Major 1.17f bug - wltkd uncontrollable!

Dec 5, 2001
Here`s the situnation: size 12 city, 1 turns to complete Sistine Chapel. Need it that turn, since Indians have been busy building and may be very close. So I simply can`t risk waiting two turns.....

The city`s in WLTK-day. For reason unknown to me (no war wearnies, no resource lost, no city growth, no lux rate change) the city goes out of WLTKD, prod loss from this means Chapel isn`t finished.
Reload. Check: 6 Happy faces, 5 content, 1 entertainer. No worker change on any tile. No further growth possible. Why the f*** did it go out of WLTKD??????

OK, the hard way: turn one citizen into entertainer. Now city experiences a food loss of 1 per turn. 7 happy, 3 content, 1 entertainer. production shows Sistine Chapel in 1 turn.
End turn.

WLTKD is still on, but Sistine Chapel still needs one more turn.


Reload: This time fixed other WLTKD city that was close to finishing Magellans, too. this time, Sistine Chapel is finished....


Seriously, the fact that changes from specialists don`t show in the same turn is extremely annoying, but this really sucks!

edit: to clarify: initially, one happy guy went content for no apparent reason!

I`ve experienced quite a few strange things about happiness with 1.17f, like I have 3 lux, temple, and 3 units (Monarchy) in a captured size 1 city in which I never poprushed. Still the one guy is unhappy, complaining about the oppression (100% - I made peace meanwhile)......

Please Firaxis, change that so the conqueror doesn`t have to pay for the defenders poprush. before 1.17 it was bearable, but now it really makes not-razing impossible....


Shaken, not stirred.
Jan 1, 2002
Nanaimo BC Canada
Ouch! That sounds really weird. I guess there might still be some explanation but I can't think of one, it sounds like you covered everything.

I'm starting to wonder if the same development team worked on 1.17. The game is a wonderful job of finely balancing a huge number of inter-related things. I thought the original balance was an awesome job, and better again in 1.16. But a number of things seem to have changed in 1.17 without having worked out the consequences. I've reverted to 1.16.


Dec 21, 2001
Bugs, bugs, bugs. Same old same old.

Dec 5, 2001
Originally posted by SirPleb
I've reverted to 1.16.

I`m thinking about thta, too, but on the other hand landgrabbing is now finaly under control (at least on Monarch and Emperor), and that really impressed me :) So I guess I`ll have to tough it out ;)
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