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Jun 3, 2001
I want to create a scenario about Austria in WWI and would need a map which consists of roughly the area switzerland-ukraine and galizia-northern greece.

I would like to know if anybody here knows if such a map exists somewhere.

Thanks, everybody!!!

Hi tracid
I hope you don´t get angry, but i´ll make use of your thread to ask for a couple of maps too.
Does anybody have Vietnam / Korea / Southasia maps?
No problem...
there is a south-east asia map in the download section of civfanatics, and if you post your e-mail, I can send u another one as well as one of Korea and two of Vietnam, taken from a german site.

Sorry, it seems that I kinde read over your thread:( :o

but if you have a map that somehow fits my description, I would be very, very, thankful...
If Pellaken's maps aren't what your after (seems a hard offer to turn down), then check out Harlan's maps (on Apolyton and elsewhere)? He's made a few that cover your area. They're quite good. In addition, some have city locations and integrate very well with Mercator's MapEdit, allowing you to crop the map to your choosing. If you can't find it, I can email you my copy. It is big, so if your dimension requirement is small, then you'll need to resize it with MapEdit and correct the distortions with the map editor.
What is Mercaters MapEdit

Also If any one has FF3 Map I need one
FF3 is the american version of FF6
I've just put together 16 maps for Civ II:
Africa, Antartica, Arctic, Atlantis, Baseball shaped supercontinent, Black Sea, Britain, Braided river, Caribbean Sea, Greek, Japanese Empire, a crazy map in shape of circle with very fractured islands, The Philipines, Big circle map, Two big continents and Two continents with two long rivers on each opposing continents.

Thats pretty much it, look in the readme file for all other info.

p.s. Oh yeah, if you intend on using one of my maps for an scenario I would like to know-my email address is in the read me
Originally posted by Cyan Fargo
What is Mercaters MapEdit

It's a program I created that can help in editing Civ2 maps...

You can download it from this page:

To quote my own description, here are some things it can do:
  • Converting CivilizationII maps to 256-color (8-bit) uncompressed Windows bitmaps and vice versa,
  • Opening multiple maps and bitmaps,
  • Adjusting dimensions of existing maps,
  • Flipping and inverting maps,
  • Creating oversized maps, i.e. maps with a surface greater than 10,000,
  • Removing resources from a map,
  • Previewing the changes you make to your maps,
  • Dragging and dropping files to the editor to open them,
  • Interacting with other applications in changing a map.
If you don't know Mercator is known for making great maps. Or so i've been told :p
Mercator, I downloaded your utility and installed it a while back. The program seems to run ok, letting me mess around with maps, and I can see the results of my work using the preview option. However, whenever I actually try and save changes to the map I get an error message saying 'Run-time error '53' File not found' and the program just exits without saving anything.

Can you possibly help me to get this working? I would very much like to use your excellent and useful utility ;)
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