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May 26, 2002
So I loaded up that America Huge map and realized that it is bigger then a normal huge map, well on mine at least. Any way I can get a random huge sized map thats actually huge?
You go here:
path to your colonization installation:
Colonization - assets - xml - gameinfo - CIV4WorldInfo.xml

Open this file with any editor, for instance notepad.

You look for the following lines:
and comment them out like this:
After that, you copy these lines and change the values, for instance like this (but you should leave the commented lines as they are):

Play around a bit to find the map size which fits you the best.
There are more of them.

More ruins is good, as it means more money.
More villages is bad, as it makes the indians stronger.

In total, it may become a bit more difficult, since the Indians tend to attack early (Conquistador-level)
Is it true that on the western hemisphere maps you always start at the tip of Brazil? I started up four of five times and all of them (as English and the Dutch) started at the same spot, on both the standard and huge size...
I want to start in Quebec as France, and stuff like that.
I've just finished my first game on the suggested 60x96 tile map and it worked brilliantly. The map I played on had heaps of territory and I was still exploring late into the game. There were 75 indian villages to visit which is a similar number to maps in the original game. Because the indians were stronger they were more aggressive though.

I didn't notice any major performance issues associated with the larger map size. The file change is very easy to do (even I could manage it). Thanks Bello.
Change the map size for the "tiny" map to something huge. Apparently for a "tiny" map, the game will not put other European players on the board and you’ll have a huge map all to yourself. Make a couple of explorers and rake in the cash, because it’s all yours.

I don’t know, but that felt like cheating to me, however it was interesting. I had an absolute ton of cash before long. :lol:
I reinstalled the game after a long break and couldn't remember how to increase the size of the maps (I prefer to play a long game on a very large map).

Fortunately I found that this excellent thread is still available.
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Can you actually expand a successful independence with greater than 3 cities particularly on these larger maps?
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