminated.

    Mafia/NOTW: The forum where mafia games take place.

    Mafioso (or Scum, Scumbag): A member of the mafia team.

    Metagaming: Using out-of-game information, or resources, to affect one's in-game decisions.

    Night Phase: Period of the game when the mafia or any other players with night abilities PM the GM, telling him/her what they wish to do during the night.

    No Lynch: A vote during a Day Phase to lynch no one. Not to be confused with Abstain. Some games do not allow No Lynch votes.

    NOTW: A game similar to mafia which is played in this same subforum.

    OMGUS: Stands for "Oh My God U Suck", refers to voting someone for the sole reason that they voted you. Generally frowned upon.

    Perfect Information Syndrome (PIS): When a mafioso accidentally reveals he knows more than the average uninformed townie really should, either through directly declaring such information while talking about something else, or through their voting patterns.

    Personal Goal: A goal specifically tailored to an individual player, secondary to their main victory condition. More commonly seen in NOTW.

    QuickTopic (QT): A thread players can start on QuickTopic.com, a way of anonymously communicating with other players and storing information. Sort of like a conference call.

    Reserve: A player who takes over for another player who is about to be removed by the host due to inactivity, or some other reason. Replacement is far more preferable than suicide or WoG, as it does not upset game balance.

    Reveal: Publicly telling everyone in the game thread your player role.

    Role PM: PM sent to each player that describes their player; lists any abilities, items, strength, background, etc.

    Scan: The process of a player using an ability to determine a specific type of information about another player.

    Scummy: Behavior which is perceived to be typical of Mafia.

    Scumtell: Something a player has done that points then being mafia.

    Strength: How strong a player is (obviously). Typically used to determine the outcome of night kills, but may also used for lynches. More commonly seen in NOTW.

    Third on the Bandwagon: A situation in which a player is the third person to vote for another player. In the past, this was used as evidence that the player is scum and is trying to blend into a vote without needing to initiate a case themselves, but this reasoning has fallen out of favor as mafia are keenly aware of this trope at this point.

    Town: The game faction which is trying to eliminate the mafia. Includes all players working towards this victory objective, regardless of their specific role. This term is commonly used for that faction even if the Host's storyline gives the group some other name (e.g. Jedi, Mecha-Angels).

    Townie (or Innocent): This term has two different definitions. In its literal term, it means a player without any kind of special role. However, it is also commonly used to refer to anyone who is working towards a Town victory, such as Detective.

    Vanilla: Used to refer to something that is completely plain, such as a role without any abilities/strength/items/etc., or a mafia game in its most basic form.

    WIFOM: Stands for "wine in front of me", a reference to a scene from "The Princess Bride". Describes a situation where a player makes seemingly nonsensical or suspicious statements in order to create confusion. Commonly used to refer to a player who for whatever reason is deliberately doing something generally seen as scummy.

    Wrath of God (WoG): When a player is killed by the GM due to inactivity or rulebreaks.

    Write-up (or Update): The GM’s report of what occurred during the Day or Night Phase.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in this thread.

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  3. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    Standard Rules

    Spoiler :
    Keep in mind that this is just a list of what is considered to be standard; it is still strongly recommended that, if you are hosting a game, you construct an entire ruleset. You can view past games for examples.

    • Adhere to the forum rules.
    • Day is 48 hours, and Night is 24 hours.
    • During the Day Phase, you may vote for who you believe to be guilty.
    • Votes must be bolded.
    • If you wish to change your vote, you must Unvote or strike out.
    • Whoever has the most votes at the end of the day phase will be killed, and the game will advance to night.
    • During the night phase, the mafia will send [the host] the name of the player the wish to kill. You may talk during the night phase.
    • If you are dead, you are no longer able to vote, or reveal any of your previous night actions or claim anything you did while alive that isn't present in the thread. You may indicate who you believe is mafia/town/whatever, however. But unless you use their in-thread behavior as a reason, or give no reason, you are not allowed to explain why.
    • Private communication is allowed.
    • Do not quote any message the host (or anyone else) may send you; you must use your own words. This also means that you can never quote your Role PM.
    • No Lynch is allowed, and Abstain is allowed.
    • Inactivity will result in replacement or WOG.
    • Alignment is revealed upon death.
    • No spam or editing posts, save for grammatical fixes.

