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March of the High Marshal Provoshogun

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game IV: RPG' started by Provolution, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Provolution

    Provolution Sage of Quatronia

    Jul 21, 2004
    March of the High Marshal Provoshogun

    The wardrums started beating again... Nationalism!!! Finally all Aretans knew why they all existed together. Now the organized genocide of twisted Taoists in Vandal Valley made perfect sense. So did the conquest of the holy cities in Ibbisine Spain, as well as the pogroms after the Christian sects throughout the Aretan Empire. Veteran formations came riding out of the sandy haze of the Dark East. Modern Infantry division came coiling down from the mountains near Edorai. Troops were in motion, boots trampled with a monotonous beat throughout Aretan roads. Nationalism was here, and nationalism fueled this war like liquid fuel fueled an inferno that became a constant hell.

    Provoshogun XIII, a descendant of Provoshogun I, prepared his baroque uniform, and told his commanders.

    I need someone to lead the Army of Faith, which will comprise of traditional Aretan Warriors, samurai, knights and such, with the help of a few cannons, now that trebuchets were used in the construction business by HIM. Elephant Veterans have become unemployed, and were as much hooligans and bandits as their riders in the Dark East. War had to come, to save the civilian populace from these embittered elephant warriors, these became the Army of Ivory, designated to trample medieval infantry in Stomper Fields.

    Finally, the modern Army of Arete came forwards, with elite formations, modern infantry with shining rifle smelling of the industrial factory these were greased, new cannons, fresh uniforms, hooray, nationalism is here, galore!

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