[NFP] Manufacturing luxury resources using niter/iron/horses


Jun 29, 2012
If you're anything like me, I hope you're getting help. But also, you probably are annoyed at the fact some strategic resources (horses, iron, niter) becomes useless.

Gedemon has a racetrack mod which deals with horses. but what about iron and niter?

For niter I was thinking of a city project based on a factory building that, as long as it runs, produces a non-tradeable luxury resource, "fireworks" that grants, say, 8 amenities (+1 per city)
Either that or an entertainment complex project called "fireworks show" or something of the sort, which would provide, say, +2 amenities to cities within range.

either way, as long as the project is active, if would consume some amount of niter per turn.

That's all there is to my idea. Modder's choice I guess, if anyone is willing to make this.
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