Marathon Session


Sep 24, 2009
So, I've got a dream.

A dream of a weekend spent staring at my empire, answering the proverbial "so what are we gonna do today, Brain?" with only minor breaks for such silliness as sustenance and sleep, if your constitution is unequal to the task of world domination in a single sitting.

The idea is a single game played as far as we can get in a single weekend - start it up Saturday morning and play until Sunday night. Standard game speed. Almost everything else is in the air and we can agree on - I usually play Gorgo, but I'd be down for random. With or without some AIs to stomp. Map size will depend on how many interested parties we can find. Dynamic Turns or Simultan almost entirely depends on how much warfare we anticipate. Any 'gentleman's agreements' can be considered - such as moratoriums on rushing or eliminating players entirely.

I just want to live the dream.

Anyone game?
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