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March Your Way To Victory: A Guide To Movement

Discussion in 'CivRev Strategy Articles' started by TooTrickyFoU07, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. TooTrickyFoU07

    TooTrickyFoU07 Chieftain

    Jun 25, 2008
    Wazzup! This is Tricky, and the Strategy Articles were looking empty so here is my shot at a guide. enjoy!


    Movement is a big part of Civ Rev, without it, you wouldn't go anywhere, duh. With efficient movement, your civilization can be the first to find goodies, attack with suprise, reinforce quickly, and secure map control. Here are a few tips for giving you a little more fleet to your foot. :move::move::move::move::move:


    You arrive in a brand new world, and what do you see? Nothing (excluding Russia). This is where you need to find where the good resources are and the barbarian villages. The first thing I do is put my city on 2 production tiles for 2 turns, and on the 3rd turn, put the tiles on 1 population tile and 1 production, then finish off population. With your Warrior unit, start moving into the void, with a few tips in mind:
    • Go for hills. Hills will make you see 1 square farther out, and when you have scout 2 squares farther out, letting you see a lot ahead.

    • Move in zig-zags. Going diagonal from a straight line and going back diagonally will take the same amount of turns then moving straight, except you get to uncover more fog.

    • Look at the edge of tiles. If you look closely enough, you can decipher what the next tile is and what type of terrain it is. If it looks like water, don't waste a turn moving to the coast, war isn't a time for a stroll on a beach.


    Unless you have built a Great Wall, it is most likely you are knee deep in war. Here are some tips to get what you need to do faster.
    • Move manually on roads when going into a city being attacked. If you don't and you order a unit to move directly into the city, any enemy unit on the road will force your unit to automatically try to move around the blocking unit, and if it does not have enough movement, you will not get to the city. It is better to attack that unit (if it can defeat it) or, if it is stronger, move back to your city, because roads waste no movement until you reach a city or move away from the road.

      There are also times when, if you move on a road in advance, there is a way to get into a city with 1 turn manually. Don't always trust the pathing system to make your turns.

    • Form armies for an extra turn. If 3 units enter a square, but have no turns left, when you form an army, it will not move. On the other hand, if you have 1 unit that can move, but the other 2 units in the same square cannot, when you form an army, you will still have a turn to move. So lets say I have 3 Pikemen. There is a road between 3 cities, in a straight line.

      A:viking:-------------------------------------------------B:viking:------------------------------------------C:viking: :mad:

      City C is being attacked by another army, but I can't form a defensive army in time because the unit built in City A will only reach City B, while the unit in City B will move on to City C. What I can do here is move the units in City C and A into City B, form an army, and move back to City C.

      A-------------------------------------------------B:viking::viking::viking:------------------------------------------C :mad:

      I now have a full army to defend from the attackers, instead of 2 single units.


    • Space an attack. If you have a Horseman Army, don't just order it to move straight to the city. If you are 3 moves away from attacking a city and you leave your Horsemen just 1 square away from the city, they will be attacked, and most likely, killed. What you do is move only 1 square towards the city, then wait until the next turn where you can attack without instant retaliation.

      This goes the same for Spies. Land two squares outside the city, then on the next turn use your 2 moves to go straight into the city without risk of capture.

    • When moving into hostile, unknown territory with precious units such as Settlers, Caravans, and Spies, always leave one move in reserve (two for Caravans). That way, if you run into an enemy unit that can only move once, you can use the extra move to move a square back and retreat, avoiding the capture. Again, always move to hills to see what is coming.

    • A well known tip, but if you don't know: When moving groups of units, don't do the mundane task of moving each unit individually. Put the cursor over the destination where you want to arrive and press L3. This will act as a waypoint for all your units to move to. Now all you have to do is activate each unit and press L3, and they will move to the waypoint. Thanks Thunderfall


    Again, movement is a big part of Civ Rev, without it, you wouldn't go anywhere. With these tips, you can get your civilization marching all the way to the top! Thanks for reading this. My gamertag is TooTrickyFoU07, if you play lotz, add me. Now get moving! :move::move::move::move::move:

    Way to end it with lame puns Tricky...
  2. Thunderfall

    Thunderfall Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Oct 25, 2000
    The form armies to gain extra movement is a good tip. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sometimes the pathfinding system doesn't seem to take cultural influence into account. For example, if you built a road between city A and city B, and later an enemy city's culture covered one of the road tiles. In this case, if you rely on the pathfinding, you may end up wasting turns. The unit would move along the road, stop when it reaches the blocked road tile, then moves back to the city A.

    When moving units, I found scrolling around the map is faster using the right stick. Usually I activate a unit, use the right stick to go to the tile I want to move to, then press L3 button.
  3. TooTrickyFoU07

    TooTrickyFoU07 Chieftain

    Jun 25, 2008
    I'll be adding more stuff and correcting this, thanks :)
  4. mystiqblackcat

    mystiqblackcat Chieftain

    Feb 23, 2006
    I noticed something last night with roads, if roads intersect at a 90 degree angle into a city you can tell your units to move from one road to another without losing the movement point you normally would by going through a city.

    I checked on this last night and I couldn't reproduce it. The last time it happened I moved the unit back and forth four or five times because I had expected it to stop at that city and it didn't.

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