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    Post #2: How to Play Mafia
    Post #4: Past Mafia Events
    Post #5: Players of Mafia
  4. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    Past Mafia Events

    Previous Games

    For a more detailed list, see the Mafia/NOTW Statistics thread.

    Large Games [21+ players]

    Aspiring Rapper's MAFIA - Askthepizzaguy
    None Shall Pass 3 - Zack
    Red Dwarf Mafia - Visorslash
    None Shall Pass 2 - Zack
    A Mafia Game taking place in the East - Takhisis
    Mafia game: The Mafia - Takhisis
    Mass Effect - Zack
    Mafia: The League of EEEEEVIL!!! - choxorn
    None Shall Pass - Zack
    Trimafia - choxorn, Takhisis, and Zack
    Darths and Droids Mafia - choxorn
    Halo Mafia - Buddhafish
    Zack Mafia IV: Birthday Bash - Zack
    KotOR mafia - Takhisis / Arakhor
    Stairway to Heaven - Zack
    Team Fortress 2 Mafia - choxorn/kill_fire
    A Tale of One City - Skwink
    Simpsons Mafia - Earthling
    Archetype Mafia - Kennigit
    The Dinner Party - Askthepizzaguy
    Highway to Hell - Zack/Kennigit
    Gangland Wars - classical_hero
    The Princess Bride - Zack
    The Life and Times of Atto Ngoogol - Earthling
    Mars Attacks!! - Takhisis
    A New Hope: A Star Wars Mafia Game - choxorn and Zack
    Mafia Game: Those Darn States - Earthling
    Mafia Game: The Lord of the Rings – Camikaze
    Mafia Game: Monty Python and the Holy Grail - askthepizzaguy

    Small Games [11 - 20 players]

    Jumping Mafia - Kennigit
    Town of Sissy Heroes - Jarrema
    This is Madness! - Visorslash
    A Powerpuff Sleepover - Autolycus
    High Society Mafia - Winston Hughes
    Soul Scourge - Kennigit
    Mafia: Christmas Special - spaceman98
    Dark Souls II Mafia - Visorslash
    Ghost Town mafia - Jarrema
    Kingmaker: Lord of the Flies REDUX - MartinLuther
    The Hymn of Hot and Cold - KingMorgan
    Create you own hero! - Jarrema
    Spaceballs - Buddhafish
    Praetorians Mafia - Mat93
    Qarth - Jarrema
    Smilie Mafia - topsecret
    Smurf Mafia - Kennigit
    Starcraft Mafia - Earthling
    The Tomb - Mat93
    Pick Your Poison: N20 - NinjaCow64
    Three Mafioso and a Killer - MartinLuther
    Fallout Mafia: Tales of Vault 11 - CivGeneral
    White Walkers - Zack
    Talisman Mafia - Turquoiside
    The Wild West - Verarde
    Paired Mafia - Jarrema
    Zack Mafia III: The Blood Box - Zack
    Pick Your Poison Mafia: Termite Sailors Go Mad - Catharsis
    Jimmy Neutron Mafia - bestrfcplayer
    Mafia Wars - Jarrema
    Doctor Who Mafia - NarutoAvatarDBZ
    Zack Mafia II - Zack
    Small Town Story - Jarrema
    The Dark Knight Begins - askthepizzaguy
    Metal Gear Mafia - mgsmuhammad
    Chess Mafia - Zack
    civplayah's Experimental Mafia II - civplayah
    Spongebob Squarepants Mafia - DarthCaesar
    Zack Mafia - Zack
    A Kingmaker's Lynch - remake20
    Beatles Mafia: The Long and Winding Road - Zack
    civplayah's experimental mafia - civplayah
    Who wants to be a mafiaionare? - remake20
    Pick your Poison: A Mafia Game - CCRunner
    Masquerade Mafia - CCRunner
    Mafia game: The Chainsaw Gang - askthepizzaguy

