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Mandatory retirement....


Aug 5, 2005
Maybe Im just really bad at this game but is there anyway I can turn off Madatory retirement? or is there an option to turn this off?...I'm not getting anywhere in this game as they keep retiring me when I start to get somewhere!!! Its very annoying....any answers????
Change the number of turns in the scenario editor or the civilization setup screen before you start a game.

Default is 540.

I have mine set 1000 most of the time
The mandatory retirement is just the official score counting. You can continue to play afterwards, but you can't win anymore.
Welcome to CFC! [party]

Well, if you haven't won by then, maybe you should be more agressive militarily. I usually win before Y2K. Longer turn limit makes it get boring after a while.
When I first started playing Civ III I felt exactly the same way. The more you play, the easier it gets, and the sooner you win. But as someone said, you can change it in the editor.

If you're playing Civ3:Conquests you don't need to use the editor. There's a 'Game Limits' button in the Civ Selection screen, and you click on that. Change the number of turns from 540 to 1000. That makes the game go from 2050ad to 2510ad.
It's in PTW also. I think if you set it to zero, it will go on endlessly with no retirement.
PTW = 'Play the World'
I am sorry, is this Play the world some extension you have to purchase? and I cannot edit this game....why is this so easy for everyone else???
PTW is the first expansion pack for civ3. If you have conquest which is the second, everything in PTW is included in conquest so you do not have to buy PTW anymore.
Aurora21 said:
I am sorry, is this Play the world some extension you have to purchase? and I cannot edit this game....why is this so easy for everyone else???

It's 'easy' for everyone else because we've been doing it a long time. Naturally, we tend to assume (I do, at least) that if I can do it, surely others can as well.

I don't recall exactly how to do it in Vanilla Civ3, but there is a .ini file tweak to up the maximum number of turns.

So here's a quick tutorial for you.

Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III. Find the file civilizationiii.ini. It might be called something else, but it's going to the only file that ends in .ini. Under the type of file it's going to say 'Configuration Settings', if you have Hide Known File Types active.

Open the file. There should be a line that says Turn Limit. If it's not there, go ahead and add it. It can be from 1 to 1000. Obviously, the higher you set it, the more turns you get. The default number of turns is 540, so set it to a number higher than that. After 1850ad, the turns go one year to a turn, so bumping it from 540 to 1000 will have the game end at 2510ad.

Let us know if this works out for you....
No point in editing really as this will also disable scoring (not that score necessarily matters) . As previously mentioned you can continue playing as long as you want even if unedited.

The easiest way to make sure you finish earlier is to play higher difficulty levels. The AIs will help with research and may even leave you in the dust. I advise getting out of chieftain after your first game, the AIs are so crippled there that they are fairly uninteresting. With a little help from this site a casual player can be competive at regent/monarch very quickly.
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