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Apr 5, 2006
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Welcome to the third installment of the Many Leaders Game, with many thanks (again) to mice for letting me steal his idea.

The premise is simple. Eveyone plays from the same starting save but as different leaders. This time we're all shooting for a domination win, who will get there first?

We report our games every 50 turns for the first two weeks, then 40 turns for the next two weeks and then report each 40 turns until we reach the end of the game. At the end of the first four weeks I'll produce some sort of data analysis to try and compare the games.

So jump in and grab a leader. Only one player per leader as well and try and have a different leader to previous games.


Try and treat it like a normal SG game. Give as much info as posible about your tactics, plans etc. Screenshots are good, particularly those relatating to BtS content. Can every post a screenshot of their UU and UB and say how useful they are etc?

Don't publish half or incomplete reports and then edit later. Wait until you're finished and publish it all, even if you're late.

All turn reports to be enclosed in spoiler tags.

Use your sign-up post to create a series of links to your game as it progresses. I will then create a link to all these posts. It makes it easy for everyone to follow a single game, rather than the round by round games.

For the first 4 rounds, reports are due on Fridays. The weekends are for discussion of the round and the next round will start the following Monday.


Map: Medium and Small
Level: Prince
Size: Standard
Speed: Normal
Options: No Vassals
Leader: ? up to you.

Starting Position:


The final positions were as follows:

1. TriviAl - Napolean - Domination Victory 1715AD
2. Ozbenno - Zara Yaqob - Domination Victory 1725AD
3. njorls - Gilgamesh - Domination Victory 1760AD
4. yena - Hammurabi - Domination Victory 1795AD
5. Ralph_Jackson - Pacal II - Domination Victory 1820AD
5. Kodii - Charlemange - Domination Victory 1820AD
7. azaris - Darius - Domination Victory 1870AD
7. pawelo - Augustus Caesar - Domination Victory 1870AD
9. r rolo1 - Ragnar - Domination Victory 1884AD
10. mice - Elizabeth - Domination Victory 1907AD
11. Ad Hoc - Genghis Khan - Domination Victory 1914AD
12. Bindamel - Willem van Oranje - Domination Victory 2014AD
13. pholkhero - Lincoln - Conquest defeat 1635AD
FeedBack - Boudicea
pigswill - Hannibal
Reports for the first round (4000BC - 2000BC) can be found here. Dodgy analysis and Dominatrix can be found here.
Reports for the second round (2000BC - 375BC) can be found here. Dominatrix here.
Reports for the third round (375BC-800AD) can be found here. Dominatrix here.
Reports for the fourth round (800AD - 1400AD) can be found here. Dominatrix here.
Reports for the fifth round (1400AD - 1650AD) can be found here. Dominatrix here.
End-game reports can be found here.
Darius is one of the strongest leaders added in BtS. I was surprised he was not chosen as one of the first.

Being financial always guides the strategy towards CE. Captured cities can become profitable very quickly as long as they have a few commerce rich tiles, and this helps keep the domination pace alive. I probably won't keep too many overseas cities that don't have mature cottages and/or coastal/river tiles available. The Medium-and-small map allows for a lot of costal cities, going for a sort of semi-archipelago game.

Organized gives half-price courthouses - good for quickly taking over large sections of land. It also boosts military civics like Vassalage and Police State.

Immortals are arguably the strongest early UU outside of prats, so I intend to make good use of horses if I can get them. If there are no horses it gets tricky, but then I will have to drop everything and rush whomever has them closeby first.

I will let the AIs build the commerce wonders (Colossus, GL, ToA) and then steal them. There are only two wonders I absolutely must have: Statue of Zeus, and the Apostolic Palace. Warmongering against these two is hopeless. They need to be either razed immediately or controlled by me. Everything else is a nice war prize but not worth spending the hammers on. OK, maybe I will grab The Oracle.

Initial tech plan: AH -> Mining -> BW -> The Wheel (depending on how close there are horses).

4000 BC - 2000 BC
2000 BC - 375 BC
375 BC - 800 AD
Can I jump in ? I was very sorry to come a few hours too late for the previous one and lurked as hell at your games.

If you sign me, I would go for Augustus Caesar. I never played Rome and heard amazing stories about all those Praetorians rushes... I like industrious for wonder spamming, and Imperialistic may be a nice addition for expansion.

The Adventures of Hannibal.

Pre-game thoughts:
Spoiler :
I usually aim to get a decent tech lead before going for the major wars so a financial leader will obviously help with this. Cothons suggest coastal cities so I'm thinking milk the advantage by aiming for Great Lightouse (probably soon after I've founded second city). AH for horses is an obvious early tech. Probably avoid religion, aim to be neutral with as many AI as possible to keep the trade routes open. No point going into much more detailed plans until the map is revealed a bit.

(to be continued)
if there is any more room for a serial lurker, i'll give it a go as Genghis
Ozbenno PMed me to say he's away till Wednesday . He gave me the task of limiting the sign ups to 16. :eek:
So far ;
Ozbenno - Zara Yaqob
Conroe - Julius Caeser
mice - Elizabeth
pigswill - Hannibal
r rolo1 - Ragnar
TheLastOne36 - Pacal II
Kodii - Charlemange
FeedBack - Boudicea
TriviAl - Napolean
azaris - Darius
Qwack - Asoka
yena - Hammurabi
pawelo - Augustus Caesar

Based on first in first served , Ad Hoc gets added for Genghis. Bindamel has a spot reserved, so that leaves just one more.

First in first served for that last spot, but I'm off to bed.
Away to Wed??? Well...

i guess we could just talk about possible strategies...

To bad Oz didn't put up our starting location before he left... :(

Anyway, one thing i'd like to do is investigate Espionage as most people are still new to it. I've heard of before attacking, send your spies to enemy cities and support revolts, then attack and that supposedly stops the city defense ability of units. Or soemthing like that. I'd like to try it.
TheLastOne36 - sounds interesting - figure a spy is a lot easier to transport than a pile of siege weaponry - brings the defenses down just the same. Be interested to see how that one works out for ya! :)

And cunningly, this turns into the links page for my game:

Set 1: 4000BC > 2000BC - Setup

Set 2: 2000BC > 375BC - Bloodbath

Set 3: 375BC > 800AD - Economy

Set 3: 800AD > 1400AD - Buildup to war.

Edit - stealing Pawelo's idea, I'm giving my turnsets names!
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