    Mini Games [10 or fewer players]

    I'm Not Crazy, YOU'RE CRAZY - MartinLuther
    Dr. Leo Spaceman: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Lynch the Bomb - spaceman98
    The Hall of Life and Death - Visorslash
    Arab Sprig - Sprig
    Fear and Loathing in Hollywood: An Experimental Mafia - MartinLuther
    The Court - Visorslash
    The SK's Experiment - SouthernKing
    Ashes to Ashes - Visorslash
    Showdown: Prelude - topsecret
    Traius' D&D-themed Mafia 2 - traius
    Traius' D&D themed mafia - traius
    Hypnotoad - Zack
    Very Wild Ride - Mat93
    Dexter - classical_hero
    Not So Wild Ride - Jarrema
    SK's Mafia Playtest: Kill the King - SouthernKing
    Wild Ride - Visorslash
    Around the Block - Buddhafish
    Madness at 13th Department - Jarrema
    John Carpenter's The Thing - CivCube
    Shootout - topsecret
    Corruption - Visorslash
    Holy Mission - Jarrema
    Fellowship of the Ring - topsecret
    Secrecy - Mat93
    Turf Wars - Buddhafish
    Role Madness - Visorslash
    What can be worse than a jester? - Jarrema
    Cardiac Steel - Zack
    Mafia Zone I: Two of Four - NinjaCow64
    Special Course for Secret Service Forces - Jarrema
    Mini Market Mishap - bestrfcplayer
    Mafia: Ultimate Dethy - civplayah
    Mini Mafia Game (Catchy Title Goes Here) - Verarde
    C9 Mafia Game: Snowblind - Diamondeye

    Clue Games

    Columbo - topsecret
    The Social Experiment - Skwink
    Mafia: Vanilla with a Cherry on Top - Darth Caesar
    Mafia: Vanilla Ice Cream With Sprinkles - choxorn
    Tabula Rasa: A Mafia Game - LightFang
    Rhyming Mafia III: Associate Degree - electric926
    Mafia Game: Madness in Vault 42 - CivGeneral
    Mafia: Same Old Song and Dance - electric926
    Mafia: A New Hope - Firestorm94/Nictel
    Mafia: Killer Syndrome - electric926
    Mafia: The Tribal Council - CCRunner
    Mafia: A New Age - Charles Li
    Mafia: Trouble on the Treasure Ship - taillesskangaru
    Mafia Game: The New Year - CCRunner
    Rhyme Mafia II: Electric Boogaloo - Catharsis
    Mafia: Nov 17th, 2008 - plarq
    Medieval Madness - electric926
    Simple and Clean: A Mafia Game - LightFang
    Dwarven Mafia III - Stylesrj
    Mafia: Balance of Agendas - Neverwonagame3
    Mafia: Divide and Kill Everyone - choxorn
    The Blue Room: Just Another Mafia Game - taillesskangaru


    There are more games, but, sadly, they have been purged from the forums. :(

    Previous Awards

    2013 Mafia/NOTW Awards
    2012 Mafia/NOTW Awards
    2011 Mafia/NOTW Awards
    2010 Mafia Awards

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    Post #2: How to Play Mafia
    Post #3: Standard Rules
    Post #5: Players of Mafia
  5. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    Players of Mafia

