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Mansa Musa Cheese (deity fractal)


Be like water
Jun 3, 2011
I love cheese.
All different kinds of it.
Brie is a good one:
Spoiler :

Mansa Musa with this kind of start is another one :love:

Primal reaction is to look for a perfect capitol (20x riverside tiles) :bounce:

Do you like gold, or cheese?



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My first instinct is settlin' jumbos
Starting the cheese (T71)
Spoiler :
Capitol is settled amid rivers as we must.

Double grain is a nice little side effect.

Another one is blocking off Ragnar.
He hates rivers apparently. He likes far away cities

Priorities go:
1. Forget defense, rely on luck
2. Chop
2. Couple of cities: Gold > Pigs
3. Couple,of workers (1 pop whip)
4. Granaries (voodoo halt growth as applicable)
5. Couple of extra river cities
6. Couple of libraries
7. Cottage spam, turn on research

If Ragnar would be so kind as to refrain from daggering me in the next 10 turns, I should be
Spoiler :

Otherwise I will be
Spoiler :
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Spoiler :
I am not sure how much of this is role playing, but on ivory is just so much better imo even with the wet wheat. Settle 1T faster, so much faster worker etc. Faster cheese!
Forget the faster start. Go for the screenshot of a fully cotteged BFC with the financial trait, bureaucracy bonus, a levy, with all the multiplier buildings, working every tile during a golden age.

That should be the victory condition on this map.
No my son is on holidays currently hence daddy has time to waste :o
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