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    This will be the development / feedback thread for the "The Great Old World" map for Old world, a map in where Europa, Africa and Asia (and a lot of Oceania) are fully playable on a single map. That means on this map can be fighted for the dominance of the Silk Road as well as travelled from the White Sea to Tasmania while someone is establishing the Roman Empire in its greatest extent (and beyond).

    The design philosophy was that starting from the ancient world every land area is accessible as long as you don't need to travel too long in deep waters or the Bering Strait. I missed this kind of map for Old world, so I decided to create one on my own - and during the Christmas period finally got the chance to (almost) complete it.

    The map includes: [see spoiler]

    Spoiler :
    - A handcrafted map for Old World (with inspirations from Gedemons Civ 6 Giant Earth map, but also a lot of adjustments for Old World features and gameplay, like for example more mountain ranges and passes)
    - 5 playable civilizations at their historical heartland (Carthage, Rome, Egypt, Assyria and Persia) as well as the Chinese Han dynasty represented by Babylon and the Indian Mauryan dynasty represented by Greece*
    - 6 tribes (Gauls in Western Europe, Vandals in Northern and Central Europe, Scythia in historical Scythia, Danes in Northern Far Eastern Asia (mostly Xiongnu territory), Numidia in Africa and Tharacians in South East Asia / Oceania)
    - City sites at historical places with historical names (if known, in distant regions otherwise on reported Iron Ages excavations sites); also a lot of other landmarks with ancient names
    - Selected resource deposits at real word locations (sometimes adjusted for gameplay purposes, especailly luxuries and resources who interact with the nations families)
    - A bit more crowded ancient heartland (this in intencional and not avodiable on suche big scale maps) and in return rarer city site locations in distant areas
    - Intentions to be playable for a win either by ambitions as also by victory points (therefore my goal was staying below 100 victory points for a win and 50 for a double; at the moment it are 93)
    - and much more (as always ;)).

    *The Chinese Han dynasty is still called and shown as Babylon and the Mauryan Empire as Greece, this is just a map and I'm not a modder. If someone want to change the names or more, any help is appreciated.

    Here is a sneak preview of the map:
    Spoiler :

    In the moment the map is already fully playable, but still on a Beta stage, in particular becase I didn't tested the gameplay balancing much. Therefore I'm looking here for someone who wants to play the Beta and give me some feedback before I will upload it as an Mod in the game itself. [Also any other feedback, like for the names of city sites and landmarks are also welcome!] And that's the map:

    The Great Old World v09 Beta.xml
    (just copy the map file in the maps folder, typically .../Users/Documents/My Games/Old World/Maps)

    Finally I want to thanks to civfanactics Gedemon, Horniga and Genghis Kai, who (further) developed the world maps from Civ 4 to the Civ 6 Giant Earth map, which was an important inspiration base while creating this map.

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    @PiR next MP map for us??? :)
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    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow yes definitely!!!! :love::love::love:
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