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Mar 1, 2010
Hellooooo folks,

MD is a spin-off from Deity Fun and pretty much the opposite of the said one.
This serie won't come in a regular pattern as the maps come across me unluckily.

I did not verify the map and I was too scared to start it after a few turns of exploration.
The map tends to be unbalanced and slightly or dangerously unfavorable to the human player.
Neighbours may trigger some headaches.

In a nutshell, this is not a game for me or anyone normal. But only for those who wants some lulz or in a serious tone, for those like Dirk1301. Those who appreciates unfun masochistic maps or better said challenge games.

Here's the surprise leader...uh wait...the title already made the meeting. So say hello to your favorite leader. Rifle Toku ain't bad, right? If you survive...

So pass onto the starting locations and settings.

Spoiler :


Is this map winnable? I don't know yet. BUT...

Spoiler :

Although the sheer bad lands except capital, you have phants. You know what do I mean? :cool:

Good luck and those who wins are true warriors.

Or perhaps, I am a buffon who claimed this map is hard.


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BUFFY? May try this after I get my morning cup of tea to wake me up :p To be a true masochist try for culture :p
+1 for Title ;)

still wished you used standard map size
hmm not sure I'll be able to give it a try, save keeps crashing buffy on me :) going to redownload it to see if it got messed up during that.
Large map, large map... Looked rather small to me :

Spoiler :
Spoiler :

One failed attempt at the Stonehenge and a barbarian archer later :

Spoiler :

Well, that was a refreshingly short game. No lag issues.
Spoiler :

I see you had some suicidal tendencies....

SH, not sure why the wonder.
You got killed by an archer, how so? To fogbust the area is super easy even the though the loss of that warrior to the bear.
But the SH explains it all.

No seriously the SH when having shaka next to you! :mischief:

+1 for Title ;)

still wished you used standard map size

Standard Size will happen eventually.

I rated my own thread at 1/5 stars...:borg:

Large? Nahh...

Dear ahcos,
yes it is large.

Soon enough, you will realize you can't get much cities, so it can be played as standard, but the AI's will be more ferocious as they get more cities.

Anyways, to get a win on a certain map, no necessary to get the title of victory, just get a winning crushing the lovely neighbour of Toku.

@all who wants to give a serious shot :eek:

Here's a small trick against barbs when you can easily fogbust your area and a narrow passage of one tile is found near.
Place a unit overthere (whatever the unit) and given the barbs can't find a way through the unit (who is seen as similarly as a mountain to the AI barb when calculating a path towards your cities), they will roam and attacks others. Of course, if a barb stumbles next to you, their blood urge will take over the first rule.
Anyways, to get a win on a certain map, no necessary to get the title of victory, just get a winning crushing the lovely neighbour of Toku.

There's always AP cheese.

The possibility of creating a colony + mass gifting it warriors to upgrade is immensely amusing too.

When neighbors are nice enough or can be manipulated (lul u died) culture is one of the ways to play deity sloppy and still win.

I'm very busy lately but I'll try it at some point. Not soon though.
@ Tachywaxon :
Spoiler :
Sorry for not replying earlier...

Indeed, I wasn't in for a long game and didn't mind it being short lived.

The rationale behind the Stonehenge attempt is a bit curdy.
1st, GLH is very tempting and I thought I'd have the time to insert SH before GLH. Myst being a prereq to Masonry, I didn't mind researching it.
2nd, most close city locations are really awkward and would benefit from a Monument.
3rd, I expected to be backwards in techs and late to my first GP. The prophet points would allow a Theology bulb, which I found intriguing. Might be a fine way to catch up on CoL, Currency and more.

I haven't factored Shaka's presence, yet.
I have tried a couple other attempts but kept losing units to barbs at low odds... Which is really crippling, here.

I'm sort of settled on the initial tech path :
Agri -> Sailing -> BW. Inserting Hunting and Masonry is hard. Mysticism is also very attractive. This all makes for a very late GLH :cry:
Early build goes WB, Worker, Warrior, Galley, Settler. Maybe it's an awful order but I kinda like how it plays. Allows to safely ship a settler+worker party in search for the holy grail. Of course, this sinks any kind of bpt until the palace is moved.