    2011 Mafia Players

    1. askthepizzaguy
    2. Arakhor
    3. Autolycus
    4. Backwards Logic
    5. Beefy187
    6. bestrfcplayer
    7. BSmith1068
    8. Camikaze
    9. Catharsis
    10. CCRunner
    12. Chairman Meow
    13. choxorn
    14. CivGeneral
    15. civplayah
    16. classical_hero
    17. Darth Caesar
    18. DaveShack
    19. dcmort93
    20. Diamondeye
    21. Domination3000
    22. Double A
    23. Duke Blackstone
    24. Dumanios
    25. Earthling
    26. Ekolite
    27. electric926
    28. Frozen In Ice
    29. GamezRule
    30. God Emperor
    31. Izipo
    32. Jarrema
    33. Joecoolyo
    34. johnhughthom
    35. Jouzou
    36. JR48fan
    37. Kennigit
    38. Khazaar
    39. landlubber
    40. Link
    41. Lord OST
    42. Love
    43. Methos
    44. mgsmuhammad
    45. Mongoloid Cow
    46. mythmonster2
    47. NarutoAvatarDBZ
    48. NedimNapoleon
    49. Nictel
    50. Nightbringer.
    51. Niklas
    52. PaulusIII
    53. Red_Spy
    54. remake20
    55. Renata
    56. rhawn
    57. robbiecon
    58. Romanichine
    59. RRRaskolnikov
    60. Secura
    61. Seon
    62. Skooma Addict
    63. Skwink Caesar
    64. Snerk
    65. Sprig
    66. SS-18 ICBM
    67. taillesskangaru
    68. Takhisis
    69. The Bake
    70. TheForestAuro
    71. TheLastOne36
    72. thomas.berubeg
    73. tycoonist
    74. Verarde
    75. wideyedwanderer
    76. Winston Hughes
    77. Zack

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    Post #2: How to Play Mafia
    Post #3: Standard Rules
    Post #4: Past Mafia Events
  6. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    Nice thread. :goodjob:

    As to the list in the last post, you might want to remove people like trada and WhiteGlint who signed up for a game but never actually played it.
  7. Diana Abnoba

    Diana Abnoba Warlord

    Aug 6, 2009
    By the river Breg,under a full moon
    Very nice-good for newcomers to mafia to read before starting their 1st game.
  8. Nictel

    Nictel Emperor

    Sep 9, 2007
    Very informative! Especially the classifications and dictionary. Also: Number 7 on the list. Finally some respect! :cool::lol:
  9. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    Well it's good to hear I didn't waste my Sunday afternoon for nothing! :D

    I removed trada, WhiteGlint, and SpockFederation (already had his new name on the list) from the list of Mafia Players. And sorry Nictel, but I just alphabetized it and removed the numbers - I swear I did it before I saw your post. I also changed the color of the Upcoming Games, so that they could be better distinguished from games that are accepting sign-ups or are going on right now. Changed it back, since I couldn't find any other color I liked.
  10. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    I'm pretty sure RobinHat never actually played either, and there's maybe one or two more I'm missing.
  11. Takhisis

    Takhisis Jinping, wer fragt uns?

    Jul 11, 2005
    up yours.
    I can't believe you haven't added the very basic concepts of 'scanning' to the list.
  12. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    Added to dictionary.
  13. Earthling

    Earthling Deity

    Nov 9, 2008
    This is great work that you've put this together, I thank you on behalf of everyone who'll appreciate this and find it useful.

    Looking forward to Star Wars too ;)
  14. landlubber

    landlubber Scottish Nationalist

    Mar 5, 2010
    Looking good Zack. :)
  15. Verarde

    Verarde Pondering Wearing A Hat

    Nov 25, 2009
    Northern VA
    Nice job.
  16. Diamondeye

    Diamondeye So Happy I Could Die

    Apr 20, 2007
    Dancing in the Dark
  17. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    Just a heads up to everyone, TheLastOne36's game is really struggling for sign-ups. If he doesn't get 8 more people to play in his game, then I will allow Bad Player to open sign-ups for his game.

    @DE - The last link in the second post already links to that general site, but I'll put in more specific links.
  18. Bad Player

    Bad Player Deity

    Oct 31, 2005
    My game is called "The Toothless Mafia". It uses new rules which I will clarify later. I have nearly finished writing the script.

    A strategy guide for new players would be good too IMO.

    What's the usual % of players who are mafia in a game? 20%???
  19. Takhisis

    Takhisis Jinping, wer fragt uns?

    Jul 11, 2005
    up yours.
  20. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    Post 2 for how to play. Post 3 for tips on playing.

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