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    This is the fourth mapscript I've converted to Colonization from Civilization 4 vanilla. (The other maps are NorthAfrica, Continents, and IceAge), based on this tutorial that I wrote. This is a conversion of the "Maze" mapscript for Civ 4.

    Like in the Civ 4 version, you can manually configure how many plots wide you want the maze to be- the smaller the mapsize, the smaller the maze width should be. However, the sections of the maze near the eastern and western edge of the map may not have the same width, because I've truncated them for the Europe zones.

    You should be able to use this mapscript with any mod.

    Download Here


    1. Unzip the files (a python file and a readme) to a temporary directory.

    2. Copy the Maze.py file into your Colonization/PublicMaps directory.



    -Bob Thomas for making Maze.py (for Civ 4)
    -Firaxis/2K Games for making Civ 4/Civ 4 Col

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