Regarding fogbusting in the first game : I lost a warrior on the PH hill south east of Tokyo and then a 2nd fight inside the cap. To a single archer, yes :p
Spoiler :

Well, my first thought once I met my neighbour and the little lands (and I know you won't get much except those little lands up north ),
the Great Lighthouse is a must go.

So, thanks to fish (I'm sure everyone will sacrifice a hill for that fish), I thought going all the way for BW could be a nice choice.

What I didn't know is
Spoiler :
there's frigging copper in my capital!

But stupid computer bugged and I had to reboot it.
Now, I think I'll take the riskiest route:

Spoiler :

With that copper, I really ponder about pounding onto Shaka like a hound dog, at least cripple him.
What you don't know is the lands available to him are huge and if I don't do something, even a phant rush won't do a scratch onto him.

I'll try a reboot of the game, and go for the most suicidal move of stealing a worker!
With Shaka, it's insane, but I shall try it. That might one of the only option.
Only factor I need to take into account is his natural unit's high courage!

There's always AP cheese.

The possibility of creating a colony + mass gifting it warriors to upgrade is immensely amusing too.

AP cheese...nah. Won't you feel dirty if you take the easiest route to win?
I won't beeline that victory unless that's the only option.

The second option...I can imagine that scenario well if you vassalized your neighbour.


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The second option...I can imagine that scenario well if you vassalized your neighbour.

I've ruined games lol. I remember a time I took inca as a vassal using that engineering bulb line, then just gave him back all of his cities and kept him pounding on someone all game as I gifted him warriors + cata. At one point I even got a city taken and he took it and gave it back to me X_X. Wound up with "conquest" on 5 cities...kind of like north korea taking china as a vassal in real life then instructing them to conquer the world and considering it a "win" :p.

The only other low-skill way to win deity is to vulture cities off of war "allies" but I just can't do it as well as Iranon.
Spoiler :

Will elaborate later once I get time.
Shaka had copper in capital. Go figure my chance was nullified.
This game is radical.
But I see Hatsheshup...nice WE for Shaka for keeping him busy.

4 stolen workers; copper disconnected for a while; choke went wrong after SoD's started to appear and started to expand.

FAIL. Do not choke. Utter fail.

The only other low-skill way to win deity is to vulture cities off of war "allies" but I just can't do it as well as Iranon.

Interesting strat. Links?


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Well my first attempt failed with GLH being built around 1800bc in another land. I made a second attempt. I don't think there is any shame in replaying this map with advanced knowledge.

Spoiler :

I decided to go straight for an elephant rush this time. I think I went mining>BW>hunting>AH>writing>HBR>bulbed math>masonry>construction or something to that effect. Tech rate was slow and my attack date was pretty horrid (like ADs). I probably would have been better off not settled the far cow city but I wanted a fourth city for the rush. Anyway, Shaka is fairly weak in my game and is at war with Hatty who is beating him:lol:. I was able to take the first 2 cities easily including his capital. But on the other hand, the tech situation is horrible and my economy is meager at best.

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Spoiler :



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PeteJ, you are the hero of this game.
That's a true deity player. :cool: Understood, Vranasm!

Looks like the game wasn't that hard...
whoa I wouldn't go praising my name just yet. I got pretty lucky that Stalin is a bit of a weakling in my game and that he doesn't have feudalism. Things could have easily gone the other way..
Still stuck with Deity Qin, uh? ;) (that is not Stalin, but Shaka)

Anyways, given my first attempt
Spoiler :
isn't the right approach.

I'll give a try with cataphants just like you did.
I wonder what would be the result if I try at all cost to get The Great see the economical kickback
Spoiler :
(BTW, it was really strong in my first attempt! Thanks to the early WB tracing a trade route, PacalII was trading +6 for the capital. I don't imagine the island...
But forests must be saved for the army...
And pottery+sailings may be/are needed...
@ PeteJ & Tachywaxon :
Nice attempts ! I find it amazing how I still don't know when to go BW first...
Maybe that Gandhi map is just the same : BW first would be the top choice.

@ PeteJ :
Spoiler :
Indeed, your economic situation isn't so glamourous. You earned a foothold on the mainland, though. That's a "good" start. Well, it's a start already... :blush:
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