Maximum AI units

Nov 2, 2001
Just started playing Civ2 again - I wanted a long protracted modern conflict so I set tech discoveries to 4/10 and set the game to end after an ungodly number of turns. Anyway the Mongols(true to form) have been brutally destroying every other civ ever since they've been able to project their power (bombers, armor,etc) - they killed the Germans, Greeks, and the Spanish won't last another 3 turns. They have been steadily enlarging their army and the Foreign Minister reports that they now have 511 units. (The number grows between 8-12 per turn.) What is the largest number of units you have seen an enemy civ possess? Is there a hardwired limit to the number of units they can have? I'd like to know what to expect, as the Mongols will undoubtedly come for me next. I'm playing as the Russians, and have been mostly peaceful except for the destruction of the Japanese. I have about 250 units now, and can expand quite a way beyond that. In fact, I think I'll start right now, as Comrade Stalin will be somewhat less than pleased if the Mongols are permitted to savage the Motherland :(
for MGE:
2048 units for all civs
1948 for any one

those limits are hardcoded.
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