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Making flag leaderheads

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Tutorials, Reference, & Guides' started by MaisseArsouye, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. MaisseArsouye

    MaisseArsouye gentil petit nuton

    Aug 31, 2003
    Here's a short tutorial about how to make flag leaderheads. It's certainly not the only way to design it, nor the best, it's just my way ;)


    You need a software that allows you to read, modifiy and create pcx files. I use PaintShopPro8, some other members use Gimp.

    You need a software that allows you to read, modifiy and create flc files. I use AnimationShop.

    This tutorial suppose you know the basic functions of your softwares. This is not ( yet? ) a step-by-step software oriented tutorial.

    Find a picture ( any format : bmp, jpg, gif,... ) of the flag ( or any other picture !! ) you want as a leaderhead. Let's call it your base-picture.

    Be sure to save your files in a directory where you can find them back easily ;)

    Let's start

    1) Start your pcx software and open your base-picture

    2) You must resize the picture to 200X240. There's no unique way to make it. You can just stretch it, but the result might be strange. You can also change the canvas size. It depends on the base-picture. Note that stretching operations give better result with 16 millions colours. Save your modified base-picture.

    3) Decrease colour depth to 256. Pay attention, colours #255 will get transparency. Choose a useless colour.

    4) Save your palette, let's call it flag_palette

    5) Save your file as X_large.pcx and close it

    6) Open your base-picture
    7) Resize it ( stretch ) to 120X150
    8) Load your flag_palette and get sure colour #255 is not used
    9) Save your file as X_small.pcx and close it

    10) Repeat operations 6 to 9 but resize to 128X128 and save it as XLARGE

    11) Repeat operations 6 to 9 but resize to 32X32 and save it as XSMALL

    12) Open your base-picture
    13) resize it ( stretch ) to 115X115
    14) resize the canvas to 461X346 and place the flag in the upper left corner
    15) draw a black circle on the flag. It must be as thin as possible and touch the limits of the flag.
    16) fill the corners of the flag ( outside the circle ) in black
    17) select the flag, copy it
    18) fill the canvas with the flag. There must be 3 lines of 4 flags.
    19) fill the empty space in black
    20) Load your flag_palette and get sure colour #255 is not used
    21) fill black space with colour #255
    22) Save your file as X_all.pcx and close it

    23) Close your pcx software and start your flc software
    24) Create a new file with X_large as the only frame
    25) Save it as X_anim.flc and close it
    26) Close your flc software

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