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Many Miscellaneous Musings

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by sam44hill, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. sam44hill

    sam44hill Always go for the Kill

    Sep 9, 2013
    Several thoughts that have floated in my mind for several months.


    The trade route system is interesting and I like the theory. The implementation leaves something to be desired, I think. The trade of the diplomacy screen-luxuries, resources, GPT-and the trade of the trade routes doesn't make sense to me. How is it that I am able to trade gold for luxury resources and get happiness from them, but resources gleaned from trade routes afford me none? Rather than the former I would suggest a "Trade Rights" option in the diplomacy screen. This would allow trade routes to be sent back and forth. The resources in the trade routes would offer their standard bonus-luxuries give happiness, strategic resources allow unit production, common resources would give food or production, and so on.


    It's about time multiple tiled cities were implemented. A city would expand one tile at a time after producing "expansion" for X number of turns. "Expansion" pauses growth and income from the city until completed. This means that a city with many tiles would have a small population for each tile, but could produce more at one time, and vice-versa.
    Do away with city attacks. Have, instead, a cheap temporary militia unit spawn. Number of militia depends on size of city.

    Tile Improvements

    We need more dynamic improvements. The cottage upgrade system of Civ IV was stupendous, but I think each improvement needs this. Also we need a greater variety of improvements.
    Harbours-allows units to embark, gives +1 gold per adjacent water tile, etc
    Resorts-must be next to mountains or lakes, gives gold, tourism
    Forts/Citadels-increase the sight of units by +1/+2 respectively, +5 exp/+2 GGPs to units produced


    Need variety in terrain. Different types of grasslands; the Serengeti, Russian Steppe and the American Midwest for instance. Same with plains. Hills need reworked, also. Swamps and Canyons need added. As do Maize and Rice resources.

    Combat Experience

    Rather than terrain enhancement, the initial promotions ought to be attack or defense focused. Specialty promotions should be earned through their employment. Receive the "Amphibious" promotion after X number of attacks across a river or from the sea. "Medic" after having units heal adjacently, "Siege" after X number of city attacks, and so on.


    Ethic barbarians would be nice. Each ethnicity would focus a type of unit better than others-Mounted barbs from Eastern Europe, Sword barbs from Scandinavia, Archery barbs from the Middle East, etc. Barbs should get cities and encampments should be their city's spawn point, after X number of turns without being destroyed it becomes a city. Upon capturing a barb city it will automatically be razed.


    New unit classes:
    Standard Infantry-no strategic resources, weak, cheap, the norm
    Heavy Infantry-requires strategic resources, large defensive bonus, think Hoplites and Immortals
    Assault Infantry-requires strategic resources, large attack bonus, think Roman Legions and Vikings
    Nerf ranged attack strength, greatly increase siege units range strength then nerf it's city attack to make them better against units (or keep them as they are now, but any unit attacked by a siege unit receives "Shell Shock" for the turn and gets a strength penalty)
    Have a Mounted Ranged and Melee line
    More ships, better Ranged/Melee lines

    More award winning ideas in the comments, please & thank you

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