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    Well, once there is a proper support for modding anyway, I'm gonna leave this here.

    I don't think there is much that can be done without unique units AND/OR promotions, but even after days of trying I haven't been able to make a unit that would actually merge back with vanilla upgrade tree for the unit that's getting overridden, and custom promotion majorly mess up the UI.

    Anyway, moving to other planets, that's always a nice start for implementing more "advanced" civilizations, and Mass Effect ones are probably my favorite (even more than Star Wars or Stargate ones)

    Anyway, here are some ideas for "sponsors" - well but anyone we knew from Mass Effect universe would be long dead, so I really have no idea how to name new ones:

    Krogan Tribes
    Survival of the toughest
    - desert tiles provide +1[ICON_FOOD], infantry and cavalry get +15%[ICON_STRENGTH] but costs 10%[ICON_PRODUCTION] more.
    Favorite affinity: Purity (krogans might like to mutate, but they're individually too stubborn to even think of plugging themselves into a hive mind)
    Can't stand high tech of Supremacy

    Turian Hierarchy
    Spoiler :
    Military Tradition
    Riiiight, there are no Great Generals, or any great people for that matter in this joke of a demo game, so no Great Generals generation for you, turians!

    Air superiority
    - air units gain +20%[ICON_STRENGTH], UB Shipyard (Launch Complex with +2[ICON_PRODUCTION])
    Favorite affinity: Purity (they're already the sexy master race)
    Can't stand any form of hive, much less Harmony affinity.

    Asari Republics
    Elite militia
    - asari military units are recruited with level 4, but cost 100% more [ICON_PRODUCTION]
    Spoiler :
    Optionally instead of doubling the cost, military units cannot be built, only bought

    Doesn't have favorite or hated affinity, happily mingles with all. Chooses affinity at random.

    Systems Alliance
    Technological boom
    - gain 25% more [ICON_RESEARCH] from trade routes. Each city starts with 1 trade route.
    Favorite affinity: chooses one at random (would be fun if it was determined by the affinity of the most valuable trade partner, dunno though if that could be done)
    This dreamlike humankind abolished racism long ago and won't hate anyone for their affinity.

    Free Human Colonies
    New age of expansion
    - starts with a free Settler
    Favorite affinity: Purity
    Hates Systems Alliance's choice of affinity for ... reasons. (would be nice to make the AI love to denounce Systems Alliance, but too afraid to DoW them unless 2+ other civs DoW first, then jumps after their weakened throat like a good little backstabber)

    Salarian Union
    - +2[ICON_RESEARCH] and [ICON_CULTURE] from Academy tile improvement (or Laboratory building, whichever is easier to implement)
    Favorite affinity: Supremacy
    Hates Harmony because, ..well,... rachni..

    Vol Protectorate
    Banking Clan
    - earn 20% more [ICON_GOLD] from Trade Routes. Each city gets +1 trade route. Cannot train military units, must buy them for [ICON_GOLD].

    Geth Consensus
    Collective inteligence
    - flanking bonus damage increased to 30% (aka 2 units next to each other fight more effectively)
    Favorite affinity: Supremacy (they already have a sort of "hive mind" and they sure as hell ain't organics)
    Geth don't hate anyone for affinity. But threaten them and you'll see..

    The Rachni
    Hive Mind
    - 0.25% [ICON_SCIENCE] bonus per military unit.
    Favorite affinity: Harmony (just because they already have one doesn't mean their on top of their evolution)
    Hates Purity coz they already kicked Rachni asses once.

    Illuminated Primacy (Hanar)
    Oceanic origin
    - gains +1[ICON_FOOD] from ocean tiles and additional +1[ICON_FOOD] from Algae and +1[ICON_CULTURE] from Coral.
    Favorite affinity: Supremacy (coz the Enkindlers did it, it must be gooooooood)
    Doesn't hate any affinity.
    (this would be epic civ to play with the ""By Land and Sea - Ocean Colonies" mod, which is already really awesome)

    The Reapers
    - 50% faster border expansion
    - has a 10% chance to convert "defeated" enemy unit (100% for Aliens)
    Favorite Affinity: Supremacy (duh)
    Hates everyone equally, very expansive and doesn't hesitate to DoW you just 'cause they covet your lands.

    I could imagine one to several unique units for each race here, but since I have literally no idea how to successfully make them upgradable yet (no real guides for BE modding are out yet), it's a waste of time to write them down.

    Ideas for loadouts/cargo/spaceship when I'm in the mood again
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