[MoO] Master of Orion II: Game of the month 2017.07 - Ferengi


Nov 23, 2005
Thought I'd try to post a Moo2 Gotm and see if there was any interest for it.


A supernova has just laid waste to a section of space within the gamma quadrant. Myth has it a great old race used to live there, which could be a source for extreme riches. You lead a group of Ferengi through a wormhole to search for the riches. On the other end you find a system, but the wormhole is gone. You're on your own.

Game goal: Loot the surface of the legendary planet of Orion as soon as possible. Once you have established a colony on Orion, make a screenshot of the galaxy to show when you managed to do so. If multiple players manage to settle Orion in the same turn, current amount of money will be the tie-breaker. If an AI should happen to take out Orion, invading to take over the colony also count.

Ferengi traits:
  • +1 Tax. #10 Greed is eternal
  • Democracy. Free trade help improving profit
  • Fantastic traders #9 Opportunity plus instinct equals profit
  • Large home world
  • -1 Research
  • Low-G
  • -10 Ground Combat.

Impossible difficulty, huge galaxy size, average galaxy age, 8 players, pre-warp, tactical combat, random events and antarans attack all on.

When done, post a reply with screenshot of the galaxy. A writeup of how you did is nice. Especially what your guardian attacking fleet looked like.

  • We can not check if the rules are followed or not so we trust people to be honest.
  • No use of cheats, like the ones where you hold down alt and write some cheat code. (alt-score to check score at end of game is ok)
  • Replaying is allowed, but feel free to say you've done so as it's an advantage. You're encouraged to avoid replaying, especially to change or react to situations outside your control ahead of time.
Any suggestions of improvements are welcome
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