Feb 14, 2002
Zionsville, IN
Has anyone else experienced this?

The manual for civ3 says that you need to have the resources of rubber and oil to be able to produce marines. However, I only have access to rubber and I'm producing Marines all over the place. I'm wondering because I want to produce tanks and can't yet because they require the same resources.

I have the technology...I just passed into the Modern Age and all the required techs are in the industrial...

Anyone else experienced quirks like this?
Cant say Ive ever noticed what it takes to build a marine unit, because I have never built one. They are on of the most useless units in the game. The only time I would ever build them is if the enemy would happen to have a city on a one square island. Since that has never happened to me I havnt built any. For only a little more cost you can have a mech inf or a modern armor, much more useful units.
Last time I have made marines was when I played Civ2 about year ago. My only opinion is that marines are worse than ever. Even marines still can make amhibious (did I spell it right?) attack their attack and defense suck very low and deep. Marine attacks don't capture city's after discovering infantry, sometimes even when city is defanded by rifleman. Shame you, marine!!

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I made "obsolete" units actually upgrade into marines, i.e. swordsmen,longbowmen, and their UU's. That makes them at least somewhat useful, if you have lots of old unit running about.
Well this may not be the place to discuss this but here goes.

I like marines. They have their uses. If you compare their attack strength with those of infantry you will see that the marine is stronger. This is one advantage.

The fact that they can attack directly out of a transport must not be overlooked either.
I have never used marines myself. My plan is to place at least one city on my opponents land, build an airport there, and then use the airports on my main land (every city has one, they are free with some wonder), build up some tanks and stuff, and land a army of about 15 or so tanks and start mowing stuff down. In the later game I'll take artillery, tanks, and stealth bombers, with mech. inf. to hold the cities that I take.
I don't know of any wonder that makes airports free. Would be nice, but I don't think it is out there unless you are using a mod...
In the late game, if you cannot produce armies, it is useful to be able to attack enemy cities without landing first. Then you raize the city, and laugh.:lol:

Even though marines attack is only 8, they do ignore city walls and the bonuses for defending large cities unless the city has a coastal fortress, which I have never seen the AI build.
Originally posted by levasseur227
I don't know of any wonder that makes airports free. Would be nice, but I don't think it is out there unless you are using a mod...
Smiths Trading Company is what it is called I think
He means no upkeep

Yes, no upkeep! (I just finished reading a thread where people were talking about the pyramids giving you a "free" granary, so you see where the confusion might arise from.)
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